PSP: Davee’s Infinity permanent CFW for PSP 6.61 “pretty much done” (Video)


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20 Responses

  1. Rikku says:

    Feel like back to future 😀

  2. Byte says:

    Awesome! I for one am glad that devs like Davee still support the good ole PSP. I’m sure that there is still a lot of PSP owners that are going to update to 6.61 when it can be permanent.

    • seth says:

      6.61 cfw CAN be permanent. That’s why there is a permanent patch. Course it only works for the original 1000 models. Glad i have one xD this is really great either way but i wish he would have filmed this horizontally instead of vertically :/

      • ZeroSbr says:

        Only for 1000 models? I’m calling bull, based on the fact that not only does the video show it working on a Go, but also the fact that more people are on 2000s and 3000s, and therefore Davee probably wouldn’t bother supporting only 1000 owners. Also, if a perma patch can work on the Go, it can definitely work on older models.

  3. rclr says:

    So there’s still no fix for bricked pspgo (corrupted flash 0 and flash 1 files ).

  4. newbie says:

    I was planning to buy a PSP Go because its small, but without permanent cfw , I didnt and keep on waiting for permanent cfw, buy i still have my psp slim,i hope i can still fine a psp go,

  5. nebu_187 says:

    inside my Vita, thats where my PSP lives

  6. snk4ever says:

    Cool stuff. I will be installing it to my PSP Go.
    I use my Vita at home and on vacations but in the public transportation I like to take my PSP Go. It is very light and small.

  7. Johan8 says:

    Nice. The best portable system still live, (not like vitacrap)

    • ZeroSbr says:

      Vita actually has loads of potential, it’s just that homebrew devs aren’t buying one because they don’t any of the games it has. It honestly has much more potential for emulation and such than the 3DS.

  8. simbin says:

    Been running the 6.20 LME permanent patch on my PSP 3000. Everything works perfect. Any idea what features we gain on 6.61 CFW – Besides PSN access?

  9. Quade321 says:

    Seems like it’s taking forever! But it’ll be well worth the wait. And I’m sure there’s a ton of testing going into this. Don’t want the permanent patch to turn into a permanent brick for some people!

  10. 0ska says:

    Useless if not for psp vita

  11. Casavult says:

    Great to see that my favourite scene is still alive. Great job, Davee.

  12. MrBuddha says:

    Makes me wonder if it’s even worth while finding a pspgo? I’ve got every handheld but the GO, more recently I haven’t touch any of them since getting a bluetooth gaming pad for my phone. Honestly phone emulation destroys any handheld when it comes to the speed and accuracy most phones emulate at makes me just want to dump all my handhelds.

  13. Diones says:

    I Install the infinity on go, but after it GO dont run anymore my emulators and brews, please help me