Playstation Vita System Software 3.57 is now available – Fixes Tom’s & Gas’ Custom Bubbles and current eCFWs!

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  1. Franky says:

    Sony, has no clue how to participate in the handheld markets.

    • nope says:

      That’s funny, they did a killer job with PSP

      • Larry says:

        But you see the thing with the PSP was that you could hack it, and mod it for you it added more functionality in this update it removed the only great thing the vita had going for itself, and that’s a shame no more emulators, or any real customization after this update its all uniform again, and frankly the system isn’t good enough for that I might just never update or heck sell it cause it won’t be any good as of 3.57 for me, or anyone

  2. Winkle says:

    My luck, i just bought the exploit game yesterday.

  3. gregdaleg says:

    Got prompted to update after restoring my Vita. Why?……….Why did it have to be this way SONY?!!!!! How dare you screw me over like this! How dare you screw any of us over!!!! I will have my revenge!!!! After i finish crying 🙁

  4. LennyVita says:

    its just sad that Sony can spend so much time removing the fun from the Vita. what’s next? why not remove the wifi function on it, or the ability to charge the vita? they are turning this into more of a paper weigh with every update!!

    imagine if Android, or Apple, Nintendo, Microsoft decided to do this for their devices with every update. the world would go mad.

    The webpage clearly lists – Facebook and Youtube, both features are now gone? i guess those still work through the web browser. its almost false advertising.

    • Daniel says:

      It has FB and YT via browser *cough*

    • 3 says:

      If the site lists Youtube and Facebook as features, and they still work on the Vita, how is that almost false advertising? And why would they remove WiFi and charing capabilities? I remember when people complained about the removal of Google Maps in firmware 3.50, but later on we learned that 30% more RAM had been freed up, which could now be used for games instead. I’d rather have better game performance than Google Maps, which i pretty much never used on the Vita.

      “Every” other system update also fixes vulnerabilities. We have especially seen this with the 3DS lately for example. The world hasnt gone mad because of that.

    • nope says:

      Its like when they made their android tv’s and advertised that they were Playstation Now ready. And they weren’t…

      Not even close to having it ready….

    • T says:

      Maps is also gone

    • Kira_Slith says:

      Oh but it IS false advertising, because you can’t access those features without updating the vita, and if you update the vita you can’t access those features.

      • hey says:

        Thats not true. I’m on Vita firmware 3.55 right now and i just used the Facebook app and the web browser to access Youtube (i never used the Youtube app on Vita). It works fine and i’m not being prompted to update the firmware when using these things. These things are not bound to PSN access, so can use then fine without upgrading.

        • hey says:

          Oops, i guess you need to be connected to PSN to use Facebook app. I’ve kept my Vita on for weeks (just set it in sleep mode when i didnt use it), so i guess that i was automatically connected. Facebook works fine via the web browser though, i just tested that on firmware 3.55 🙂

  5. Jet613 says:

    Really :/ its legacy buts lets patch the *** out of it. If its legacy doesnt this mean there just wasting money on it? But then again its legacy in the US and thriving in asia. But still :,( i dunno maybe i cant hate on em too much. Pls psvita next gen .

  6. Salar says:

    I really Do hate sony now , when will this Black Fin Device come 🙁 ?

  7. neojared says:

    BRAVO SONY another useless patch for your ps vita ,¿but games ? the same *** ,indie ***

  8. TakingAdump says:

    They have to make a cfw and call it *** you sony 3.55!

  9. Crzo says:

    And somehow some people still argue that the Vita is not dead…

  10. Raul says:

    I don’t care about updates. 3.18&3.51 with PS3 is ok 🙂

  11. Ronaldchan says:

    If you already made your TN-V/ARK bubbles on 3.55, will they still work if you update?

    • lewdbeat says:

      Nope. I tried and after starting the TN-V, the screen turned black and even pressing the PS button, I couldn’t go to the LiveArea. I had to reset the system by force holding the POWER button for 20 seconds.

