Playstation Vita System Software 3.57 to be released soon – Will most likely fix everything!

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  1. themselves says:

    I think the mail says somthing about Sony dropping support for the Facebook app on both systems….

  2. Tony says:

    I highly doubt they would have found a way to fix qwik’s bubble method lol

    • cracker says:

      Why do you think that?

    • The Zett says:

      Disable currently downloaded “game updates” (aka PBOOTs) and enforce a verification with a server before the Vita is allowed to start them.

      Sony can “easily” fix PBOOT bubbles.

      • Tony says:

        But wouldn’t that mean every psp game would require the internet to play then? even if it does only apply to pboot bubbles, that still isn’t actually a fix but more of a “workaround” but this is exactly why i have more than one vita 😛

  3. maxxxivo says:

    soon cfw will be released cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
    i give you all the LOVE hackers 🙂

  4. BloodRedSkies says:

    I’ll be sure to block this update. I wouldn’t be happy to lose the huge pile of nothing Rejuvenate brought to my Vita.

  5. cysin says:

    You said ‘Downgrade’? Is it coming?

    • tarutiger says:

      looks like these updates might be here tomorrow the 20th? I may be wrong though.. even if it does I gave up on the Vita scene and got a new battery for my PSP!

    • nope says:

      Can you even f#cking read?

      “Do not install the new System Software 3.57, because THERE IS NO WAY OF DOWNGRADING TO AN OLDER FIRMWARE once 3.57 has been installed

      Well actually I guess I should say there technically is, but the method is so advanced that you asking this question means you’ll never be able to do it.

  6. ZERO says:

    How can it fix it sale numbers ?

  7. Rain says:

    Once you have your bubbles, what’s the point of staying on lower firmware? Vita native hacks aren’t coming so whatever.

    • nope says:

      Because if you read this article its a good possibility bubbles will be patched once again? So if you upgrade to 3.57 there’s a chance you’ll be one of the people b!tching about not having bubbles anymore?

  8. Blind-Seer says:

    I am on 3.52 but I’ma gonna update because there is F-all coming out in the vita scene and there are games out and coming out that require 3.55 and up that I actually want to play…. so yeah at this point its moot. I have TN-V11 installed but meh, if I want to run emus and stuff at this point go for pc or psp…

  9. Gaze says:

    Wonder what its saying about Facebook, seeing as the FB app is no longer in the PS store for download on Vita. Darn, I was hoping they finally gave up…

  10. LennyVita says:

    Sony has long given up on the vita in terms of AAA games or any decent games for NA region. and yes there are some but nothing like they claimed portable PS3 quality games.

    for Piracy without the ability to load vita games on the vita it many wont bother. Memory card prices are a scam. the only good thing about the vita is the hardware, and that was never used to its potential. The vita is a 2nd screen for PS4.

    Rejivitanate has great potential. The hassle of having to check in daily turns off many. the contest was great but not too many entries. it seems this forum has turned into a WiiU/3ds even PS4 forum. which is great, the vita has been long left for dead.

    I am not skilled in programming so i cannot help any. i do appreciate the efforts people do make.

    I certainly wont be updating, as bad as a rejuvitanate vita/TNV/ARC vita is, having a Sony latest firmware vita is worse. Sony has given up on the vita, only stupid patches to prevent any true progress. , im glad this scene has not given up.

    • LennyVita says:

      Also when i say “as bad as a rejuvitanate vita/TNV/ARC vita” I am not ungrateful. without those i would never own a vita. so thank you. keep up the good work. compared to the 3ds scene, the vita has a uphill battle, thanks to Sony. i expect the vita to be the last handheld sony ever makes. So sad. a great piece of hardware.

  11. Brockolli says:

    Well, I have two Vitas and 1 PS TV. I use the slim vita to play PSN games that I bought.
    So nothing to worry about.

  12. Franky says:

    This is really frustrating. Sony knows the Vita is a flop, yet they still pretend to care. Why?

    Just kill the Vita and git gud with the handheld market already Sony. You don’t need the most powerful chip of that year in your handheld device for it to be good.

  13. daggdroppen says:

    Yeah. I’ll update as well. The best vita has to offer are the official games.

    On the 3ds, the homebrew stuff are equally great as the official business ^^

  14. gbot says:

    Yeah will fix everything except the lack of quality games

  15. Salar says:

    Where is the thanks button in sony`s Website ? 😐 so fixing in term of sony is just destroying the whole device , i guess i have to buy a wii u after all….

    • cracker says:

      Seems to be the case. Maybe they should invest some time into fixing PSN and the store. Dear Sony, fix your broke-*** sh*t!

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