Morpheus, Neo… could Sony’s Trinity be a Vita Next Gen?


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  1. Batman says:


  2. Zeke says:

    I started thinking about the whole rule of three thing. If we expand the Wario64 observation a bit, we could say the first one was the best idea, the second was passable in places and the third doesn’t bear thinking about. Doesn’t bode well for the PS Vita 2 idea then. Which logically should be an Android phone that’s a combination of the Xperia Play, PSP Go (slide out controls) and Vita but more powerful than all those combined, which with 2016 level tech shouldn’t be too hard.

    If Sony really want a successful handheld, then a “don’t beat em, join em” approach is clearly needed. They have great engineers so a kickass Android phone that can play all the best PS1, PS2, PSP and Vita games straight out of the gate “offline” after downloading from the Store with added Remote Play and PS Now support would be unbeatable, especially if they put in a powerful enough GPU for it to exceed the average other phone and also do justice to Android specific titles, plus old console freeware emulators for Genesis and SNES. People change their phones every year or two years so they could cycle through this model and make it a premier top of the range device for hardcore and casual gamers alike. They need 100-200 top titles across all of those platforms from day one launch though, for it to work. People would expect nothing less considering it’s all old IPs.

    I look forward to them NOT doing that because Sony’s marketing/business development team are as *** as their engineers are brilliant. Potentially a device like that could sell ten million, if developed and sold correctly.

  3. Rafael says:

    Reminds me of the psp’s spock and Kirk for some reason…

  4. Saio says:

    Sony themselves said that they’re not planning to make a successor to the VITA, which is understandable if you look at the sales.

    • wahaha says:

      >they’re not planning
      lmao dude, you’re really believing they’re doing nothing? businessmen always thinking about business opportunity, i bet they’re formulating something in their lab, afterall both their smartphone division and handheld part of Playstation is not so hot right now, Sony is not selling their smartphone division it means they’re working on something.

      • wahaha says:

        Something to grab the market and turn their ideas into profits.. I hope they ditch android, building their own ecosystem, java is crappy anyway.

  5. Darn... says:

    Another portable device which will be unsupported after 2 years.
    I’m still not sure why Sony hasn’t figured out that gamers like to play on their single account and not have various accounts for different platforms under a single company.
    Why not create a single *** portable device which can sync game progress with another device (E.g. The PS4 or PS9999 in the near next millenia).

  6. MonoAudioStereo says:

    In my opinion Sony wont release a direct successor to Vita, but they will instead make a portable device running on android similar to Nvidia Shield or Xperia Play if they want to have phone capabilities. Sony Xperia Play was amazing device to me, but they killed it at release with the price. Also the touch analogs were a bad design choice. But other than that it was great to play PS1 classics on it.

  7. nope says:

    Wait Wololo I think you’re onto something. It’s not a vita successor but rather the 3000 series Vita; the one with clickable L3 R3 that they just put a patent in for! Pair that up with an L2R2 case and you have the best option for PS4 remote play!

    • p_cardoso says:

      Oh yes, this! I’ve been preaching it for a while, too. L2/R2 and L3/R3, to make it perfectably usable as a Dualshock 4, and to make it even more appealing, flash memory (in 16 and 64GB variants). Imagine Remote Playing PS4 games and replaying PS1 classics with pure 1:1 reproduction in the inputs? The latency is already there (if you have good connection), a device like this could really skyrocket the value of the Vita in the eyes of the general gamer (let alone the 40+ million PS4 owners).

      For 200€ (16GB) or 250€ (64GB), I’d grab one in a heartbeat. Doubles as an extra Dualshock 4 controller. It’s an open goal, Sony…

  8. id104335409 says:

    Sony can only blame them selves for the failure of Vita. They have learned nothing from the mistakes made with PSP and on top of that made no effort to make Vita the best handheld. I can write 10 pages of everything they did wrong starting back at the source. Fail after fail after fail. They hit every single hole on the road. Vita should have sold as good as the PS4, instead it flags the end of a market niche.

    • enigma85 says:

      Amen! But I could write probably 20 or 30 pages of things they did wrong with the vita. Everything they ever did was a mistake pretty much. The vita TV was aslo an amazing device IF sony did it correctly, but it died faster than it could be put on the shelves at the store. They literally didn’t even try in my opinion for the vita brand. I will say the third party games that are still coming out are pretty good though. There would be a lot more if Sony played it right, but they just wrote it off.

    • Zeke says:

      IMO both id104335409 and enigma85 have succinctly hit the nail on the head with their observations. The thing is, until about a year ago it could have easily been saved and a great console in it’s own right rather than being just a niche JRPG machine with scant few AA titles of it’s own and having to be exploited to represent the best of other consoles (or using just the PS Store it’s shovelware versions of older PS1/PSP titles if you like).

