3DS: *hax 2.6 released, with Firmware 10.6 payloads


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17 Responses

  1. Obitokun says:

    I really appreciate this mans work in the community

  2. Franky says:

    The payload’s the bit of code that activates the exploit right? Major props to smea.

  3. Logomorph says:

    Funny how there still hasn’t been a write-up on arm9loaderhas. It’s kind of a big deal. Cold boot 100% to emunand and possibility of custom recoveries.

    • Franky says:

      RXTools is already a nice Gateway killer, but will the hack you just mentioned be the final nail in the coffin?

    • Stack says:

      There have been plenty of write ups on arm9loaderhax and how to obtain your 3ds otp, you just aren’t looking hard enough

  4. Marc says:

    So much development in the 3ds scene. while the Wii U has some butthurt clown who keeps setting and changing deadlines.

  5. This is cool to hear, I like the progress here, just wondering what sort of advantages to resources this allows to specified emulators

  6. Sleetui says:

    Updated to version 10.6 and attempted to run IronFall. Can’t because the 3DS says the game must be updated. How do you run exploit games like IronFall now?

  7. ranfan says:

    i’m getting an older 3ds with 4.5. should i update or just stay at 4.5?

  8. Bork bork says:

    someone please help me, I can’t find the answer of this anywhere
    I’m on 9.2, but i want to go to 10.6 ( plz don’t ask )
    I can’t figure out how to install the new payload for OoT3Dhax
    before it was an automated installer from the internet, but now it requires it to be on the sdcard??

    is my current version already compatible with 10.6? do I need to reinstall it??

    help plz!

    • Craftyawesome says:

      Run the latest installer so you have the latest save00.dat. Then download the payload for you specific version on his website. Name it payload.bin and inject it with svdt.

  9. Such Name says:

    Such hax. Much good. Wow