Heads up. Humble Monthly this month gets you Destiny 2 + about $100 worth of games for $12, yours to keep. In other news, God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition might or might not ship with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate links)

The remaining PSP PSN Stores will close as of 31st March 2016!

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  1. mr first says:

    First!! also type “This is going to chance as of April 2016.”

  2. mr first says:

    First!! also typo “This is going to chance as of April 2016.”

  3. Ry says:

    I never even knew the Eur store had gone!! Since 6.60 I hadn’t even tried it.

  4. Stranno says:

    I still remember the launch with flOw, Beats and Combat Ops. It had great games, even with the Minis label.

  5. Trunk208 says:

    Rip PSP 2016

  6. Rolenzo says:

    This was terrifying at first because eventually this will probably happen to the Vita.

    But at least you can still purchase and transfer Via pc.

    Although: you could maybe use the psp web browser to make purchases ;).

    • Trunk208 says:

      Not anytime soon but yes its going to happen to the Vita since it pretty much died last year

      • Doenermann says:

        Why should it happen? Isn’t the PS Vita store just a Vita filtered version of the PSN? Whilst the PSP one was really it’s own stuff?
        And at least in Japan the PS Vita is BRUTALLY far from dead….unfortunately i no speak nihongo therefore no importings for me ;___;

      • Michiri says:

        Except it didn’t?

  7. Mistah Five says:

    Well damn. Also, first, I suppose?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Nobody cares….just go put CFW on a PSP and download PSP ISOs….

  9. BOobONik says:


  10. Bob says:

    Will we be able to register a psp go to our account (if we buy one used or w/e) so that we can then put games on it?

  11. Shinny says:

    Too bad homebrew developers ceased to support homebrew store as well. I loved my PSP, thanks to that platform I found Disgaea, Tactics Ogre and Persona 3 (yeah I skipped PS2 and went with the Game Cube).
    R.I.P PSP

  12. Daipop says:

    Playstation Notwork – It simply does nothing!!! xD

  13. Hil says:

    This needs to be deleted how about something like that arm9haxloader make news about that!

  14. Graham says:

    If the eu store is anything to go by, you’ll still be able to view and download already purchased games directly through the psp psn store without connecting to a ps3 or pc, you just can’t buy new titles.

  15. Salar says:

    😀 well no big thing for me 😀 i used my PSP just for homebrew and PSP Classic On the go 😀

  16. Mario says:

    Nintendo: first, we close some channels, then… the games… with PSN will be the same…

  17. Anon says:

    “Only wireless purchases & downloads via the PSP will cease to work.”

    This is factually incorrect. I’ve just downloaded a test game from my EU PSN account (with supposedly defunct PS Store) to my PSP with no problems whatsoever, both from Account Management and PlayStation Store items in XMB.
    So no, wireless downloading is still possible for EU and I’m sure that US & JP regions will see the same situation.
    It’s impossible to make a purchase from the PSP itself, that much is true (PS Store is empty when accessed on PSP in EU right now).

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