Wii U: Smealum showcases unsigned code execution (Coldboothax, redNAND, homebrew)


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  1. Rolenzo says:

    Really, really excited for the prospect of wiiu homebrew. Godspeed, gentlemen!

  2. loco00 says:

    ermm…. first?

  3. z2 says:

    Nothing to be excited/hyped here as this won’t be released… ever.. Just wait for Hykem’s release as he’s the dude, hoping he releases soon..

    • GrimaceXL says:

      Smea has a great 5.50/5.51 exploit with emunand running here. I bet he will be crucial to the wiiu scene. If you’re sad because he won’t allow piracy, that’s not really a problem. Think about rxtools, it didnt allow unsigned code until it was merged with pasta, and now it’s one of the best cfws around. So essentially smea’s code will probably be in your wiiu in the near future, inevitably running backups.

      • z2 says:

        Yeah, current methods of coldboot CFW has some of smea’s codes.. Hope atleast he releases some that’ll help the Wii U scene like he did with 3DS..

  4. Row says:

    this is cool and all but Smealum annoys me, as he makes it so you cant run backups

  5. Bern says:

    I am telling you; if this guy releases a CWF for WiiU, buys some Nintendo stock shares, because it will go up as Nintendo will start selling WiiUs like crazy.

    Remember, NORMAL people are on a budget. They buy or receive(as a gift) about 2-3 games a year. This won’t change with piracy or not.

    What will change though, is the the ability to play more games for the normal people, the interrest in buying a WiiU over a PS4 or XboxOne becomes greater with this opportunity and with social media now, sales of WiiU will explode. The same it did with Xbon 360.

    Xbox360 owners with their budget kept buying games while playing “backups” that they would never played and because of that, some games become talk of the town and made money by including ads in the next year titles, or created toys or other product lines around the game.

    Nintendo and their shareholders are in need of a good hack right now. Watch the stock going up the day this guy release a potential way to runs emulators and backups,

  6. Leleck says:

    I’m excited!!
    There downgrade for wii u 5.5.0 to 5.3.2 / 5.4.0?

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