Playstation Vita System Software 3.57 is now available – Fixes Tom’s & Gas’ Custom Bubbles and current eCFWs!

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  1. hobbitsalsa

    I just dusted off my Vita FW(3.15) and I want to install some 8 & 16 bit emulators. Can anyone help?

  2. shiro

    Just got myself a Vita a few days ago (yay).

    I have questions though: I updated my system to 3.57, would it still be possibe to use the methods here on the site to install the PSP emu?

    Also, once installed, how do I go back from the PSP emu to Vita once I’m done playing?

    • Jairtheshadow

      Did you not read the article?…

    • SsJVasto

      – No (well, not as of right now)
      – Press the HOME button (the PS logo on the left-hand side of the console, under the D-Pad). It will bring back the LiveArea, where you can swipe down-left to close the app.

  3. SsJVasto

    Good riddance. Facebook is useless.

  4. Angel Centeno

    Just so you guys know theres a major problem with this update you cannot access PSN or the PS Store you will get an eternal Please Wait, so if you havented updated yet then for gods sake DONT at least download games first before you get this annoying seemingly unstoppable bug

    • d@rk51d3

      Not a FW problem as far as I can tell. It’s the store that’s borked. Worked fine for the first few days on 3.57, then died last Thursday (when we get the store updates here). Not all 3.57 Vitas are affected.

      It’s been up and down sporadically, but all the other PSN services are working (most of the time – messages was a bit funny for a couple of days). Download queue is hit and miss. Managed to grab a few games a couple of days ago, before it died again.
      (Pure Chess is free for PS3 and VITA at the moment)

  5. mrt

    does the email thing still works in 3.57? i mean can i install vhbl in email way?

  6. Jeff

    Is there exploit for 3.57 in the us?

  7. Cram

    Any update sir??

  8. Emman

    Can i update 3.55 to the latest firmware without affecting my mimana exploit for tn-v? Can i still use it?? Im looking forward for the help.