Exploits updated to support 3DS 10.4, Nintendo releases Firmware 10.5


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24 Responses

  1. MyLegGuy says:

    My 3ds is so stable that Epona moved in.

  2. kokumotsu says:

    is this the same exploit similar to what tube hacks and ironfall or are these different/better?

  3. Alaster says:

    “overall system stability” should be this decade’s motto. I’ve been hearing/reading it for, like, ever since PS2.

    Thanks, Smealum 🙂

  4. lolzoar says:

    I thought there would at least be an article on Mr. Gas’ latest tutorial on how to dump Vita games and also bypass Sony’s protection.

  5. Stanislav says:

    My 3DS is so F’d that…… yeah. XD

  6. steruel says:

    I have one question, if I have a new 3ds updated to 10.4 firmware, if I install this version of menuhax, could I downgrade th e new 3ds to 9.2 firmware???
    I am new in this world and I need help

    Thanks in advance

    • justaniceguy says:

      No it doesn’t work. You need the mumchunkhax2 exploit for it to work that got fixed in 10.4 only works in <=10.3

    • LordKing says:

      Yes, you can downgrade to 9.2, install RXTools as an EMUNAND, install FBI installer onto RXTools or BigBlueMenu, depending on your preferences, upgrade your EMUNAND to 9.5 (latest safe firmware version for the new 3DS). Once this is setup you can use the FBI installer to install .CIA files onto your 3DS. (3DS roms come in 2 different extensions, .3DS, or .CIA).

      • Sladey says:

        Does this actually work before I try it? I don’t want to brick my 3ds. I’m on 10.4 and have successfully managed to install Browserhax and MenuHax but unsure what to do next?

        • Patrick says:

          You won’t brick your console..but sadly it won’t work either you need to be on 10.3 to perform a downgrade, if you are on 10.4 you’ll only have homebrew loader

        • Cohero says:

          Unfortunately, no. RXTools only supports up to 9.2 firmware.

  7. Francisco Abramo says:

    I was able to load homebrew launcher using Menuhax 2.2 but I don’t know if there’s a way to install a CFW emunand or something such as a loader to play 3ds roms… at the moment I have just been able to play some emulators.

    • PoLoMoTo says:

      Nope you missed the 10.3 downgrade boat so you’re stuck without cfw unless someone finds a new exploit to downgrade.

  8. James says:

    I’d love to be a guest blogger on Wololo.net! I wonder though… We’re a brilliant group of users… Are you sure we haven’t checked everything? I mean, from a system point of view, what happens when you system format? Any nooks or crannies that could give us access to downgrade possibly? Or, what about system transfer? I’m sure there’s plenty of things that we could definitely look into, assuming we are really dedicated to finding a way to give ourselves full control of this amazing piece of technology that we paid our own good money for? I myself can’t wait for someone to find a fix, hack, or even a backdoor. I accidentally updated t 10.5 thinking that HomeBrew was all there was for this system…

    • wololo says:

      Hey James, eemail me at wagic.the.homebrew at gmail for details on guest bloggers, or drop me a PM on /talk

  9. XeliX3sDi says:

    Same here I’d love to be a guest blogger on Wololo.net. I have lots of free time. I hate my systems through articles like these. With some kind of hard to follow. I like to be in the know with things relating to these. My programming language sucks though. Some people write things here I have no clue what they are talking about. That’s mostly relating with visual c+ languages not hack terms. Would that be a handicap for a position in doing blogging over here?