Release: Davee releases Project Infinity – 6.61 Permanent Patch for ME & PRO CFWs

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  1. The Zett says:

    In case of the website not updating the Infinity links yet, use this one:

  2. deathblade200 says:

    who actually uses their psp anymore though? mines been mainly collecting dust since I bought my vita other than the few times I use it to convert ps1 saves from my pc emulator to psn classics

  3. nCadeRegal says:

    Nice, big thanks to all involved. I ve been chomping at the bit since I heard about this a while back. Hope to see davee move on to the vita scene. Thanks again

  4. toBsucht says:

    Simple installtion 🙂

    • The Zett says:

      It works just like the old Dark~AleX Hybrid Custom Firmwares, with their dxar files ^^

      • toBsucht says:

        Never used it :/
        I just had to do 3-4 retries till i got ∞ then accidently uninstall perma etc.
        Hope you change bootloader a little to switch fast between cfw. Busted in credits :-p
        I doubt about a tn modul possiblity or a chance of getting it bind into systems app like Sony music service (soon).

  5. Tony says:

    Installed and working on PSP Go.

  6. ZeroSbr says:

    What do we do with the Infinity Flasher once we make a CFW permanent?

  7. jonas says:

    any advantage to have this installed over 6.20 pro-c (psn fix) with permapatch ?
    i don’t like to mess with flash either, and that’s why i can’t see how a second recovery would be useful to me

    • The Zett says:

      6.61 > 6.20
      PSN access (<6.61 cant access PSN anymore)

      Infinity can unbrick a partly bricked PSP, perma patch cant do that (or at least not as reliable).

  8. PpmeiS says:


    Glad to know about this new release. I will update my PSP 1000 and 2000 as soon as I can with this. Great job.

  9. ZeroSbr says:

    Why can’t I import my themes now? It works fine otherwise.

  10. Bob_McBob says:

    Awesome. Just wondering, would this work with 6.61 PRO-C fix 3? I don’t want to upgrade to 6.61 C2 because of the PSX/PSN game bug. Currently got a 3g 3000 with 6.60 PRO-C fix3.

    This 6.61 PRO-C fix3 download:

  11. Supster131 says:

    I can’t seem to download the Infinity Configuration file, the website states, “404 Not Found”

  12. sj33 says:

    Can anybody share the Infinity Configurator? The link for it is broken on Davee’s page!

  13. kulskul says:

    first. thank you davee for your last effort in PSP scene.

  14. Alaster says:

    Great Job! 😀 Keep at it! 🙂

  15. Stephen says:

    It seems that CXMB will no long update the conf.txt file when applying themes and I have to manually edit it in order for it to apply the theme I selected.
    ^This is a work around for others. Remember to reset your VSH after.

    • Marisa says:

      Thank you I was having this problem

    • Gizmo says:

      how did you get cxmb to work? I got the 6.61 version from the forums but I can’t see my themes in the theme menu… using the (L)ME 6.61 permanent via infinity

      • Stephen says:

        @Marisa, no problem!
        @Gizmo, (Tested on both LME and PRO C) Well make sure you have CXMB in /seplugins/cxmb/cxmb.prx and then edit your vsh.txt and make sure it says “ms0:/seplugins/cxmb/cxmb.prx 1” or if you have a GO, “ef0:/seplugins/cxmb/cxmb.prx 1”. Once you’ve done that I recommend checking in the vsh and or recover menu to to make sure that the plugin is enabled. After that reset your vsh and once your device is back on, select a theme. It’ll apply it partly. After that plug your device back into your computer head over to /seplugins/cxmb and open conf.txt and edit the line with the file name of the theme you chose. (The line should look something like “/PSP/THEME/name of theme here.ctf”. You can put a list of the theme file names bellow that line for reference if you wish.) I recommend having one theme on your memory card at a time or have the ones you’re not using stored in another place on your PSP so it’s easier to know what theme you are using is. After you do that, reset your VSH one more time and the theme should be working once your device is back on ^.^ You may need to change some theme settings ie color, background, ect. You can just edit the conf.txt and not apply the theme first but I don’t recommend it.

      • ZeroSbr says:

        I want to know this too. Every time I try to import my old theme, it gives me an internal error. Before this, I didn’t even need the cxmb plugin to import themes, and it still doesn’t work even when I use it.

  16. ryanrudolf says:


    works good on my PSP2000 02g TA88V3! Thanks for this!

  17. Gaze says:

    Well, here’s hoping he goes back to working on the Vita.

  18. Dmaskell92 says:

    Any chance of this ever coming to eCFW?

    • sj33 says:

      Not sure what the point would be. The whole purpose of this is for it to be a permament auto-boot CFW, which we’ve not had on the PSP since 6.20.

  19. bob says:

    great news, i only have one question before installing infinity, i have a psp go with lme cfw and sometimes when i apply a cxmb theme, the psp freezes upon apliying it and it doesn’t boot the cfw until i erase the cxmb while i’m on ofw, does infinity have a recovery menu option before it loads the plugins?, because if i boot directly into cfw and that cfw freezes on boot then i won’t be able to access the internal memory to disable the faulty cxmb

  20. marios92 says:

    If i want to use more than one memory stick… i need the files on both sticks? Can install perma patch from first one and then use the second one? Or need the install procedure on both memorys?

  21. Oh my god becky says:

    >Davee only bricked 34 PSPs in total!

