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Xbox One hack – Piracy trick from Indonesia promises up to 30 games for $65


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  1. MeTaL-VeLCRo

    This “trick” has been on playstationhax for a long time but the “trick” did get patched with the latest dash. It is nothing more then cloning and is anything but a hack.

    • tjhooker73

      Yea. That’s the old version of the hack that no longer works.
      I’m sure they have a new method that they have kept to themselves to keep making money on it.

  2. MeTaL-VeLCRo

    This is most likely why none of the games are new.

  3. Sevenz

    I was happy to see my country on wololo just to find out I need to be ashamed of what they did. 🙁

  4. Rikku

    Wow sampe masuk tivi nih gan, dikutip sama wololo

  5. Aneesh

    One good news after a 4 years of dry hacking scene ever

  6. nebu_187

    Who the f*ck owns a xbox one? Just kidding, everyone has there own preferences .
    I just hate the controller, so used to dualshock 🙂

  7. ItsmeAJ

    I might understand how this works, a little bit tricky but there is a method that I know about. My native language isn’t English so I will try to describe as clearly as possible.

    First, this method might depend on “digital sharing feature ” on xbox one.
    Second, there are sellers who sell digital game accounts at incredibly low price ~ $10/account which use hacked credit card to purchase digital content. Notice that one account might have more than one game in it.

    And this is how it work :
    1. Download all games then transfer them to external hdd, 5tb external should be enough.
    2. Plug in the hdd to another xbox one, transfer some games buyer want to internal hdd.
    3. Set xbox home for all accounts to enable offline-playable digital content while connected to xbox live. Then change something in network setting to make sure this xbox one wont connect to xbox live after that by accident, changing IP address to manual and put some freaking number in it. When I see the screenshot of xbox dashboard with “connect to live” message, I realize I might know something.
    4. Repeat these steps on other xbox one up to 4 by setting xbox home method like this. He may get much money from this.

    Last thing, $10/account is offered by some seller who use hacked cc to buy game and sell to user. Let say I buy so I need to pay $10 for a game, but I’m not surprised if sellers can make more money from this, they can buy a lot of hack cc at very low price.

  8. aran

    Playstation hacking scene is almost dead.. I think, its better if i sell off my PS4… I wont buy console anymore.. Just stick to PC..

    • animalovich

      so you got your ps4 to be hacked only ! not to enjoy gaming + exclusive games ? and if its hacked one day it will be awesome but if not its ok ! I don’t get it !

      • lmao

        most people coming to hacking site are brain dead so…

      • Aran

        Everyone cant afford to buy multiple console for their exclusive.. If you stick to PC, atleast you get multiplatform games for sure… If you are rich that is different case. PC has huge library of games and its cheaper as well. Moreover, u can get pirated games and u may purchase game if you like it after testing or if u want to go online gaming.. On other hand, PS4 exclusive, harldy comes out… And charges for *** PS plus service. Sony should revise their price.. There wouldnt be need of piracy in first place if sony wasnt that greedy.. And about hacking scene, they do not support piracy.. I get it.. So, you just want to post a video ans picture and expect me to clap hands for them that aint gonna be released… Just a imaginary date for linux and ‘Do it yourself! cause they dont want to share’. Wow! Linux on ps4.. Did pc die? I didnt get ps4 to insall linux on it..

        • PFTM

          PC games are cheaper but not the machine. Of course you can buy cheaper PC if you know about IT. But if you’re not IT people or some developer, your PC is expensive just like the other MAC computer too

  9. SomeOne

    Seems that the trick is limited to offline play.
    If yiu play online, the game will be not played again. This is what I’ve understood 🙂

  10. SomeOne

    Seems tgat the trick is limited to offline play.
    If you go online, you can’t play the game again.

    • ItsmeAJ

      Yes, you’re right. Offline play only.

      No wonder why he sells games by set, not one. If these console go online, they surely will no longer be able to play games anymore cuz home xbox is now on another one.

      • AsmodeusML

        Some of the games listed require constant online connection active (like Diablo III or Evolve). So unless XONE can utilize online play while offline i see no way how they would work

  11. Mcdelet

    Esse console Tambaú m e feito no Brasil . na santa Efigênia já estão Clô amado da mesma como rma pó 120 pilas 30 jogos

  12. Dado

    Check this thread. TX seems to made some progress with xbox one.

  13. umhumh

    Yes it’s real, i have seen a copy of said pdf surfacing around november last year, could care less to be honest, but last time i heard scene members told me it has been patched since at least November or December… Apparently it wasn’t or some alternative method has surfaced.

  14. bla bla

    anjing bisa masuk wololo mantap

  15. NutSackglands

    This is old news. Why cant peeps wanting to be apart of the scene stay searching.

  16. Wow
    Go International
    In Indonesia, it’s called Xbox Galau

  17. Ehm

    I’m one of that person customer, all my game working smooth…some of them already finish it. I’m still wondering how could he did it, someone said he just set my xbox home as his own but this method only work 3 times each year… could him do for more than 3 ????

    And yes, in my xbox there is profile of him …..

    • kalberto

      First, he buy all the game on his xbox-one, then he used his profile username and password to sign in on other xbox-one, then download it again for free, easy as one two three !!

      That’s how he did it !

    • ItsmeAJ

      Can you go online with your Xbox One ?

      If he used more than one account for each game, says 100 Halo 5 accounts. This wouldn’t be problem, he can put the game on 400 different consoles by using the setting home method repeatedly.