This screenshot of Linux PS4 gives us details about the PS4 CPU


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  1. Anhtuan


  2. Dero

    its good to see how fast progress is coming for the ps4.

  3. Keko

    I would like to see some real benchmark running on the linux or ubuntu on PS4, so with this info we could compare it how it could real smote to run on steamos competition x sony ofw.

  4. CPUzX

    Faster than the “first” l-o-s-e-r-s, yeah.

  5. Chihuahua

    Exciting times ahead!

  6. Senis

    It’s 1.6ghz. 800mhz figure without a load maybe.

  7. hehe

    i would be very happy if psvita can get hacked soon

  8. Charles Fasano

    Only 800MHz? What is this the 1990’s?

  9. Abkarino

    @Charles Fasano, it is 800MHz * 8 Cores so in fact it is 6400 MHz or 6.4 GHz cpu now 🙂

  10. Shobu

    Vita is crying so hard for a little bit of love and attetion. Damn.

  11. Charles Fatso

    800mhz what is this the 20th century?

  12. SmartSmurf

    Now a question comes to my mind… could someone with Linux on its PS4 analyze how FW updates are being decoded? This would potentially bring the option to decode 3.50 FW and build exploits.

    • Far2great

      How would a person do this

      • SmartSmurf

        How? Dump the (encrypted) flash file system, then decrypt using functions within the ofw kernel (sbl stuff afaik), then find the modules responsible for handling fw update. Finally decrypt 3.50 fw update. Release. 😉

  13. BigBrotha

    You know what’s sick, there’s someone on ebay selling ps4 update files, 1.76, 3.15, etc. loaded on usb drives to “save you the time downloading the update” or some *** like that for $20. Like really? Dude gets like 4-5 buyers a month too

  14. BabyCiter

    Sometimes Power doesnt metter, what metters is the Magic you do with it.

  15. Francois Mortier

    Wish if someone could translate this article ( and add the hacking engeneer comments.

    • 5rhl

      That website is only a really simple comment of ps4 and a wireless mouse.Nothing special at all,sorry for it is too tireing if i translate them all.I am a chinese,Hopes that could be helpful to you.By the way,how did you found that article?

  16. Fat

    but is possible to search file on the HD internal? the internal disk on ps4.

  17. Stanislav

    This is full hacking the PS4:(:(:(?

  18. Ghostman

    Lol even if the PS4 runs at 1.6ghz that still isn’t on par with a good Ivy Bridge CPU xD XD