How to backup Vita Cartridges and install them


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31 Responses

  1. Asamidare

    Too hard, long.
    Not noob friendly (press a button, dump, launch it, play it),
    but still it’s very nice there’s this possibility.

  2. Franky

    Maybe this could allow for games to be played from a NAS? That thought just comes from the Cobra Fin device is all.

    • Evilgrin

      Highly doubt it. The fin device still requires you to have a dump of the game. It only authenticates over internet.

      • Franky

        I would gladly start investing money into the Vita if I could at least not use those worthless and useless memory cards. The only thing keeping me from supporting the Vita is the heavy amount of security, but being able to play my way would change that.

  3. lafrog

    Can i use this with the files from PSiCO?

  4. Murakami

    that’s something!!!

  5. guardian

    Don’t know if it’s doable with the encryption and security, but i suppose it could be possible to change the id or whatever it is that it looks upon when trying to launch a game “installed” to memory card from the cart,in order to run, to instead accept whatever cart you have…maybe?!?

  6. noname

    “but Sony won’t lose sleep over it: it won’t enable massive piracy”
    Even if. Sony would just be like “Vita? Never heard of it.”

  7. Schadows

    it’s the opposite direction where I’m going ^^

    Although i’m a pro-digital consumer, I prefer to buy cartrige for my Vita games. The main reason being the Vita proprietary memory card are way to expensive to push me to buy all my games in digital version. There is also the price because new games are usually cheaper on amazon than on the PS Store.

    But that’s probably because the case in which I keep and transport my console (1st gen Big Ben Vita case, the one with the little “PS VITA” metal plate on the front) contains 16 slots to store my cartrigdes, and I don’t have more than 16 games in physical versions.

    And I do think Sony will try to block it as soon as possible. As the article says, there is no immediate danger for Sony, but if they let it go now and someone find a way to remove the necessity to have the cartrige in the console on startup, they will be sc***. But if it happens with a few firmware version between the fix and the hack, with several games release in between requiring a higher fw than the one on which the hack works, people will have to choose between this and their new games.

  8. Char

    Yeah bring on piracy! Sony is already killing the console.

  9. Dann

    It’s a good option for coop games 😉

  10. ismail

    Sony remember that Vita exit only one there is some kind of hack

  11. deathblade200

    4-5 hours? thats a joke estimate right? I did it just for *** and giggles and it only took a little over an hour

  12. Stanislav

    Yesssss yessss!!Hacker,please to Win PS Vita!

  13. Byte

    Don’t panic!

    The PSiCO .nfo clearly stated that they did not include the license files as they wouldn’t be needed with their fully decrypted files. The method described in the tutorial requires dumping of the license files.

  14. Salar

    Thanks for the valentine gift to us mr.gas and all the people in the scene

  15. Stanislav


    • Stanislav

      Whoops that was meant as a reply to the Russian dude that orgasms whenever there’s any kind of good news regarding Vita piracy. lol ah well.

  16. z2

    Still waiting for an easier dumping process. Right now I think 3.18 users(like me)won’t be able to do this because of needing for a game update, which if you’re on a lower fw, you won’t be able to get an orange button and a download bar..

    But if you can play newer games with this on a lower firmware, it’ll be worth it..

    • Zeke

      Not necessarily, I mean when I was on 3.18 both cartridge and digital games could have the orange download update and I could grab the game update without the system software one, Zen Pinball 2 for example took the 2016 game update no issues and still ran fine on 3.18.

      • Schadows

        Indeed, I’m on 3.52 now, but was always several fw behind the up to date fw, and I never had any problem to download game updates, although I can’t connect to the store from the Vita itself.

      • z2

        Thanks! Have to try this tut in the future..

        Will these make me able to play newer games like nights of azure on a 3.18fw?

  17. Zeke

    Man, that’s interesting but way too complex IMO. More difficult than TN-V but arguably not as difficult as Rejuvenate. Someone should post whether game load speeds improve this way – take something like Need For Speed: Most Wanted, which takes a while to boot to a playable point.

    • Schadows

      Not sure if there would be any gain from that. A long time ago (in a far galaxy not so far away ^^) I tested both version of Gravity Rush and WipEout 2048, digital on the memory card, and physical with the game cartridge, and the loading were almost the same (which seems logical since they’re both memory card in the end), with a very little advantage to the game cartrigde (cartridge memory module speed ? Cartrigde bus speed ?)

      • Thrawn

        Probably the same bus speeds for memory card and game card. Would make a lot of sense from a technical point of view…

        Why would one want to compare nfs: mw on the vita, I mean that specific game?
        I think it would be better to actually look at nfs: mw on the gplay store… since smartphones get stronger and evolve… while the vita stays the tu*d it ever was.
        Same goes for sega all star racing transformed… while I think the gplay version is ***, with modern smartphones / tablets it outperforms the vita & 3DS version performance wise… not content wise.

  18. Lord Darton Staker

    Quite the proceedure.. hope to see this simplified hopefully within the new Year. this is quite interesting. PS VITA NEEDS better support still and more games!!!