PS4 Native hacks: psxdev updates ps4link


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7 Responses

  1. poop says:

    Cool beans i feel like were getting closer to a back up loader!! or maybe a pkg installer? anything to play newer games on my 1.76 ps4. the wait is starting to kill me and my 1.76 ps4 😛

  2. bit says:

    And what we can do with this development?
    We will wait for a gui like he said, but at this moment launching ubuntu de can mount and see more. There is something that I’ve Lost :'(

    • Anhtuan says:

      Based on the way previous PS3 console hacking works with elfldr, i think this means that they are working on loading game images/bins/etc.

  3. z2 says:

    hope this won’t be limited to a 1.76 soon™. For me to dump my PS4 discs already(and also free DLCs)..

  4. games says:

    will we see in cfw 3:50? for me is limited to 1.76 is too bad!