    Dear god

  22. 12345 says:

    Ive made a mistake and did it from 6.20 , My psp is bricked now , is there something i can do?

    • The Zett says:

      Cant be. Start your PSP without memory stick, it might be a plugin that halts the boot process.

      You can install Infinity from any 6.xx CFW, this includes 6.20 as well.

      • 12345 says:

        I had my psp in 6.20 permanent Model 3004 . I tried removing the memstick but the only thing that it does is light up the power button in green. Now , im pluggin my memstick to my pc to see if i can do something about it , at least , search for the cause of the brick

  23. Yoti says:

    >>Davee was able to force the PSP 3000 09g to run the (previously) unsupported firmware 6.20 (the 3000 09g usually only supports 6.30+)
    LOL, it was known long before it.

  24. Greafox says:


    Preparing the File for our <pSp :
    Davee’s files will give you 3 folders: Infinity Builder, Infinity Flasher and Bootloader.

    but I have only the folder MAKER and FLASHER :

    Do you have a solution please ?

  25. Greafox says:

    It’s ok

  26. Greafox says:

    It’s okay thank you very much <3

  27. stevealexanderames says:

    amazing, incredible job 😀 installation is easy and quick, too bad that 6.61 lacks lots of plugins…

  28. wlpqj says:

    Infinity seems work good on psp-3000 07g right now. Somebody have tested it on the 07g.

    • The Zett says:

      Is this a question or a statement? Infinity *should* support a 3000 07g, but we were unable to test it (because we found no one that owns such a PSP).

      • wlpqj says:

        Sorry for my vague express. It’s a statement. A friend of mine chanced to have a 07g PSP-3000 device. He tested Infinity on his 3000 07g . Everything (games and homebrews he use) looks good so far. He shown me some screenshots (

        • The Zett says:

          Could you record a video for me? One that shows the Infinity FW in action and run PSPident in said video?

          Some people posted comments below my video that Infinity bricked their 3000 07g, but you tell me it works just fine :/

  29. RandQalan says:

    @Davee Thanks a lot great work 🙂

  30. bel0kk says:

    Updated my PSPGo and it works like a champ. Thanks Davee.

  31. Blake says:

    can’t get infinity to perma-patch my TA-79 v1

    • Blake says:

      just tried it with pro-c2 and it did perma-patch but LME won’t, all it does is boot into the hybrid firmware.

      after setting it to pro and getting the black screen because it wasn’t installed before i tried the same with LME and it doesn’t even give me the black screen it still just goes to the HFW

    • The Zett says:

      No need to use Infinity on a PSP that can use cIPL (ME CFW).

      cIPL is superior to perma patch or Infinity. Infinity does & should work on the old PSPs nonetheless.

      • Blake says:

        I know i don’t need it for my 1000 i was just doing a test install on it before running it on my 3000 in order to be sure i did everything right, it not going perma made me worry about doing it on my 3000.

        Both have issues with flash1 & 2 after installing the HFW wallpapers wouldn’t save and trying to format them via recovery menu gave me a “failed -2” messeage. I did get it to save wallpapers after using the button combo to format flash1 but still got the failed -2 message when attempting to format in the recovery menu.

        I used chronoswitch v7 to reinstall 6.61 OFW and the message stopped.

  32. Romergg says:

    How to unbrick psp with infinity installed?
    I selected pro perma patch when i install LME (stupid me..), and my psp wont boot…

  33. ryanrudolf says:

    can I share the data.mfc across different PSP builds and flash directly using the flasher? or each PSP should be done with builder, flasher then configurator? just want to save a few mins of work lol

    • Duckbuster says:

      I think you can share the DATA.MFC betweens PSP’s but you can’t use the Go one on other PSP’s and vice versa.

    • The Zett says:

      You can freely share the DATA.MFC between 1000s, 2000s and 3000s.

      Keep in mind that the PSPgo needs it very own DATA.MFC and the PSPGOs DATA.MFC only works on the PSPgo.

  34. solidsnake says:

    You lost me at cIPL

    • The Zett says:

      cIPL stands for custom IPL.

      Think of it as a “PSP 1000 & 2000 (non-88v3) only permanent patch”. A PSP that can use the Pandora battery to install a FW (or unbrick the device) is also able to use a cIPL CFW.

      cIPL doesnt work on the 2000 88v3, 3000s, Go or E1000, so we had to use something else (6.20 perma / Infinity) to get a ‘permanent’ CFW on those newer devices.

  35. Aranor says:

    What is this (in infinity configuration) ?
    ” Unavailable due to unforeseen consequences “

    • The Zett says:

      The Infinity Configurator had an update feature, that could directly update the core of the Infinity FW & its bootloader.

      You could either update via Memory Stick / Internal Storage, or use Wifi to download the update directly onto your PSP.

      A few hours before Infinity should have been released, this update feature full bricked one of my PSPGOs, so Davee has disabled the feature, until he can figure out what caused this full brick.

      It is disabled for your devices safety 🙂

  36. XaannyTrain says:

    Couldn’t you just use the file manager for psp to uzip and move the files to the correct place? And download the files with the psp, if needed. That way anyone without a pc can still use this?

  37. gunblade says:

    Cool. Thks.

  38. HackTriek says:

    confirm working psp 3004 /TA-090 v2/03g
    nice job davee keep it up
    greetz from holland

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