PS4 hack: dlclose exploit updated to enable dev menu


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  1. odin


  2. MistyVermin

    WOW STOLE MY POST!!!1!! Jk thanks for updating us on this been waiting for your news on it as soon as I saw and posted it on the forums.

  3. Can anyone provide a complied binary of this exploit

  4. can someone post the complied updated dl close exploit with debug setting

  5. humhum

    Well demos you say… maybe it’s time to test if the PT demo can be installed, people have been selling consoles on the internet with the PT demo for $500 $600, that option could be usefull.

  6. warfaren

    Could this be used to install themes from the store, if they’re free content (for example pre-order bonus themes you get for free while placing a pre-order, but not necessarily paying until the release date)? Or does it only count for demos?

  7. Marco

    In original ps4 (without hack),wiiu and xboxone,if bluray drive broken (for pcb\motherboard of the bluray drive electronics problem) can be changed with a new one or CANT like on ps3\360?
    If i get one bluray drive from another console PS4 it work to another PS4 when i change it or not?
    Or it’s the drive lock by a code like on 360\ps3?

    And on a ps4 or wii with hack is possible to change the pcb?

  8. Stanislav

    PS Vita PS4 hack continue???

  9. Ricky D

    “Add Content Manager”

    Is that the Vita Content Manager?

  10. Sili

    Built this earlier today but keep getting ‘out of memory’ errors when running it (sent via netcat)

    Default ip and port unchanged from original source.
    Good Luck!

    • MistyVermin

      Thanks man ill be testing in a sec

    • MistyVermin

      It looks like you compiled it incorrectly as I also get a out of memory error when running it.

      • Sili

        My toolchain should be fine as the ps4sdk examples build and run great.

        Didn’t get any errors on compile, kinda hard to mess up ‘make’.

        • MistyVermin

          Not too sure why then that’s pretty strange. I would try compiling it but I know nothing about ‘make’ and have never worked with it.

        • MistyVermin

          If you are still interested or havent fixed your binary a kind soul gave me this to download.


          • Sili

            I also saw it (and your post) on, so i’ve already got it running 🙂 Thanks though, I’m sure others will be thrilled to see a link.

            Do you also get lots of “An error has occured. CE-30129-5)” while paging between debug menu pages? We dont have anything to do in here yet so I’m not complaining, just making sure it’s an issue everyone is having.

          • Mist

            Sorry for the late response but yes, in every option an error will appear and I believe a few of the options are disabled when you don’t have psn access and or because not all dev software is patched to run every option.

          • MistyVermin

            Sorry for the late response but yes it seems like every option gives off an error which is probably caused by not having all developer settings patched to run.

  11. Ganj3r

    Great news I have PS$ updated so its uncertly disapointing but i like verymuch online experience.
    Anybody knows if a PS4 with that menu can install for example the Sillent Hills DEMO, I’m just curious. THANKS, and yes I read the CTurt’s update but didnt make clear to me.

  12. Coddi

    How i can inject your binary files on my ps4 1.76 ? You can explain.
    Thank you

    • Sili

      You use the ‘code execution’ block/button, then when it’s waiting on payload you send the binary through netcat to your PS4’s IP address like this — nc -w 3 9023 < PS4-debugmenu.bin

    • MistyVermin

      Go to PS4 playground and click on ok button in the code execution tab make sure you have some sort of way to run netcat commands on whatever os your running on and run ( nc -w 3 9023 < "nameoffilehere.bin" ) and have the binary in the same folder of netcat. Also if your running windows your going to have to download netcat compiled for windows.

      If you need more help just ask. 🙂

      • MistyVermin

        Oh *** lol forgot to say you need to change that netcat command to the ip of your ps4.

        • ichti

          I ‘m the webkit on ps4 but I was unable to launch the bin file via netcat
          Thank you for your reply

    • MistyVermin

      Apparently my comment is awaiting moderation so if you know another way for me to show you how just let me know.

  13. Bamboozle

    This post gave me a tummy ache now i gotta dung drop some mean eggrolls down the youtuber such a waste. Playstation 4.5 was really made to be like its its former self the super ps3 slim. With the stength of its updated secure hardware the super slim still holds the hack scene down and with ps4.5 already in final production its sure to have both the protection measurments of the ps vita and super slim ps3

  14. akela

    how do i inject compiled bin to my ps4 ???

  15. Coddi

    Thank you very much 🙂 😉

  16. stupid

    This guy can hack 3.50 now is Genius LOL….

  17. salsicha

    Guys will take to come one custom firmware for PS4 ?Thanks.