PS3 Update 4.80 is out, guess what it brings to the table?


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33 Responses

  1. Frank says:

    Total excitation. Waiting to update before continue watching Daredevil on Netflix… Yeah ! LO:

  2. Magneto says:

    Cobra ODE will be like: That is not my business


  3. Umbreal says:

    Firsth …or not?

  4. Ricky D says:

    Twenty third!!!!

  5. np3228 says:

    stability my ***. lately my ps3 has been freezing for no apparent reason. maybe they screw with the ps3 with each update, to make people buy a ps4, buy hey.. i already have a ps4.. leave my ps3 alone!

  6. simbin says:

    Hopefully it improves system performance.

  7. Sanderth says:

    Oh! Stability! Finally, still missed some nice stability.

  8. Trunk208 says:

    Funny how you put the japanese version patch and translated into english Lol

  9. Seth says:

    Good thing they give us more stability i mean its not like my console was as stable as its gonna be before this came out or anything right on time for my friends birthday too. Happy 4/20 to you too sony -_-

  10. Jgr9 says:

    I’m Ron Burgundy?

  11. Reciding hairline says:

    Thanks sony you remind me of coby but at least coby offered better products for dead cheap and no updates. I hope that rebuga joonie patches this baby up the exact day its released for the usa.

  12. Nickerdoodle says:

    Man, this stability improvement just gets me PUMPED! How much more stable can our PS3’s get? The potential is endless!

  13. RiotDX says:

    If you believe Sony’s patch notes, the PS3 is now so incredibly stable you could set your coffee on top of it during an earthquake and not have to worry about spilling a drop!

    • JSkull1986 says:

      Yeah, they’re are some lies and secrets with updates. That’s one of the big reasons why I stopped buying consoles with PS3.

  14. Thrawn says:

    That makes you question how the heck did it run when it came out back in 2006? Must’a been a minefield without all that stability.

  15. Booya says:

    reason why i never buy any modern consoles: too many mandatory updates.

  16. Trumbull Ac's says:

    God this is going to go all the way to 6.61 sony loves to play its gamers all day!

  17. alanzo0t says:

    im still on rebug and doing find no new update happy modding

  18. 1 says:

    “I can’t wait for the next time I get to turn my PS3 on, just so I can watch the update screen for 25 minutes before I get to play.”

    Why not download the update via web and use a USB-stick if time is a problem?

  19. DrRetro says:

    Grmpf, updated 2 days ago and now again… great!

  20. Carson says:

    All this over something that could take less than five minutes to do? It took less than three, for me, maybe because I’m lucky, but really, it took less time to do the system update than to have read this article and written this comment. Security is much better than updating your browser, so that “you can play” a video, on YouTube, or you can just search, from the box, and watch, amazingly somehow, with software that takes some time and which they update twice a month, but obviously not so much, because pretty much everything works the same, without updating. So, you don’t have to do that, but they lie and say you do. I’d rather get a stability update that is so quick and mandatory, for a more secure, functioning console and environment.

  21. damn says:

    Damn, Sony! Back at it again with usele…I mean, stability PS3 updates!

  22. Zeke says:

    Stability stopscammingme. Just closing exploits probably.

    Interestingly though, what I’ve found out in light of all this that I didn’t realise before was a Vita on older firmware (in my case 3.36 and 3.51) can use the PS3 Remote Play on WLAN on a PS3 with up to date firmware. It’s only when you try it over the internet the Vita nags for an update. So I can still use them for remote play Tokyo Jungle and cross-controller for Deus Ex: Human Revolution… nice.

  23. Amrit says:

    The update added twitch on the PS3 so it was a major one

  24. Son says:

    I had firmware 4.41 and upgraded to 4.45. After that update, my system would not read ps3 games or blue ray movies unless I rebooted it 5 times and eject/reinsert the discs. I was really going to boycott Sony products. After updating to 4.80 and performing the system restore my ps3 reads ps3 games now! The instructions for performing the system restore is at the following link:

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