Xbox One Hack – Is Team Xecuter working on an Xbox One mod?


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  1. gunblade

    Cool. Probably getthing a xboxone soon maybe.

  2. Deagle

    Wait a minute, you can get arrested for modding a console? For *** real?

    • Swizz

      Apparently from xbox yes

      • Tyler

        Well I do mean that you changing stuff that would be with other people’s accounts right? and be able to get “free stuff” without paying correct?

        • Timothy

          Much more likely to get it from ‘facilitating crime’ laws. If you run a business that sells tools that help thieves steal games then you definitely don’t stand much of a chance with a judge in most countries… especially if, unlike PS3 the hacks don’t have any ‘other uses’ like OtherOS or Homebrew.

          It’s hard to argue homebrew when the console arch is x86 and thus any homebrew would work on PC.

  3. Saya

    Eh, it’s TX, they release something when it’s ready. No use in them building up hype if it’s not even close to being ready. I rather have something released that can run unsigned code thoigh, even if I have to pay for it. Just being able to pirate games seems pointless now when you can do that on so many other playforms.

  4. Noone

    Being personally involved with people who worked on the previous chips and hardware for the xbox360 I can tell you that…

    #1 team xecuter was sold to a third party a bit ago.

    #2 none of the originally team are working on anything other then controller mods currently.

    #3 from that end of the spectrum no movement has been made.

    #4 Yes it’s because it the security of the console, the only reason anyone has ended up in jail or sued is due to using stolen kits, stealing kits, hacking publishers, or other things….

    There’s a single person I know with minor experience trying to mess with the Xbox One but not one person has made any sufficient or worthy movement on it… Barely anyone even has an activated devkit who is both experienced enough and interested in hacking the console.

  5. Mitch

    Typo. 2nd last paragraph. “Anything for the ps4” should read “anything for the xb1”

  6. Adam Fox

    With all these news articles about having system hacks and not putting anything out there, I feel as if people would believe me if I created a Console called One4U that plays Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U games with backward compatibility for PS3, PS2, PS1, PSP, Xbox 360, Xbox, Wii & GameCube….it also has FORWARD compatibility with the ability to reflash the firmware on it for when the next Xbox comes out, PS5 and Nintendo NX. Not only that, when you’re finished playing games on it, you can push a button and it will go make you a burrito and bring you a beer


    I think the OP means that there will be hacks on PS4 and Wii U before there are any on XBOX one, but he didn’t say that (second to last paragraph).

  8. RyoX

    Great News for xbox one, tx had done a great job xbox 360 on the rgh side lets hope something similar is coming for xbone.

  9. xboner

    Why would anyone waste time on a no games box?

    • smh

      Utterly stupid comment, as much as I dislike the xbox it has plenty games for it, the only reason it got so far behind on sales was the stupid high price, the forced kinect at launch and the stupid drm before launch

  10. Get_Ballz_Deep

    heck, who cares… They are trying to say theyre working on something but actually have nothing at all to contribute to XB1.

    I dont know whos worse, someone whos trying to get attention for nothing or those who have something but dont release anything…

    Then theres those who report about it as if theres news when there isnt…

    By the time anything is out majority wont be able to utilize any of it anyways since we’ve all updated already and those with spare systems on old firmware will have a shiny paper weight for a long time to come from the looks of it..

    Wheres the Geohots out there who arent scared to actually release something for PS4?

  11. noname

    All i can say is i use TX product for long 13 year and until now they still work,i’m 100% satisfed about TX products,and also is the only team that release a good quality dual nand xboxlive product for xbox360 with dswitch support and hight quality hw & software. also all time that i ask help to they in theyr forum they always helps me ,also i like about they that they give userfrendly easy product and also they give it with good quality box and support hw stuff.
    I hav use also trinand trident matrix,dual nand squirt etc. but TX dual nand demon is really the best and the beast.

    • noname

      Well, they are not that friendly on there forum, and who the heck knows what is dswitch anyway 😕 It was never used by anyone. Other dual nand solutions are much cheaper and more user friendlier and also more reliable. I had like 3 demon chips DOA out of around 50. Which is not a very good ratio. What 15432 did was much better, enableing dal nand on ace v2 and ace v3 chips, doing rgh 1.2, all for free basically. While I have to admit and acknowledge tx for what they did in the past it seems to have come to a full stop since 2015 in essence.

  12. Gary Edmunds

    It won’t come from the original Team X people as they have ceased to be the website was sold to Max Louarn of divneo paradox maxconsole etc around 18 months ago.
    The orignal TX admin Paul Owen is now in America and was involved the rip off deal with Cronusmax. If you want to know more just ask me I know everything

    • mrbob

      Hey Gary, I doubt you’re ever going to check this again. If I’m not mistaken, you’re Gazza from ChannelTech? I finally got one of these newfangled Xboxs, so I thought I’d check out the state of all this, and was surprised to see your name along with Paul’s here. I remember way back, installing both of your PS2 chips, and him moving on to Enigmah and Xecutor semi-discretely.

      Interesting and unexpected trip down memory lane. Hope you’re doing well.

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  14. Jebush

    Xbox One Slims are encrypted, part of the problem is decryption TX has already bypassed everything else except the M$ wall. Currently the best methods are browser exploits and use of developer mode. What people want is hardware decryption for stuff like jtag, even if that were possible with todays generation of consoles 99% of all consoles would be locked out because of day one updates. It stands to reason you can’t even log into an Xbox One without going through a setup screen, surprise update installed.