How to get around (or avoid) an IP Ban on PS3 with a VPN


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  1. Kristijan1001 says:

    PSN Doesn’t BAN IP Facepalm ,I have jailbroken ps3 since the start…….

    • ch3wt0ys says:

      Ditto, haven’t heard of anyone personally getting IP banned. Have the chance to accidentally ban a lot of people because of dynamic IPs, and a few sites that banned users under mobile phone 3G/4G networks that resulted in few hundred people banned.

      Don’t think Sony would risk that.

    • Alex says:

      Yep, yep, they only ban console ids, accounts, and mac address

      • DB2016 says:

        Sorry guys to contradict you, but I got my IP, ban, confirm by Sony and my account is still working if i connect externally.
        They cannot tell me why my IP was block.

    • Habloohernandez says:

      Using usb modding. I have five consoles in the house. ALL were turned off except for the one I was on now all of them won’t go online for games. The account was only on one ps3. 30 days for entertainment.

    • Dex says:

      oh sony do ban ips im ip ban right now

  2. Silly boy, Sony don’t ban IP’s, they ban the account or the console.

  3. NightStorm says:

    The fuc? Sony Banns the ConsoleID and the PSN Account. So this is Totaly Useless.

  4. ch3wt0ys says:

    Looking at some of these recent tutorial contest makes it seem like I could win an easy 10$ PSN card just for telling people how to turn on their PSP/PS3/PSV/PS4

  5. Simon says:

    Easiest way: reconnect your Router and you get a new IP. 🙂

    But Sony doesn’t ban IP’s.

  6. Ricky D says:

    This whole thing is a lie. Sony doesn’t ban IP addresses. They ban console ID’s and PSN accounts. How about some fact checking before putting up this kind of misinformation?

    • DB2016 says:

      Sorry guys to contradict you, but I got my IP, ban, confirm by Sony and my account is still working if i connect externally.
      PSN doesn’t work on both my PS3 and on my computer, it simply say that the site is down, while i’m able to access it on both my phone (on data plan) and a remote pc.
      They cannot tell me why my IP was block.

  7. GermanoMosconi says:

    This must be some kind of late April fool, right ? I got banned my PS3 account and my console id, I didn’t even try to play online, I just used to sign on the PS Store to download demos and synchronize trophies; they banned my because I ran unsigned Snes emulator… many times I’ve trolled here before, but NOT this time, I got banned because of Super Mario World… and I could have emulated it even on my microwave

  8. Goonz_Modz says:

    Well this tutorial is really good if u have someone that’s using “call of ddos” and start booting u offline

  9. RiotDX says:

    Considering I made this tutorial originally for a friend of mine who DID get IP banned by Sony when a virus hijacked his computer and used it to launch DDOS attacks, I’d say IP bans by Sony are a very real thing.

  10. humhum says:

    Seriously Wololo IP Ban, be careful what you front page…

    there is no such thing as ip bans on psn.

  11. n-774 says:

    Sony IP bans are actually a thing.
    Most people on the internet who ask if PSN is down or not on the internet are having a temp ip ban. I got temp banned for 2 days twice the past 2 weeks for no reason; don’t have any devices with homebrew or cheating capabilities and I don’t use voice or text chat in any game nor do I use offensive names so ye.
    Whenever trying to acces a Sony service you’ll see a website temporarily unavailable or you get an error code when trying to sign into PSN. Renewing IP/ tethering phone and switching to regular internet after logging in or using a VPN worked fine.

    • n-774 says:

      Also should probably mention that all devices using the same IP got blocked, so it isn’t a MAC address block either.

    • ch3wt0ys says:

      We live in a world that your ISP will be more at fault for restricting access than Sony would. I’ve had blackouts with Comcast, cutting off access to number of sites I figured I’ve been IP banned from, but could be accessed with a cheap proxy or VPN. Next week, I could access them. Small sites too that I haven’t even registered for.

      • Ricky D says:

        Yeah, my router’s built in firewall will sometimes blacklist gaming networks for no reason until I reset it. I’d get rid of it but it’s the one that my IP provided. It’s just too much of a hassle to get them to replace it

        This guy talking about IP bans on PSN is clearly just talking out of his rear end

  12. ghomer ghamer says:

    there ARE IP bans on PSN. i just had it happen today to me. ps3 and psp stopped connecting to PSN. then my computer stopped too. “access denied” when trying to get to their websites. i can log in to my PSN account via my phone on my data plan, and my psp and ps3 CAN connect on my friends internet. my account is NOT banned, my devices are NOT banned, but my home’s internet connection IS.

    since there were a lot of DDoS attacks towards sony, they have changed how they defend against DDoS. the company that does it now (akamai) is really strict. if you attempt to log in too many times in rapid succession, even to different accounts, your IP is flagged for a possible DDoS attack. then they block you.

    from what ive read, usually it is a temporary block, but there are now thousands of thread posts popping up about sony blocking people’s IP addresses. once your ISP gives you a new IP address (releasing local IP address does nothing, nor does changing your local mac address), the problem instantly goes away. and i mean INSTANTLY.

    so tell me again about how they dont block IP addresses?

    • Bill Blum says:

      Yep Same issue here.. and it’s been going on for over 6 mos for me.. I can sometimes get on both PC and PS3.. and other times for days.. I talked to a rep today from Sony and he said my IP is blocked by them due to Violation of ToS maybe not from me.. but from somebody in the block of numbers they ban.. and they told me to contact my ISP (Mediacom) and have them give me a new IP and try again.. Well my IP Is dynamic and they don’t change those IP’s only Static business accounts.. so I talked to sony again.. and they told me it was my problem not theirs.. (Exact words from the rep.. ) he kept saying call my ISP.. i told him I did and he said call them again and again and again till they are tired of hearing from me.. I told him to jump off a cliff basically.. If this isn’t fixed soon.. I am finished with Sony .. and just keep gaming with the other guys..

  13. Travis Harper says:

    Sony does indeed ban IP’s. I can access the PSN Store from my phone on LTE, but not from any device on my home network. Not my laptop, console, or phone when its on my home wifi. My accounts are fine I can log into them using a device off my home network.
    I ran a traceroute to the PSN Store and my hops went all the way, but access denied when I try to use a browser, or console. This means my IP has tripped something on the SONY network causing my IP to be added to an ACL on their sever, that denies me access. Armed with the traceroute and simple logic, I contacted SONY, who at first tried to blame my ISP, until I went through the traceroute line by line explaining it all in baby steps.. finally they agreed it was something on their end blocking my IP address, and escalated to network ops. or so they say. They say I will hear from them in about a week. boooooooo.. This is the support we get from a pay to play service? I want my money back.

  1. April 12, 2017

    […] Despite what some people claim, IP bans from Sony are a real thing, but are generally temporary (1 day or 2). Unlike console or account bans which are probably extremely targeted and proactive, it is likely that IP bans are just a regular protection on Sony’s servers to reduce risks of DoS. In other words, it doesn’t directly matter if your console is hacked or not: if you hammer Sony’s servers for one reason or another, there’s a risk they will temporarily ban your IP. It is, in general, not a big deal, and the easiest way to solve the issue is to either reboot your router (which for many of you will give you a new IP address), or wait a couple days before accessing Sony’s systems again. Alternatively, you can try to use a VPN. […]

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