jailbroken[.]co: beware of PS4 Jailbreak scams!


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21 Responses

  1. Black Eagle

    First! Long time no see

  2. Sladey

    The moment I see any kind of survey on a website I know it’s full of *** and quit out. I don’t think anyone has ever downloaded anything from anywhere after completing a survey?

  3. Don trump

    That site is as real as same sex marriage.

  4. Ronin

    FAKE !!!!!
    Every web to survey is to fake …

  5. J.R

    “Don’t trump” you mean… That site is as real as the bible or the Koran. 😉

  6. Franky

    I don’t mean to be mean or anything, but anyone who falls for phishing or these money milking websites should probably be scolded for falling for something like them.

  7. hacker's fan

    good job wololo .

  8. Max

    Como os caras querem ganhar fácil fodendo os outros.

  9. NoSpam

    “my email address (a temporary one I created to answer the survey)”
    You FOOL! Why use a temporary address when you can use admin@jailborken.co send the spam right back at ’em.

  10. Get_Ballz_Deep

    Lmao.. you had to complete some syrveys to find out that its a scam?

    any survey to download site is a joke..

    you also said the same thing like 3-4 times in your article.. is there really no other news to post?

  11. lollypop

    what about psvita iso scam
    dump cartridge into iso at once big
    and run cart as iso big ?.?

  12. lollypop

    or an eml hacktrick iso uploader/downloader/run
    lol xD

  13. Wilfredo


  14. cARLO

    Where is a working JAILBREAK to Play Pirate games?! I pay more then 100€ for a current and functioning jailbreak. So PLEASE help us!