PS Vita hack: TheFlow has a 3.57 kernel exploit, will release PS1 Bubbles for 3.52


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37 Responses

  1. Rolenzo says:

    So 3ds just got SNES support, and now Vita gonna have psx <3

  2. darkslayer says:

    Cool stuff..!! Just one question..with this can we run TNV or VBHL…or is just for the PS1 bubbles trick?

  3. Saito says:

    Will this be good for play Vita-only games on VitaTV? That’s all I want, lol.

  4. Chris says:

    Will using these bubbles allow the vita to run psx backups with sound? I’m fairly new to the vita and know that for my 3.52 and using ark psx games have no sound correct?

    • Predator0808 says:

      Yes, you are correct. You could use TN-V11 for sound emulation, but there are glitches, unfortunately. This one enables you to use build-in by Sony to PS VIta PSOne emulator, which means perfect sound emulation.

  5. Predator0808 says:

    COOL!!! I Was waiting for this ages with my FW 3.36 PS Vita 😀 Now if we will only have that webkit exploit properly set for 3.36 firmware, new golden one it is since 3.18…. Back to the topic, TheFlow, You rock!!!

  6. szczuru says:

    Can i transfer PSOne game from PS3 to Vita (just like Vita games)?

  7. Philip Jay Fry says:

    Is it just me… or his in his statement are hidden the words “I will never release for 3.57″… “ooh maaan what a draaaaag”

  8. SpaceFolding says:

    With this PS1 exploit, are we able to install and play PSone Classics eboots? These eboots from PSN are much smaller in size because the CD audio is converted into atrac3. I would prefer being able to play a mix of PSone Classics AND iso conversions.

  9. Huz84 says:

    Vita 3.52 ark2 TV-11 fail some game ps1 .
    Just watch ps1 bubble 🙂

  10. domthybomb says:

    Shouldn’t the title have PSP kernel exploit. Just saying Vita Kernel got my hopes up.

  11. nakedfaerie says:

    I always say if your not going to release it then DONT TELL US!
    When you want to release it thats when you say something.
    Telling us and saying you wont release it makes you look like an ***.

  12. Gaze says:

    Dang it this is going to require a base PS1 game for each bubble. I only have a few large ones. I’ll need to wait til I can get access to a PS3 to download a small one.

    • cracker says:

      You can clone the base game to create more. Just get a cheap piece of *** game with a small size like Pool Hall Pro or Arcade Darts to waste a small amount of space.

    • TheFloW says:

      Cloning is not even needed. You can just insert new entries to the app.db.

      • Gaze says:

        Oh perfect then! I thought it was required for the signing process similar to the outdated ‘&’ bubble method.

        Thanks for the clarification.

  13. Terra says:

    Is TN-X still a thing? I only haven’t updated to use the Unity exploit because I want to keep TN-X loading via Tekken. I just prefer a multi-loader over individual bubbles.

  14. Salar says:

    I hope that someone could find a Kernel Exploit 🙁 not ePSP , tho i really love the old PSX games 😀 i even bought the 20 Annii… Dual shock for my PS4 too 😀

  15. Pierpaolo says:

    being based on rejuvenate, this trick will require a daily activation?

  16. Sky Yuki says:

    Great now Sony will finally fix the battery problem on firmware 3.57
    I’ve been waiting for this

  17. ioriel says:

    So … the psOne Games will run without sound (through the ePSP)? or this is another way to launch psOne Games??

  18. Dockotis says:

    Great, so I didn’t read the entire article, nor didn’t perform my own easy-to-do google search, so does this exploit that allows playing of unsigned ps1 backups let me play ps1 backups??
    Will I be able to play Vita only games on my PS3 with this?
    Can I use this exploit to jailbreak my Wii U?
    How do I use this to download Steam games on my Apple Galaxy Nexus One Note Android console?
    Whats a wololo?

    Will more people refuse to search first?
    Will Goku defeat Bronies?
    Find out on the next episode of Pokemon!

  19. Tony says:

    Cool stuff can’t wait for some psx! though i do have one question, once the 3.57 kexploit is released will there be an update to qwikrazors ark bubbles to support 3.57?

  20. AcidBath says:

    PSX support with sound is awesome but I’m more excited about the new exploit for 3.57. Great job to any and all devs involved in any progress. I almost want to buy another vita just for hacks but seeing how Sony more or less stopped supporting the vita and keeps removing stuff I think I’ll keep my $. :-p

    • Coraje187 says:

      Same here 3.57 exploit would be great my vita and ps tv both are on 3.57. Sucks its dying the way it is, PS vita is a great handheld and Japan and indies keep it alive right now.

  21. FreeMyVita says:

    Coming Soon…

  22. FreeMyVita says:

    I hope you get some sleep m8. Rest is important! Sleep deprivation hurts the ps vita scene.

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