PS Vita: PSOne Loader released by TheFlow


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40 Responses

  1. Rolenzo says:

    It’s the time…of the season…

  2. martn says:

    I am on 3.18 with tekken exploit for me the golden firmware

    • Predator0808 says:

      Sorry… 3.18 is not golden any more 🙂

      • Hm says:

        What fw is golden in your opinion?
        3.18 has the most exploits available right?

        • Predator0808 says:

          3.36. It has PSOne loader, TN-V, own webkit exploit – just like 3.18. And Rejuvenate runs in 444 Mhz, not only 333. The only thing is, that this webkit exploit is not used by anyone. But let’s be honest, it is just it is on 3.18 – no real usage for it. I hope only for now.

      • YZ Rum says:

        3.18 is golden, 3.52 is silver, 3.36 is platinum, 3.50-3.51 are Ruby & Sapphire

  3. Predator0808 says:

    Nice job TheFlow! Maybe we have our new DarkAlex 😀

  4. DarkSlayer says:

    And the 3.57 kernel exploit? Please do not forget us…the ones without rejuvenate…tn-v or vhbl should make us happy 🙂

  5. Speedy says:

    Will try when I get home.

  6. Gelson says:

    Nice Relase, thank you for shared!!!

  7. Mr.Egypt says:

    I can’t even get a “legit” PS One game from PSN store, as everybody know vita update blocker no longer work on 3.51

    • Bean says:

      Use a PS3 if you have one to transfer the games over.

      • Mr.Egypt says:

        oh my friend I can’t tell you how many times I tried to transfer a psp game to get TN-V without luck so I gave up on using my ps3, the problem that the games is not showing on the content manger of the vita to copy, any advice would be appreciated.

  8. Zuko says:

    Is The sound working properly with this psOne bubbles?

    • Gaze says:

      Yes. Perfect sound and speed. I have 10 PS1 bubbles on my Vita currently and all have worked perfectly. Its annoying to set everything up though…

      • chris says:

        is it true you have to reset up the bubbles if you reset the vita?

        • Gaze says:

          No, they only disappear if you refresh your database. Just keep a spare modded database and you won’t have anything to worry about. However if you do experience a database refresh, it is recommended to click each app once then send your modded database again. Takes less than 5 minutes to get it all back.

          The same applies for custom themes and pkg installer bubbles, as they are also database mods.

  9. TheDude69 says:


    Latest thread thought I’d get in on the topic,

    Does anyone know what ever happened to TN-X?
    I’m sure allot of us are pretty bummed out that the only way to run it was on 3.18,
    Pleassse someone has to be working on something for 3.52,
    by the looks of it, that’s where everyone’s at right now,
    I just hope we can open things up a little better though

    Safe to 3.52 running TN-V is the the most robust firmware, hopefully most stayed on including myself,
    The PSP menu has it’s charm, but we all just wished Sony hadn’t kicked the PSP Game folder..

    They could have opted for Nintendo’s solution/route like with the Wii U/Wii Mode,
    and gave us a PSP Mode on the Vita, but Noooooooo

    Bought Cabela’s NA Adventures (PSP) on PSN ’round launch, wasn’t compatible, never will be,
    set up TN-V and boom transfers over and runs like a top, *** SONY

    No refund either, ***.

    I Payed almost $400 dollars for this *** machine, probably over $1200- $1500 invested in the *** hardware and games, that’s *** if you ask me, they shouldn’t have a right
    to sabotage a product we’ve all purchased, fair and square.

    Surely 3.52 can’t be blocked out forever, I just hope someone can find another workaround,
    and some better ways to run PS1, etc… absolutely not to say I don’t appreciate the work,
    these respected devs are working harder than Sony to achieve actual
    “Good” things increasing actual enjoyment or over-all usability of the damned device,
    while Sony anxiously works at slowly destroying the *** thing.

    I’ve never witnessed complete and utter, platform annihilation before.

    This in and of itself should be illegal, it’s like,
    I’ll sell you a brand new set of front patio with steps, “fair & square”,
    but if you so walk on the *** things a certain way I will *** all over them and break them,
    while you do nothing but watch, helplessly, and when your sleeping, I’ll sneak in and slowly
    place a block of wood between your legs and break your *** legs with a cockadoody, ***,
    sledgehammer too …As you scream in agony. But it’s okay… You’re my number one fan.

    Wow, it’s scary how well that fits.

    The PlayStation Vita is Misery.

    …I’d be cautious of these shifting totalitarian console manufacturers if I were you.
    Old grey Sony just ain’t what they used to be.. ain’t what they used to be.

  10. Paolo says:

    What are the advantage of this method over the psone emulation done via psp custom firmware?
    The dual sticks are supported?

  11. percy says:

    If kernel exploit will be release for 3.57 will this work also in that firmware? I mean the ps1 bubbles.

  12. Darak says:

    can I play any psone game with perfect sound this way?

  13. Dalton_Corazon says:

    CAn’t wait for the new kernel.. I want to play my backup psp games haiz.. PLease release it so that I can play my Tekken and other nostalgia PSP Games T_T

  14. Thomas Wade says:

    I haven’t got TN-V, only VHBL. Can I still do this?

  15. Paolo says:

    Waiting for a tutorial, the step 6 is not clear to me

  16. Anoniac says:

    I can’t seem to dump my base_headers.bin. The program crashes with a C1-2858-3 error.
    3.52 PSTV with ARK.

  17. Mecaboy says:

    Plz does anybody has a tutorial for 3.52? Cant find it, just for 3.50 at hackinformer and 3.51 at customprotocol

  18. hunter says:

    psone loader …trying to revive a sadly dead psvita….sony …for u the players is a joke

  19. Dezmancer says:

    I’m glad to see progress continues to be made on new firmwares, but ugh the kernel exploit not being released makes roll around anstily as someone who idiotically upgraded to 3.57. I need epsp functionality on this thing soooo bad, I hope I don’t have to wait much longer.

  20. hello i have a problem , to me it does not work the game does not start by mistake I made step by step , but without result some have tried with the European game? please answer me three times that I write in this forum but no one answer me ….. it seems that the loader by problems of European game

  21. Zeke says:

    To those moaning about it being difficult – trust me, from what TheFloW has said the original method was way more complex and required more space on the memory card to set up, so by comparison this way isn’t as difficult!

    Awesome work by TheFloW to be fair, lot of man hours there.

  22. Zeke says:

    Oh, additionally as with the TN-V bubbles it is beneficial to use a small PSOne game. The old TN-X method needed Tekken 2 for example which was a 450MB+ game. Since this just needs any official PSOne game I’d recommend something small that will download and show on the Vita’s LiveArea, I chose Rageball which is about 51MB.

  23. ok but you work? I used tekken 2 and does not work … the error- bubble c1 and are about thirty times that I do but nothing more usual mistake and do not understand why … you work the ps1 bubbles ? to me it does not work and I thought the problem and why the downloaded eboot are only marked for psp and then by mistake need a program that converts ps1 iso games eboot for ps1 and not for psp and then after mark it with the signer.exe psone loader I need help to understand …. theflow says that the games that are already in eboot are already marked for psp and then when you go to use the signer.exe not functioning properly and not signa because already for signato psp as I said I’m going crazy to you does not to me …. and I followed step by step all existing guides now know by heart … I think the psone loader by problems with European games

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