PS Vita 3.57 hack: TheFlow found a way to install PS1 bubbles, asks for a 3.57 ePSP Kernel exploit


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34 Responses

  1. Tony

    I’m a little confused about this, it’s a ps1 bubble but requires PSP Kernel exploit to run, does that mean we will still have no native sound for psx?

  2. Anon

    It would be interesting if they could break out of the PS1 emu if they loaded an exploit binary.

  3. Anon

    “The PS1 Bubble technique works on all firmwares”
    The best firmware 3.18 keeps getting bester even 1.5 years after the release!

  4. Salar

    Wow really awsome 😀 im really looking forward to it to run 😀 thanks guyz , keep up the good work.

  5. Franky

    This is awesome for the only meaningful platform that’s still alive and well.

    It’s funny how dead the Vita is even on itself.

  6. Third

    Hm sounds like the bubble is not using the native ps one emu, but just a way to directly start the ps one emu inside the psp emu :/
    Would be awesome to get real ps one bubbles working to avoid going thru tekken everytime

  7. Gaze

    Hope Acid_Snake notices, as it could be useful for Ark-3/4… I bet this will require 173210’s unreleased bubbles for FW 3.57, no telling if 173210 will release it anytime soon.

  8. Thomas Wade

    Hopefully this will mean I can play some of the PSX games I really want to play, including Xenogears, and Little Big Adventure.

  9. question

    Does this method allow sound on PS1 games?

  10. warfaren

    Surely this can’t just be a shortcut for running PS1 games inside ePSP, that would hardly be newsworthy. The fact that he needs a PSP kernel exploit is probably because both the PS1 and the PSP emu is actually more related than you would think. Developers have explained this before.
    I’m very happy this finally gets public, been longing for it for ages since Total_Noob first teased it…

  11. Charles Fasano

    It would nice to be able to play my purchased PSOne games that Sony for whatever reason won’t allow us to play on the Vita. Sure I could them inside the PSP Emu but you don’t get any sound which make feel like I’m deaf.

  12. Kingknuts

    This could lead to use the PocketStation??

  13. Zeke

    If this is a genuine exploit of the PS1 Loader (i.e. full speed games with perfect sound) as TN-X is/was, this is incredibly useful with or without bubbles. Those holding out on 3.18 can finally upgrade to 3.51 and then this would be the golden firmware for TN-V, TheFloW’s PS1 Loader exploit and Rejuvenate.

    • sj33

      Exactly. I’m on 3.18 because of TN-X, but the inability to use 444MHz mode in Rejuvenate as well as 3.30 games is a real bummer.

    • Predator0808

      I think rather of 3.36 as new golden firmware, when we will have the new PS1 Loader. 3.36 has its own webkit exploit hole found just like 3.18, and 3.51 dont. And 3.36 supports 444 MHz in Rejuvenate, not only 333 MHz like 3.18. If that new PS1 Loader will raise up, we will only need implementation of Package Installer for that webkit exploit we already have, and new golden firmare 3.36 it is 🙂

  14. yas

    please help me
    can activation dump on 3.51?
    my vita not active

  15. Alaster

    Great Job, Mr Flow! 😀

  16. webneko

    Can it run TN-X or something other to load cwcheat module like CFW ?

  17. Linkboy007

    So is this exploit working?

  18. Zeke

    I can’t wait until this sees official release by TheFloW, it’s gonna be awesome. 😀

  19. no free explot again ;( all i want is to play ps1 and emulators on my vita without paying ;(

  20. i wish there were free exploit like toukiden kiwami demo psp version plz 🙁 i really want vhbl on my ps vita 🙁