Release: Davee releases Project Infinity – 6.61 Permanent Patch for ME & PRO CFWs

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  1. DN3RX

    I can format the memory card after?
    If not, what I need to keep working for?

  2. tucosalamanca

    I have a psp 3004 09g currently on 6.61 pro-c2 and when I ran the firmware builder, I got “Error 0xFFFFFED0 mounting 6.31 updater”. What should I do?


      Change your memory stick! I had a similar problem, because I was using a chinese knock off memory stick. But using an original one, everything went perfect!.

    • bob

      I got a different hex error and psp filesystem would only mount read only on the pc but when i used the latest 14/2/2015 6.61pro-c2 zip i was good the 6.61 proc2 22/1/2015 zip gave the trouble. the older zip still worked but i had to remove the sdcard and change files from my phone.

    • Fabio

      Many thanks man! You saved me. I’ve been looking for a solution to this for many hours! I got a original 4GB Sony Card on worked like a charm!

  3. cody77

    Just sending my appreciation along to Davee and the rest for their hard work and commitment to this project. They do it out of love, that much can be said for certain. I was not here when the scene was “at it’s peak” but I am very grateful now to have a device which can play all the portable games/systems I desire to run on it. Thanks so much for making this possible and thank you Wololo for having this space we can gather to discuss such things.

    P.S. – Anyone out there still play Wagic? I would like to know about local multiplayer if that’s possible or not. Thanks

  4. lala1818

    I would like to install the 6.61 Infinity Hybrid Firmware on my PSP-3004 Brite 04g model. Just there is need to repair the burned usb port on my PSP. It is possible to repair the usb port of my PSP? Because my and another PC is not sense my PSP via USB 🙁 Please reply somebody! Thanks 🙂

  5. Alaster

    I just successfully installed it in a PSP 3000 03g that I am preparing as a git for a friend.
    I wish to thank all and every person that took part on this firmware’s creation and the community for its positive support on the whole project! 😀

  6. braska

    I have 6.61 CFW, shoud i update to this? I don’t see any advantage to update to Infinity.. maybe can someone explain me? xD

    • Alaster

      Your question cannot be answered fully unless you provide with your psp’s info 😉
      With Infinity you get a) a permanent-feel custom firmware, b) cool unbricker for everything afterwards. It is intended for PSPs that cannot have a permanent cIPL cfw ~ that’d be PSPs othen than 1000 and (most of) 2000.

      • braska

        I have a PSP-1000 with 6.61 ME-2.3, permanently.
        So, which features gives me Infinity, other than one that 6.61cfw gives me?
        I don’t see differences O.o

        • ryanrudolf

          infinity is for PSP2000 ta88v3, PSP3000 and PSPGO. infinity allows them to have “permanent” 6.61 CFW.

          since you are on PSP1000, no need for infinity.

          i used infinity on my PSP3000 and PSP2000 ta88v3. on my other PSP2000 that is not ta88v3 i use regular CFW no need infinity

  7. sar12

    does this software work after removing memory stick?

    • Alaster

      YES! It says so in the developer’s site.

      • Alaster

        I also managed it myself 😉

      • sar12

        Alaster,then, i can switch memory cards,without copying any files of infinity to my new memory card,right?

        • Alaster

          As with any and every custom firmware, yes, naturally you can. However, you should always format any memory card you are using for the first time with that cfw through the hacked PSP’s “Format Memory Card” option under System Settings, in order to have the folder structure effortlessly copied to the card.
          In short you’ll have to:
          a) Remove current mem card and make a backup of everything you’ll want on the other mem card (if any) in the PC, keepng the folder structure as is. You should definetely transfer your seplugins in order to keep your system fluid with your plugins and preferably your Recovery and PSP Infinity files inside /PSP/Game/ for just the occation (all these files and folders are relatively small in size)
          b) Insert new mem card in PSP and have the system “Format the memory stick”
          c) Copy the files of your choice from the PC to the new mem card minding the folder structure.
          You should always use a Memory Stick Pro Duo adapter for card readers if you have one (it is *cheap*) as it is faster than transfering over USB and you get of course to use the PSP with the other mem card 😉
          Have fun 😀

          • sar12

            thanks Alaster. Related to adapter,which i am going to buy,it has 2 micro sdhc slots each having 32gb capacity. can i use 2 different memory cards which have relatively different speeds. as the adapter says it converts both into 1. so will it work for 2 different micro sdhc cards?

          • Alaster

            I cannot help you with that since it’s the first time I learn of such contraption 😛 I have a couple of pro duo cards from ye olde times that i abandoned in favor of my beloved 8Gb one. More than 8 gigs sound too much any more even more so. Just consider how long it’d take to load the games on the xmb 😛 if you have to use this gimmick go with one card only. Also, as a rule of thumb, different specs’ flash memory models are unstable to work together 😉

            You coud find your model with the mentioned software: pspident, i think it’s called? it’s totally safe and trustworthy 🙂 Chances that you have an 07g model are abysmally small btw.

            Finally, if you would take the effort to read through the instructions slowly once, you’d see that it is mentioned to backup your mc first (as you should whenever you’re to mess with it ~ it’s free and fast 😛 ). the process *will*format it at the end, i think 😉 Just follow the instructions, they are safe. When all’s done, copy any file you want from your pc *selectively* – don’t just copy the entire psp folder for example, because some folders maybe are changed?

            Have fun! 😀

  8. sar12

    and Alaster,can you tell me how can i find out about my psp 3004’s model no./generation(07g/09g)? i dont have the box. but i have instruction manual.

  9. sar12

    and alaster,currently my psp 3004 is OFW, so before copying the infinity files, do i have to format my sony memory stick using my computer?or will it work without the need of formatting the memory stick? and pls ans my previous 2 questions also.