      I regret nothing. I prefer having PS Store and my library intact than 2 or 3 PSP games that I already played before.
      But still… My Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 5… welp. I wonder what kind of exploit will bring us the guys this time.
      Do not let this discourage you 🙂

    • macsmister says:

      I hope I’m wrong but I doubt it since the ePSP kernel exploit was patched…

    • NewBie says:

      I updated my PS Vita TN-V just black screen now, and ARK just gray screen 🙁

  12. Greco says:


    Why is sony removing all the cool stuff??

    • Daniel says:

      I wouldn’t really argue that Facebook is one of the “cool” features as the Vita itself never really did anything with it. It’s just an app but the horrible keyboard prevented me from using facebook or twitter on Vita in the first place.

    • heyhiho says:

      doesn’t matter how cool, fun, whatever, if its not official from them, they can’t let it running on their systems.

  13. benoitb says:

    Bad Sony, bad. I have a PSVita with 13 legally bought games that earned you good money. I have Ark and use it to play PSP games I already bought in the past as UMD and don’t want to buy again. Plus some NeoGeo games I also already own on the NeoGeo system.
    I wanted to buy Dragon quest builders and Project Diva X this year. Don’t you want me to buy these new games ?

  14. benoitb says:

    We really need to find a way to spoof firmware versions like emunand on 3DS.

    • Haruka says:

      There is a https request to one of their servers, and that request doesn’t follow proxy settings. I do think if we could make vita accepts self signed certs, we can spoof that.

  15. D@rk51d3 says:

    Facebook was meant to be a feature?

  16. top chen says:

    thanks god costume theme still worked

  17. Kouenhasuki says:

    Since Europeans got nothing in the way of any hacks during the 3.55 firmware, well unless we wanted to abandon our own European accounts for US or JP ones then, later got conned by the dev 173210 to at 1st said MGSPO+ Exploit was for EU/JP and then found out it wasn’t, promised those who wasted there money in EU buying the game (even urging us not to get a refund!!) some bubbles then never did… I am none too broken up about this update personally. Sucks for those who DID use the FB app though.

  18. tangra87 says:

    So this meaans that my bubble tn-v /ark , from the email trick that was no game exployt requared wont work right ?

    • Kouenhasuki says:

      From what I understand, all custom bubbles stop working in this version of the fw

      • tangra87 says:

        So befor I update I should delete my Kingdom hearts iso in the ms0: memory , becouse there will be no way to do that when I update ? becouse my iso file is no longer in the psp save file is in mso: ?

        • nope says:

          It’s up to you. You’d be a fool to trust anyone in the comments section of this site though, make a forum post and wait for someone reputable to post.

          It’s my understanding any custom bubble made with the PBOOT trick will work with the exception of ARK and TN-V which rely on a kernel vulnerability which was patched. But bubbles such as VitaFTP and VHBL should still work. Possibly even games you managed to set up as custom bubbles?

  19. tarutiger says:

    the Facebook app hardly ever worked when I tried to use it same with the Live Tweet app too. it’s a waste of space and Near was also pretty useless and if you’re like me and have a data plan on your internet; (which really sucks as you can imagine) Youtube is also not a good thing to have. if Sony wants to try and revive the vita I say they should do it! Mainly because some games would really be cool if you want to play them on the go! this system has some good charm points. one drawback though: ( Im not sure if they got fixed.) No Spyro games, and no Crash Bandicoot.
    I haven’t owned a vita in awhile so if the Spyro games and Crash games work now I would gladly buy them.

  20. Zeke says:

    Way to go there Sony, support the console by crippling it removing first/second party game development, making the proprietary memory cards expensive and finally removing any exploits that make the thing useful for those who choose to upgrade to it. It’s like a damn masterclass in how to let your engineers make a great piece of hardware and then let everyone else ruin it.

