3DS: Firmware 11.0 now available


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  1. Stevo says:

    OoThax still working. Cfw emunands confirmed on rxtools and luma can be safely updated as well as gateway if anybody still bothers with it.

  2. Rolenzo says:

    Wololo pretty fast o_O

  3. Ricky D says:

    Any brave soul want to update their emunand on Gateway 3DS and report back if it still works?

  4. Seth says:

    damn looks like i updated to downgrade just in time xD so glad i didn’t hold out any longer than i did lol

  5. Dengae says:

    I have the firmware version before this one.

    So my 3DS hasn’t been hacked yet. But I’ve been wondering, since it’s getting more and more trouble to hax a 3DS the later the version of the FW (the process to install arm9loaderhax is ludicrously complicated). But I’m just wondering, what are the main reasons a casual pleb like me would hack my 3DS? The only reasons I can think of is stuff like romhacks or fan translations. Maybe region free mode? I feel like I should make my decision whether to hack it or not pretty soon.

    • FreePlay says:

      The process *is* ludicrously complicated, but it’s a one-and-done permanent hack. It’s well worth it if you can do it.

      • Dengar says:

        But what do I really get out of it, even as a casual pleb? I originally ended up hacking my Wii out of curiosity and to play my US import games since they kept patching out freeloaders. I hacked the Wii U’s vWii to be able to move my WiiWare games without having to copy over the whole ID.

        In this day and age I don’t usually have US import games anymore, they are quite difficult for me to obtain.

        The fact that I do not have access to any primary exploit also makes it bothersome. I don’t even own any of the secondary exploit games.

        I suppose I could use my old 3DS which should have firmware that is quite old. Browserhax or some jazz might still work on that.

    • Zeke says:

      Mate, compared to Vita hacks the 3DS is an absolute doddle. Full hardware control only takes two to five hours depending on how you do it and which softmods you go for. I took an O3DS on firmware 9.0 up to 9.2, created an emuNAND on the SD card, got menuhax working to load the softmod from boot, all based on rxTools 3.0. The tutorial link should be in my name if this comment shows properly. Runs games and emulators straight off the SD card.

      • Dengar says:

        Sadly, I tried doing this on my backup 3DS and I probably made some minor mistake somewhere. Either way, my backup 3DS is now hard bricked (recovery mode does not work). It’s ok, I feel a bit sad, but yeah this is not encouraging me to hack my main 3DS at all. There’s just way too much room for error where I might ruin everything.

        • BenoitRen says:

          Time to ship it someone who can do a hardmod to recover it, I guess.

          • Alex says:

            I already found the guy. I’m just contemplating whether it’s actually worth spending money on. I mean after I hack it what tf am I going to even DO with it?

    • BenoitRen says:

      I followed the process recently, and it ended up taking 7 hours. It’s not complicated; it’s just time-consuming.

      The only reason I hacked my 3DS is to make it region free, as I recently took the plunge and imported Sega 3D Fukkoku Archives. The custom firmware I have installed, SaltFW is really minimal as a result. It’s working great.

  6. FreePlay says:

    Updated my N3DS with Arm9LoaderHax installed to 11.0.0-33U. Everything still works flawlessly – FBI is there and works; CIA-installed games still work; and so on.

    To make the Homebrew Launcher work, I had to rename it on my microSD from “hblauncherloader_otherapp_payload_NEW-10-7-0-32-USA.bin” to “hblauncherloader_otherapp_payload_NEW-11-0-0-33-USA.bin”. After that, it loaded and ran just fine.

  7. FreePlay says:

    Uhhh… my comments disappeared.

    TL;DR A9LHax still works fine, but you have to rename the .BIN file for the Homebrew Launcher.

  8. Garuda357 says:

    OoThax and Ninjhax are patched for non hacked consoles. Downgrading has been patched as well.

    While OoThax and Ninjhax can be fixed, there’s still no word for the downgrading feature. People that want to do it shouldn’t update.

    Secondary Entrypoints still works: V*hax, humblehax, SMDhax.

  9. That_thot says:

    I have cubic ninja game and a majoras mask edition new 3ds stock in version 10.3. So many different tutorials out there but which is the best to use to downgrade? And why are many saying the need of a second 3ds is needed when some video tutorials don’t even do this? The brick risk is there too so I want to do this right. Thanks

    • BenoitRen says:

      This is the best guide: https://github.com/Plailect/Guide/wiki

      Make sure to follow it to a t. Don’t skip any (repeating) steps. Don’t experiment. Worked for me.

    • Graham says:

      Reason they say second 3ds is because if I have a 3ds on 9.2, I can put the 10.4 payload on OOT so you can access homebrew menu with that. If you downgrade or upgrade, I can change the payload to suit the firmware version you are currently on at a given time.

  10. warfaren says:

    That changelog totally justifies a major version increment.

  11. Zeke says:

    I wonder if console makers like Sony and Nintendo will ever come up with a euphemism for “closing exploit holes caused by oversights in cryptography/other security” that isn’t just “system stability updates”. They could at least be a little more honest about what they’re doing. In all fairness most hacks are to allow running of homebrew and whatnot, not to destabilise the system.

    • Alex says:

      Being honest about it would be bad form in this case, strangely enough. Being roundabout like this is basically like, they know what they mean, we know what they mean, and nobody else needs to know.

  12. Bakamon says:

    Anybody using SKY3DS or R4 card with OFW ? Do the card still usable to play without CFW ?

    • deathblade200 says:

      yeah i had to install 11 after a soft brick from a random chance failure while trying to downgrade my sky3ds+ still works fine

  13. gmjhfksh says:

    MSET exploit works?

  14. MasterJ says:

    Its moment like this where I say “I’m fu%#ing glad I have full CFW. I can even update my sysCFW to match the latest OFW

  15. Aron Rezene says:

    I updated my unexploited 3ds to 11.0 (out of my own stupidity) . What should I do to get homebrew running.

  16. Kurama says:

    Hay gays I have a problem I was finishing all the steps allmost but accidantly I updated the emunand to 11.0.0 after doing the merge with the sysnand I can’t find a way to go to my hombre is there a way or I got my 3ds regular customer I need to finish part 5 section v and I’m know really frustrate because it took me a lot of ours to be at the end wasted my time!

  17. Kaio Ken says:

    Can someone tell me if its possible to instal RXTOOLS in a 11.0 3ds? Without CF

  18. Jay says:

    I got 9.5 is it possible to have full CFW from this firmware?

  19. jjazz says:

    is it safe to update system from rxtool settings?

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