  10. fuegoo

    Thank for this stuff! work fine on my psp 04g, but i try to change my theme with ” CXMB Mod 3.71 -6.61 “, have CTF for 6.61, cxmb plugin enabled etc… everything ok, but this not work (no icons), you have any idea why?

    • andrewff2

      hey man how did you do it?? cause i have the same model 04g and i have 6.20 pro c2, did you upgrade yours to OFW (6.31 or 6.61) than upgrade to infinity???

      Because when i try to use the maker my screen goes black and nothing heapens!!

  11. nxwing

    My PSP is stuck at 5% on the Infinity Firmware Flasher. How long does it really take?

  12. Jamie

    Hey I’ve got a PSP go running 6.61 lme-2.3 infinity, how to I go about getting the cxmb to work , the plugins are enabled yet I go into my themes and none show ? Thanks in advance

  13. SmokeMonster

    Thanks for the great guide. I just got my PSP-3000 updated to Infinity and it’s incredible.

  14. Kyohie

    Does this update fix the error when the psp go connects to PSN? I’d like to connect my LBP to have some DLCs and I’m having the error on 6.60.

  15. Djalma

    I have a question: With this permanent CFW I can turn on my PSP and start the game I want, no need to enter in Fast Recovery anymore?

    OFW will be like CFW mode?

    Thank you.

  16. lala1818

    Hi, can i install the Infinity with easy heart on psp 07g and 09g models? So it is will not brick the psp? Sorry about my stupid question. Thanks! 🙂

  17. cOcO!

    Just installed this on my 30xx 09g with 0 problems. thanks davee!!

  18. HiepHammer

    My psp go now is brick . Dont now why , so sad . I just chose the PRO CFW not ME CFW on Configuration then it birck , now no psp to play . @@

  19. Sandro Halverson Bregman

    Uhm. Forgive me for asking this question, after all am just a newbie at this stuff. Regarding about the video tutorial above at the time of 5:32 – 5:35; the person who made the tutorial stated that “I got my LME installer, I got my LME Launcher”. That’s where I got confused. I all have the files except for those two. The LME installer and the launcher. Although, I prefer PRO CFW and that’s where I got lost. Where do I download this PRO installer and PRO launcher. Would like to get some help for this ASAP. Am using a PSP Go.

    • Sandro Halverson Bregman

      Edit: Installation of Infinity was successful but still games doesn’t still appear. I placed them on a folder called “ISO” still a no show. Tried placing it on PSP/GAME again, it doesn’t appear.

  20. Shandy

    Thanks for all this my friend. It works just fine. Appreciate it.
    I also wanna show my appreciation to Davee and the rest of the team.
    Good job!

    BTW, I couldn’t find the infinity files in Davee’s website, but i was able to download it from here

  21. KratZ

    Guys, I have followed all the steps, but I couldn’t run the infinity bootloader configuration, everytime I click, it will just show me the psp screen and it will just turn off. Any idea?

  22. andrewff2

    Hi ther can someone help me out? i have the a PSP3000 Model: 04g with the permanent 6.20 PRO-C2 and i want to use infinity but when i try to do the maker the screen goes black and doesnt do anything i have to take the battery off and start again the PSP…

    I followed the steps from the tutorial but nothing is working…. Any light on this matter?!?!

  23. Jam

    I have a PSP Go. Installed infinity it worked great except that whenever I pause a game it just turns off the PSP any help?

  24. Luis

    Thanx, i followed the tutorial but now i have a bricked device. psp3001 09g.
    When i turn on i have black screen before then turn off.
    Someone can help to ressurect my psp?

  25. judd

    i put all the files in the correct places but when i try to open builder it says corrupt file… any ideas? i have a pep-3004

  26. Nikon

    I tried to update my psp to infinity, but its bricked while processing to the final step. Completely bricked, I tried all the method to recover it but in vain. Can anyone help?

  27. Cross

    Worked perfectly for me on a PSP 2001. Followed all instructions, have only experienced crashing when you hit select in the XMB to access the CFW configuration menu and EXIT the configuration menu, but this is VERY minor. My only question regarding Infinity and the permanent CFW is simple: can I now delete the PRO-C Update and PRO-C Fast Recovery? They’ve always been annoying to look at.

    P.S. For the “Tutorial: How to properly install Infinity” section, the first thing that should have been mentioned is to make sure you are booted into the CFW of you’re choice, as it seems this is where some people are stumped when they get the “Corrupted” message when launching the Infinity Firmware Builder. It should be obvious, but there are those that may not have understood this entire tutorial correctly and still believe Infinity is a CFW.

  28. Smokey

    My wifi is a WPA-2 connection and isn’t supported by the PSP3000, how can I update the boot config/infinity via memory stick? When i try it, it says it can’t find update file? Where is the update file and what is the file structure on the memory stick that it needs in order to update? Help please!!!!

    • oliwek

      You need to extract 6.31.PBP file from official 6.31 firmware that you downloaded. Then 6.61.PBP from 6.61 official firmware. Copy both PBP files in MAKER folder on your psp memory card. And it will succeed

  29. Munaf

    Hey, after following the steps for LME i chose PRO on boot loader configuration menu and my psp seems brick ,only a black screen , my psp is 1000b2 please help.

    • DogFood

      my 3000 09g PSP brick 2 years ago by trying to flash this ***. and this *** didn’t have unbrick loader. just throw away your PSP as i done back there. this is the lesson not try to trust this *** as long your device running fine.

  30. DogFood

    my 3000 09g PSP brick 2 years ago by trying to flash this ***. and this *** didn’t have unbrick loader. just throw away your PSP as i done back there. this is the lesson not try to trust this *** as long your device running fine.