    • Kaiju-nt says:

      Hey, can you please list the 10 things they did wrong? And what they should’ve done to improve it? Thanks.

      • Billy Bob Jones says:

        Lol, you wont get an answer. But you can still rest assured, both of these guys could write “10-30 pages” on what Sony did wrong haha. Such scholars.

  9. Justpassingby says:

    Or Morpheus could just be the name of some god having something to do with dream, thing that generally replace reality without letting us know until we get out of it, and Neo the rumored codename of a hypothetical console. All of this would made Trinity a hypothesis based on another one that come from a rumor…

  10. Hell_knight says:

    It can be a successor of some sort. I’d reckon it’s more of a service rather than a new platform. Sony basically gave up on the Vita too early in its life cycle. As much as I wished I’d be true. I don’t think they are ready for yet, another new handheld. Shareholders are looking for profit, Vita or its successor aren’t compelling enough to be on that list.

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  12. guily says:

    And what are people who just bought their current PS4 called? YEAH, HEADSHOT in my nut. SCREW YOU MATRIX.

  13. nonijod says:

    “so many rumors it’s pretty much confirmed”
    Really? Where? Because I’m aware of only 2 sources and one of them is a neogaf post.
    Considering that just yesterday you’ve published an opinion piece about the spread of misinformation this is certainly not a good way how to set an example.

  14. PlaGeRaN says:

    Trinity = new camera, maybe with motion and ir detection.
    maybe a high resolution lense aswell.
    PS4 + New PSCamera = PSVR
    Neo + Trinity = Morpheus.


    “This time, it’s the headset alone that will go on sale, without the camera, PlayStation move controllers, or included game. Note that the PS4 Camera is a required item for PlayStation VR, and if you only buy the core pack you’ll need to get the PS4 Camera separately.”

  15. cracker says:

    I speculate that they refer to a C&D as Agent Smith.

  16. Edward Carnby says:

    I surely ain’t gonna buy psvita anymore…forget it!

  17. Jack Attack says:

    I would never buy Sony’s next handheld and I’m fairly certain all but the die hard, mindless, fan people would. Not after how they handled the Vita which basically had 2 years of support direct from Sony and after that they just did the absolute minimal.

    Nope. Never again Sony.

    It also makes no sense. Sony never really even tried with the Vita after launch. It was like they were forced to make a successor to the PSP at gunpoint while ignoring all the ground they did gain with the PSP. So they just repeated the same mistakes with the PSP and then left it to die.

    • Salar says:

      i totally agree with u.

    • Nio9345 says:

      Not all of us who bought it where mindless…. I bought it only because I enjoy the Telltale’s games and in some extend JRPG and Sine Mora. Those where my hit points as to why I bought the Vita and that was just a year ago because it was on sale along with a 16GB card, a 6 month free 1GB (montly) sub on a mobile roaming ventor (Vodafone) in which with every activation of the 3G card, it gave Wapeout 2048 free (full game, I triple checked) and a Vita traveling kit and 1 screen protection pack. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t buy it because I already owned a PSP and 3DS I prefered them over the VITA.

      • Nio9345 says:

        And forgot to add …. If a successor ever came to be, I would bought it if the same conditions ever came to be. But I highly dought it.

    • wahaha says:

      Once they learned why they failed so hard and they’re gonna making vita successor as great as PS4 (or more), sorry, Sony has better brains than Nintendo.

  18. seth says:

    Lol no ps4 cfw is agent smith xD

  19. Nope says:

    Face it… Vita is dead. Sony has abandoned it… Now can we stop beating a dead horse?
    Even the hacking scene is dead. The most exciting thing going on is waiting for the next VHBL to come out or finding out that custom bubbles is still working after a firmware update. There isn’t anything you can do with Vita that you cant do (better) on PSP in terms of homebrew because no one wants to invest time into something Sony clearly does not care about.

  20. Merivex John says:

    The Vita is not sucess because crrator of 3DS make a blog saying psvita is garbage, died.. Then all of the blogger copy the content and spread it to the world.. Thats how vita failed..

    • Nio9345 says:

      I hope you are joking. The VITA failed primarly from the overrated and overpriced memory cards, along with the complite devoid of AAA titles that could breath life back to the console. Instead they made a PS VITA for your TV with 1/100 of the games that the VITA could play (in which they where already dismal), never released futures they could benefit the VITA (1st gen’s mystery port, which completely removed from the 2nd gen) and steadily removed futures and apps (Maps, Youtube, etc.) that gave the message to the owners (like me) that the support from other companies and publishers was systematicaly being pulled, the moronic claims that “rise” of mobile gaming on mobile phones “killed” the gaming on handheld consoles (yeah, that’s why the 3DS is more successfull than the VITA) and a claim of Sony’s spokeperson claim that the Vita is now “legacy device”. I could go on for hours on to why the VITA really flopped, but I just hope that the hacking community break it open and give us homebrew apps and reverse engineer those pathetic memory cards so we can use SD cards.

