Davee announces Infinity Update – Will fix PSPgo Pause feature & various XMB Theme bugs

The Zett

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  1. Franky

    Good thing I never bothered to reinstall my V for Vendetta theme, cause I didn’t know there were any issues. I’m still running the first Infinity release on my 09g 3001 and it’s great! Thank you again Davee!

  2. Load

    There are plans to build a brick function, Davee.
    Always support you, Davee.

  3. Load

    3K brick when it can be repaired, is it?

    • Franky

      Did you try completely powering your unit off, hold the Home button, then turn it back on?

  4. RandQalan

    Glad the see a fix on the way

  5. nCadeRegal

    I’m still curious to know when Dave is going to address the recovery.pbp issue and it not working on pspgo. Is this something that is planned on being sorted out? I won’t install on my go bc of the risk of a brick and no viable recovery option yet.

  6. lollypop

    is ther never no news about ps3jb ?

  7. Raul

    Don’t use Network update, you will brick your pspGO!

  8. zettastone

    Screw this where’s the video on arm9haxloader install tutorial?

  9. JBono

    Total waste of time dave. Tell me, is it worth spending months on a project that is going to be forgotten soon? It doesnt bring anything new to the table.

  10. Jblow

    Jesus were just holding our *** for a arm9hax install tutorial vid from you zitz!

  11. Byte

    On some russian site years ago they had a method to create a special memory stick that was very complicated with serial number insertion etc. but they achieved service mode on psp3k, it was removed everywhere else because it needed some proprietary sony stuff.

  12. ZeroSbr

    Importing themes still doesn’t work. Why is it that I was able to import custom .ptf themes just fine using PRO-C on 6.61 without using the cxmb plugin, but now I can’t import .ptf or .ctf themes supposedly converted for 6.61 even with the cxmb plugin? I know for a fact that I updated Infinity. I actually did the wipe/reinstall twice because I thought I might have used the old files on the first update attempt. By the way, the network update still doesn’t work. My PSP isn’t bricked, but I just can’t import themes or do the network update like this supposed update promised.

  13. Razor83

    Just curious if theres has been any progress on the PSP E1000 ‘Street’ model?

  14. ryanrudolf

    reflashed my PSP2000 TA88v3 and PSP3000 to Infinity 1.02 and then 6.61 PRO Yoti mod. The custom themes work fine now. Thank you very much for the bugfix update.

    • Stephen

      After reading this I decided to use chrono and remove infinity completely and then install infinity 1.02 but still has the theme issue.

  15. Kyle

    Is there exists a tutorial made by Davee or The Zee? how to fix Theme Issue?

  16. Kline

    Why has an UPDATE not been made yet? Davee has removed the Update due to a Bricking issue.

  17. Kye

    It´s sad can´t use anymore CTF Themes on my 661 FW, cause i´m on infinity, btw i will back to 661 PRO without Infinity, so there i can use CTF themes.

    • Stephen

      If you do a little research on the forum part of wololo you’d know that there’s has been a work around for CTF themes since Davee first released infinity. Apply a theme then add the filename/path to the cxmb conf.txt