    I’m guessing if the ePSP mode is patched at kernel level it’ll never work again, right? So everything above 3.57 makes the console useless if you want that.

    • Gaze says:

      Nah, someone would just need to find another kernel exploit to get it working. TN is gone, Qwik is freezing in Alaska, and 173210 usually only releases VHBLs. It can still happen, but unless I’m missing someone it could be a while.

  21. hwka says:

    On 3.55, can i buy and copy mimana on ps vita with a ps3? So does ps3 method still working on 3.55?

    • Anon says:

      PS3 method always works on every firmware since the times PS3 connectivity was introduced. That said, you should still have a week or so to use VitaUpdateBlocker and download the game through Download Queue feature of your PSN/SEN account web page and a web browser on a PC.

      • RandySteele says:

        Can you help me out? I’m on 3.55 and managed to get on to the psn store with vitaupdateblocker but everything I click on gives me an error or says could not connect within the time limit

  22. NewBie says:

    I dont really use YouTube and Facebook , but the automatic post to facebook when i earn trophy is what i like, but now its gone 🙁

  23. Mystic_Shadow says:

    If your dumb enough to update to 3.57 you don’t deserve another exploit. I’m still on 3.18 and if I want games I use my ps3 to get them then transfer them.

    • gregdaleg says:

      Dumb enough? Dont deserve? PS3? Updates can happen accidentally. I had to restore my ps vita and when it was done i was prompted to update before i can activate. Yes i am mad. Everyone deserves an exploit. That’s what the scene should be all about. Helping others.. And as for the PS3 not everyone has one.

  24. Kira_Slith says:

    So, Facebook, Youtube, Near, and Maps where most of the features listed on the box, when most of us purchased our Vitas, and they where all removed like linux on the PS3. Anyone care to start another class-action lawsuit on the behalf of the Vita community? It’ll be easy as far as lawsuits go, since the PS3 set the precedent beforehand there is little for Sony to defend themselves with.

  25. tony says:

    Any update blocker? when i go to transfer Vita Games from PS3, message appears saying need update!

  26. Julian says:

    Vita is not the best console out there, i agree. But i like it. I can understand they patch exploits, but why the f*ck they keep removing functions of the console? That’s ridiculous! Mine is in 3.51, and will stay in this one forever, because that “respect” of sony with vita owners is a big and stinky pile of sh*t!

  27. bwitzberger says:


  28. bwitzberger says:


  29. DarkDante says:

    Maybe i’m crazy, but imagine if instead of removing features sony continued to add new apps to the vita, embraced tn-v and even implemented it themselves, released an official bubble maker, added an android os, etc, etc…the vita would sell faster than they could make them….then the game developers would be knocking down sony’s doors to create new games for system….but yeah i guess i’m crazy, sony seems to know what they’re doing….

  30. Dreammer says:

    this SUX

  31. D@rk51d3 says:

    On the up side. This new firmware seems noticibly more zippy. Could just be my imagination, but from an OFW point of view, it feels good.

  32. Yeyo says:

    So i restore the system 3.55and then try to use ark and ask me to activate system(update) … something i can do??? :(:(

  33. yeyo says:

    or if im in 3.55 abd i restore and need too activate to use ark , i could use vita update blocker?

  34. One-life-remains says:

    I can’t get QCMA to work on my vita, I’m using the current version of it. I’ve set my vita to airplane mode and restarted it. I also uninstalled some of the vita drivers from my computer. What I’m I doing wrong? I don’t want to update.

  35. mrT says:

    playing toukiden and i cant connect to online lobby , pomp that ps vita must update to latest FW before i can connect , is there way to bypass it? i dont want to update just in case i want to use exploit game

  36. YOye says:

    Good job Sony.. Keep killing ur handheld.. No more fun things can do wif ur garbage handheld, now im gonna *** sell mine already.. getting boring as ***

  37. poop says:

    The best patch ever

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