PS3 Custom Firmware 4.80.1 Rebug REX/D-REX released


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  1. F4r1nha says:

    I was using the ps2 games converted in classics mode iso.bin.enc in the internal HDD but even with cobra 7.3 i still need the launcher to start them.

    I can use the games now in .iso directly and in the external too?

  2. Salar says:

    Well i guess i have to wait for habib , i like it more , its less bugy and more stable for PSN mode

    • KanadeEngel says:

      Rebug has no Bugs it’s actually the most stable CFW you can get.
      Btw Habib lost his interest to make PS3 CFW so you will wait very long, but Habib is still part of the Rebug Team

      • ErnieBall says:

        If you are looking for a less complex CEX CFW, theres also FERROX 4.80 Cobra 7.3.

        • Ricky D says:

          There’s nothing complex about Rebug. It just has options. You don’t have to use any of it if you don’t want to and it’ll still work like a regular CFW out of the box. Don’t be scared

  3. neojared says:

    Any no bd update or CFW 4.80??? 🙁

  4. andre says:

    If I converted my cex console to dex do I install the d-rex or just the normal rex. I don’t want to brick my console

    • Kevin says:

      When on dex install d-rex when on cex install rex. Actually rex and d-rex are the same firmware but with one little change between them to allow for installation on cex or dex.

      • andre says:

        So on my converted dex console I should install d-rex

        • Kevin says:

          Yes, for a converted dex console you want to install d-rex, if you tried to install rex it would not brick it would just not install.

  5. nebu_187 says:

    ive ordered teensy++2.0 , teensy2ps3 adapter board and 360 nand and nor clip. im hoping on downgrading 2 ps3 fats this would be amazing

  6. Kougerai says:

    Can this be installed onto any PS3?

  7. kornhulio says:

    So, I just installed their 4.80 CFW. I have CEX version, I reviewed all my settings on my rebug toolbox especially the COBRA enable option before installing the new 4.80 cex, but after I installed the 4.80 CEX, I couldn’t find “Enable COBRA” on my rebug toolbox. Control Fan Utility won’t run, webman enable option is in toolbox but not appearing in XMB after enabling, mm won’t load the games. Im just baffled what happened after installing the new 4.80 by REBUG.

  8. denis says:

    eu tenho a ferrox 4.80 posso estalar o rebug por cima ?

  9. jucost says:

    do the ps2 games work with wireless pads like ps2 classics ?

  10. Steve says:

    Buzzers now working ?

  11. Steve says:

    I want play Buzz PS2 games, but when try using my wireless buzzers dont work. In this version work ? Or someone have solution for this ? Thanks

  12. mario says:

    How to plas ps2iso games like SINGSTAR? Beacuse i can start game,but my USB are not recognized 🙁 (usb-microphones,wireless and cable also)

  13. A Ashford says:

    very cool thank you dude

  14. Fishckae21 says:

    Stupid q and I am sure it has been answered so many times, I want to use psn to buy stuff and also to do cloud saves. That possible or will I need other tools?

  15. Alex says:

    can you go from 3.55 OFW to this one ?

  16. Tal says:

    Hey guys, I got a a jail broken PS3 on 4.78, should I update to 4.80?
    I usually play with a friend online using the spoofer.
    Does it still work on 4.8? also how do I go about updating? is there a way to do it from the rebug tool?

  17. wubaxon says:

    First of all i would like to say thanks, but i got a trouble with my ps3 super slim 4306c, my question is, is it posible to jailbreak super slim 4306c?

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  19. Poe4orbs says:

    I would like to play a game of sports, can recommend an interesting

  20. racccoon1267 says:

    I have ps3 in v4.80 can it work with that hack?

  21. Jefffry says:

    Hello guys. Im still new in this post. Hope someone can clarify that if i have the very latest ps3 model, i dont need to find the 4slots usb model to play ps2 games? Sorry if my question is not very welcoming.

  22. Leonath says:

    does this version work on PS3 SuperSlim?

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