3DS Release: supermysterychunkhax, 3DS userland exploit for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon


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12 Responses

  1. Dengar

    Can you use a powersave or something like that to install the hack?

  2. deathblade200

    but what exactly is the point of using this if you could just use the other exploit that it requires

    • Dengar

      You can use someone else’s hack to prepare your hack.

      • deathblade200

        but you could just always use their exploit and install cfw instead of going through all the extra trouble

        • sj33

          It’s mainly for people who’s only other exploit is Browserhax, as using the game would allow them to use *hax without an internet connection.

          It’s a secondary exploit similar to OoTHax, Ironhax etc.

  3. Charles Fasano

    The more hax we have access to the better. It just shows how many holes the 3DS has, unlike the Vita. Look at the Browserhax exploits. It requires a working browser in order to use and on some systems you can’t use the browser without doing a system update even if a browser was already installed.

    Overall, the more entry points we have the better. Remember when we had only ONE game, Cubic Ninja, which became expensive and hard to find once it was announced. Thankfully my local GameStop had it in stock for $5 the day it was announced.

  4. sj33

    These days, everybody should probably just install A9LH and use a CFW such as Luma3DS rather than bother with *hax.