  21. Salar says:

    I HOpe NOT!

  22. wahaha says:

    YES. With glasses FMD like in dotHack series!!

  23. Zeke says:

    Nice to see that the long, thoughtful comment I wrote yesterday about all this hasn’t been “moderated” (I post all the time, short ones seem to be pre-approved but long ones don’t), about the third time it’s happened now… sorry to moan.

  24. Alex says:

    I want a Sony Xperia Vita that is backwards compatible with the PSvita and PSP, and maybe some cross play. The rendering looks good to me.

    • Benoitb says:

      I also want this. The Xperia Play was my favorite device.
      Do a current one, with better battery life, tv out, and PSP/Vita compatibility !

    • Zeke says:

      This is exactly what my yet-to-be-approved comment said, a high spec Xperia which runs Android but also can do PS1/PS2/PSP/Vita games in addition to the many Android touch type games you can get, not to mention freeware SNES/Genesis emulators. The slide out would ideally need to feature clickable mini analogue sticks and all four shoulder buttons – somehow – with the ability to remap games where needed. Done right it would sell ten million because it would be a true Smartphone Plus, nothing out there like it.

    • Zeke says:

      Me too (I had more to say but it won’t show up 😉

  25. Elastic scroll says:

    Here’s the thing the feed itself was a disaster just like the PS TV regardless sony will come out with a portable device and this is because they have money to spend and they are willing to take the loss simple as that

  26. lollypop says:

    Sonies trinity is trien period .

  27. Elgron says:

    This would be good idea if they play off the xperia play, also if they allow psn connectivity to have access to vita titles and psn titles . At least this way Vita owners aren’t entirely sc*** over and still have access to the content they purchased.

  28. Ayu says:

    Since Trinity died and got resurrected by Neo, is it possible they’re planning to resurrect the Vita?

    Like a Vita 3000 and finally some support (I know Trin dies in the end but lol every console does at one point)
    I’d still laugh my *** off when I hear of hacks being called Agent Smith and Cypher and Kid and blue pill/red pill.

  29. doomguy says:

    Maybe it could be some sort of tablet gaming device, with hardware controls similar to the dualshock?

  30. Mrsnippy says:

    At first, I cried when I red about trinity.

    But then I remembered matrix revolution.

    They all died.

    We are safe guys =D

  31. Rodpin says:

    I still remember when PS4 was codenamed Orbis. Vita Orbis = “Circle of Life”.

  32. mixedfish says:

    The reason why Vita failed because it couldn’t shake off the stigma that some how the the memory cards were ‘expensive’, let me explain

    2012 – Vita + 32gb card = $250 + $99 = $349 = OMG TOO EXPENSIVE
    2013 – Vita + 32gb Card = $199 + $99 = $298 = OMG TOO EXPENSIVE
    2014 – Vita + 32gb Card = $199 + $59 = $258 = OMG TOO EXPENSIVE
    etc etc

    That is why it died, once hate and lies reaches the mass, you can’t get rid of it. For the same reason Xbox One doesn’t sell despite a total flip flop in strategy, people still talk about the day 1 *** that doesn’t exist anymore.

    The lesson Sony should learn, is to satisfy people on day 1, then rip people off 1 or 2 yrs later. It won’t matter because the status quo will be day 1 opinions of positivity. PS4 is similar to this in that slowly PS+ is becoming a huge ripoff of *** included games and lackluster sales, but this won’t stop people buying it.

  33. SsJVasto says:

    The Youube Channel “VitaBoyz” (or something along those lines) recenltly released a video of “The history of the Vita”. In this video, they claim that Sony stated that there would never be a successor to the PSVita, and the PSVita was going to be their last handheld console…

    I’m not sure I believe that, but it’s scary.

  34. KiddyCorky says:

    >being this delusional
    We won’t be seeing another handheld announcement in sight for at least another 5 years. I love my Vita but people are really *** delusional if they think Sony is gonna go for another handheld any time soon. What with how the Vita turned out people would be put off by another handheld being released.

  35. K says:

    Seeing that Sony said that there wouldn’t be a successor to the Vita. I won’t put my hopes up.
    But if there ever was, It should be at least:
    5.5 inches 1080p display with slim bezels
    Have the ability to play old vita games at 1080p60fps
    uses microsd card slot.
    price it right
    If sony makes the vita like that, I don’t think the vita next-gen sales would be bad.