Release: Fully operational dlclose exploit + Linux for PS4, by kR105


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  1. Elixia

    ok wow this is huge. I hope it opens the door to better understand the PS4. and hopefully we’ll see some more tools like firmware downgrade :))

  2. Manyu

    Can I expect any exploits for ps 4 with 2.51? Plz reply soon!

    • Fimo

      Maybe soon:
      – dlclose exploit should work untill FW 2.57
      – webkit exploit works untill FW 1.76, but Cturt told on IRC yesterday (#ps4dev) that there are other webkit vulnerabilities on the latests FW

      • Manyu

        Thx for replying bro! U made my hope live!

        • Counter

          No wrong hope for you. I think they said that the webkit exploit they use is in an older version that is used in apps maybe YouTube or Netflix and so on BUT they are not be able to use the JIT calls for code execution. I think they have to bypass this first and then you can be happy about news on 2.57 and below XD

  3. Yutolioa

    Happy aprils fools day

  4. Phantom

    I hope that good things can happen also for FW 2.57 as Fimo told. Few people are on 1.76.

  5. nakedfaerie

    This is great but where will it lead us? A full CFW for the latest version so we can all install it?
    If this scene is the same as the PS3 scene then we wont see anything till there is a fight and someone leaks something.
    Looks like the Wii/WiiU scene is the winner again. The WiiU could run Wii backups in the first week of release. The Xboned could run a sortof backup of games already and PS4 cant run anything but this linux.
    Even the Vita hasn’t seen a CFW or a backup loader. I guess that scene is also full of little ***.

    If you just want to run Linux then buy a $100 PC. Even a 2nd hand one from a garage sale for $10 will run Linux. OR just get a launch day PS3 with OtherOS.

    • Counter

      But Linux on PS4 means full kernal access and not just a vWii hack thats just kinda ported in most points. Nintendos secaurity is also a lot weaker than it is on Playstation caurse they often use older tools and have some huge mistakes at some given privileges. And WHY THE *** do you just care about playing backups?! Whats about some cool things like real time ram hacking, redNand and best of all the Emulators with full access to the grafics unit.

    • n

      a launch day ps3 costs just as much if not more than a ps4 with fw 1.76 if in good condition. and linux on ps3 is terrible.

      • Chron

        What are you talking about? The launch day PS3 is terrible, it overheats quite easily. There are several of them (60 GB backwards compatible) on kijiji going for cheap. Unless you’re talking about a launch day PS3 still brand new in the box.

  6. Mr.Egypt

    WHY WHY WHY !!! where is the work on ps vita, PS4 took all the attention of the developers, I hope some day there is some exploit like this for vita.

    • Counter

      Linux on Vita would be fun XD

    • warfaren

      It’s because the Vita has better security than the PS4 and the developers have probably hit a stone wall, being unable to proceed as of currently. That or they’re just holding things back because they don’t wanna hurt the Vita further by unleashing piracy on it (that could theoretically scare away the last devs that are still making games for it). The PS4 on the other hand is so successful, it just doesn’t have the same kind of risks. Besides, more owners of a console == more potential hackers.

      • Salar

        Devs ? What devs ? sony dumped the whole vita thing so bad with not publishing games for it , now the only remaining devs that work on vita are just doing some side stuff , not paying attention to the whole device potential , at least in europe and NA

        • warfaren

          Yeah, I haven’t been following it very closely lately but I saw on my news feed that there are still some upcoming games (Axiom Verge, for instance) so I figured that it’s not completely dead yet.

  7. blah

    Is there a way to install ubuntu using this files?

    • warfaren

      Not for an end user. You wouldn’t be able to use the standard image from even though the PS4 is technically very similar to an ordinary PC. The distribution needs to be adapted in a lot of ways to work with the PS4. Surely such a version will come out in the future, though. It’s only a question of time.

  8. blah

    Is there a way to install ubuntu using the exploit?

  9. Daipop

    Does the linux distro have access to all the horsepower of the PS4? or is limited in some aspects? (graphics, CPU, RAM, etc…) What about Steam?

  10. gamer

    does these run pirated games?

  11. JP

    Fantastic work! wish i could land a 1.76 🙁

  12. warfaren

    Here it is in action:
    Unfortunately he does not start X or anything like Team f0 did on their presentation.

  13. Fadi5555

    What about vita guys?
    Vita should get something like this ( forget about rejuvenate hack)
    My dream on vita to get like dolphin emu support on it or ps2 emu loader like on PS3. I mean if we have like ps2 emu on vita we will playing with it for hours because there is a tons of ps2 games and deserves to playing them on go. I’m sure vita is more capable of running ps2 games as well as camecube through emulators.
    Sony should support ps2 Classic games because the have more abilities for suitable codes to build it on vita.
    Imagine to play resident evil 4 on vita. Amazing isn’t it?
    This is my dream about vita. What about yours?

  14. Fartpains

    This will be ok for users to enjoy homebrew on linux but the truth is buy a cfw ps3 from eBay spend the 275.00 usa bucks instead of the 550.00 usa bucks for a 1.75 vanilla ps4.

  15. Oh no.

    Where is the PS Vita news? Anyway, I think it’s time to continue and finish the NULLDC builds for the PSP because we all know Dreamcast on PSP is possible.

    • meysam25

      seriously where is vita news i just cant belive that now one cant hack vita
      we access to all file of fw and we can change all of them
      what is problem any way

  16. Sergio

    No luck running it on 1.72 so I decided to update to 1.76 as required, but I’m still receiving a “there is not enough free system memory”. Anyone?
    btw, I’ve got 1.76 PUP from here (it’s not on psdevwiki anymore):
    MD5 = A5234C6E8D37A57B374E24171173FBDD

  17. HumanAss

    My life is pretty terrible, I got nothing and nobody, only this pretty expensive *** computer and this paperweight PS4, one of the few things making my life tolerable is download a bunch of games for free, escaping from reality, pretending everything is alright, like when I was a kid 🙂 unfortunately I can’t do this anymore on PC because of Denuvo, so I hope someday I’ll be able to this again on my PS4; Jesus one of the last sweet moments of my life was when they hacked PS3 😀 good times ! You can’t understand what I’m talking about unless you are a sad, life-less creep like me.

  18. Raymore&flannagan

    It works fine you can even run some emulators without issues! Rather have a ps3 with linux installed easier to access.

  19. 2wonfuiluvyou

    When i have an idea brewing anything is possible. You just need to know how to see it so go back to the website redownload the file and try it again.

  20. sig

    i need to update my ps4 from 1.75 to 1.76 i supsoe but i foudn 2 diferent updates. the 185mb one 01.760.000 but also found one close to 800mb says recovery as per this link (the last 2-3 replies)

    can someone verify which one is needed.

  21. yogesh

    is legit? they claim to have the jailbreak for 3.15cfw and 3.50cfw ….??? also some 38 comments with some bloggers id link are there…. please someone take a look there and let me know in the comments .. thanks

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