Rumors of a 2.50 PS4 Custom Firmware sparkle the scene


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29 Responses

  1. Ricky D says:

    If it looks like a ***, smells like a ***, and tastes like a ***, then it’s probably a ***

  2. Neal Cullum says:


  3. meysam25 says:

    its look like i am first 😀
    by the way i dont belivet its just rummer

  4. Zer0xFF says:

    I’m also 100% sure the Remote play he’s selling is not his and is available for free on XDA Developers

  5. Dockotis says:

    That moment when PC Master Race don’t give a *** about PS4, but smell a con from years of experience of dodging questionable malware, and ***…

  6. simbin says:

    First I’ve heard of this but probably not many on such a low firmware.

  7. rclr says:

    So it’s a chick behind all of this?

  8. CptPugsy says:

    Hahahaha, Checked out the website, it got hacked hard: Thank you @star melter

  9. sowhat says:

    Big words from a site that steals all the interesting articles from

    • wololo says:

      Show some respect. My site has existed way before hackinformer, and I don’t steal any article from anyone. I dare you to prove the opposite.

      David and I know each other pretty well, why don’t you go ask him who provided help and advice when he was on the verge of closing his site a few years ago?

      • vicsidious says:

        Bah let him think whatever he wants… at least, he says he finds the articles interesting 🙂

    • Crzo says:

      Would you like some cream for that burn? #rekt LMAO

  10. Frank says:

    I’m not too sure about this 17-year-old “developer” either, but who knows? Maybe she will come up with something useful.

  11. Mido says:

    April fools

  12. first man says:


  13. domthybomb says:

    Look I have it too. Mine is fake btw

  14. Doodle210 says:

    On their website, it’s announced that they were “hacked” and won’t be releasing the CFW anymore.

  15. Rowan Jackson says:

    welp, not updating my PS4 anytime soon, unless 3.00 is needed for uncharted or has any cool features i want(no social ***)

  16. Guest says:

    Guess what? the 2.50 hack has been cancelled due to server hacks and the community not being able to handle the cfw. Hm it almost sounds like someone trying get attention with a fake hack but then seeing website sites like wololo bring the truth hammer on them. Then running off saying they mysteriously got hacked and that the community can’t handle it because “reasons” oh wow so sad. Or not I think it was obvious that this person did not have a real hack and just wanted to get attention and potentially use that attention to advertise other fake garbage. I could be wrong but we will see.

  17. SniperSnake says:

    Click bait from a transgender weirdo… move along nothing to see here

  18. lelwut? says:


  19. MDashK says:

    My guess it’s an April’s fool joke.

  20. Blah says:

    Another fake. Our best hope is wait something of famous devs like bigboss, cturt and etc… It’s a waste of time believe on this “hackers” that appear of nowhere saying : “OH, I have a Jailbreak”

  21. CH says:

    Complete *** as usual. You should remove it from this site

  22. Isisinspiredfagbag says:

    Harry met sally then sally thinks she can hack after what gives its all bologna too many piser posers on the scene i can find who this person really is i plan to then exploit their trm_l.dat