Battlefield 1 Collector’s edition costs $220. Is that too expensive?


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21 Responses

  1. Brandon says:

    I’ve bought a few things from your affiliate links such as the 1.76 PS4 and UC4 CE. Love the site. Keep it up.

    • wololo says:

      Thanks for support!

      • Brandon says:

        No problem. My prized possession is the UC2 Fortune Hunter Edition that you could only win. Got it for $150 and will never get rid of it. It’s also the most expensive I’ve ever seen at one point over $3000.

  2. Rolenzo says:

    It’s very conflicting. If a game is good, I like to have it on my shelf, so I can look at it and be reminded of what makes it so good. I feel as though a digital copy of a game makes it easier to forget the impact it had.

  3. Crzo says:

    I still love having my discs on my hands, I take pretty good care of my stuff and that’s probably why I fing pretty cool to have a physical collection imo, I only get digital games when it’s a digital only release and can’t help it.

    Back on topic, I find absurd paying this outrageous prices for collectors editions, after a year or two no one cares about them and then go dirt cheap on craigslist.

    I have seem The Order 1866 collectors edition at $25, Max Payne 3 CE at $30, Skyrim $40… MGSV $80… All great games.

    Why would you throw away so much money on something that is %100 guaranteed to lose most of it’s value in no time.

    Even a “collector” knows that a collection of commonly found items with a cheap value… Has no value on collecting it… (Unless collecting it it’s the actual hobby, like stamps or whatever).

  4. JustAnotherOne says:

    well, i’ll pre-order the $270 Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition if i’m given a chance right now. i was still in work when it was announced and it sold out before i knew pre-order went up. with that said, i’ll never pay a cent more to the scalpers out there.

    • Brandon says:

      The difference between the Deluxe and Collectors wasn’t enough for me to get it. I’ll watch the movie another way.

  5. stucaz says:

    -I never buy a collector or special,deluxe etc. in my life and i dont care about it
    -I Buy only games that is price 10€,so the expensive i pay is 10€
    -I Never buy games at launch day,i buy it 1 or 2 year after the release and i always wait deals
    -I Buy only games that include Single Player FULL STORY Campaign (so i dont buy destiny,evolve,paragon,overwatch,battleborn etc.)
    -I Buy only games that is FPS \ ADVENTURE or DINAMIC ADVENTURES (i dont buy all other genre sport,race,simulation,anime,manga,robot,graphics adventure,only action like gears of war or god of war etc. because i not like it)
    -I prefer to Buy games that include Open World (FREEDOM ACTION) and or Stealth ,because i not know why but i can play with one of this game for 1 year long and never get bored or finish it fast (Fallout,GTA,The Witcher,Watchdogs,Shadow Of Mordor,Tenchu,Farcry etc.)
    -I Buy only games that not need extra hardware for be played (so no amiboo,no kinect,no psmove etc.)
    -I Buy only season pass\expansion that include ALL future Season\Expansion\Addon if the developer WRITE in the season pass description if the season pass include ALL the future DLC or SEASON,VICEVERSA if they not write for me mean is a fake season pass i dont buy it (For example this season pass include season 1 and 2,but they not write if the season pass include the season 3 i dont buy it).
    -Games like Quantum Break or Uncharted 4 or Rise Of The Tomb Raider (that i love and like) i prefer to buy it at 5€ not at 10€ because they are SHORT\CLOSE CORRIDOR game and i can finish it with 48 hour or little day so is not a good deal for me,i prefer buy at 10€ only games that can make i play 1 year like fallout or gta.

  6. stucaz says:

    I forgot to say that i also not buy games that hav “TIME-LIMIT” for play or make action (like some Final Fantasy that use Time bar and if u not do action in that time then the game play by himselph or like Fallout Shelter that ask you wait time for do action,but ok it is free but other game like this is not…) ,and that also i don’t go “Crazy” for buy games that can’t be played when internet is offline (like destiny or titanfall) coz sometime i’m without internet and they become just a piece of plastics for use as underglass that i cant use for play.

  7. stucaz says:

    I buy theorder1866 little week ago and pay it 7.99$ (example)

    The same knack,killzone and infamous second son.

  8. RikuNoctis says:

    Well, $220 isn’t that much now that I spent (or will spend) $640 + random additional costs for the 2 FFXV Collector’s Editions I ordered.

    Still, it’s good to see that they still make editions that some people would like, be it for the contents/extras, or even for the “collection” factor.

  9. asd says:

    Tell the people that bought P.T. (and lots of other digital-only games) that “digital” is good. Collector’s Editions have some good and quality added content that come along with an incomplete game.

    • Ricky D says:

      nobody bought PT except for idiots on ebay after it was pulled. It was a free download

  10. Guigou says:

    To me, being expensive is the principle itself of collector editions.

  11. Zeke says:

    Personally I don’t see the point of paying top dollar for some tin kitted affair with fold-out papers and statuette goodies. If a thing survives long enough it’ll be collectible anyway because it’s rare, for example a mint condition original Uncharted PS3 game will be worth more in 50 years than that Battlefield gouge box is today. I like physical copies when they’re cheaper, digital when they’re not or if that’s the only way to get a thing. Portability is the main thing, I think we as a species dedicate/waste way too much time/money amassing collections of junk. Some of the super dedicated Nintendo fans who have done walkthroughs of their enormous “Biggest In 10 States” style games/toys/other stuff collections are impressive but it does also remind me how much plastic junk we churn out, and I’m just not that guy.

    Usually the money is better spent elsewhere, if I’m honest.

  12. angryman says:

    A black man on the cover of a World War 1 game? That is insulting to whites and patronizing to blacks. I know there were a couple of hundred thousand black people involved in the war, but most of them were in the African colonial theatre. If the game was set mostly in the African colonies then I would have understood the decision but this is currently quite unacceptable.