Kernel Keys for Wii U IOSU 5.5.1 revealed


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15 Responses

  1. dom says:

    first? well im waiting for the 5.5.0 kexploit hope that come out soon

  2. lismati says:

    It’s a lot easier to block Nintendo updates by setting your WiiU/3DS DNS setting to the one of Tubehax ( No fuss involved with messing with your router, and it works like a charm.

  3. HE1NZ says:

    If I’m still on 5.3.2 should I update?

    • Ricky D says:

      No. It should work on anything up to and including 5.51. If for some strange reason you do need to update for something you can just rent a disc from Redbox with the right update on it for a couple bucks

  4. El Cagon says:

    w00t 1st do i win a price?

  5. TinyTina says:

    El Cagon has a tiny weener!

  6. TinyTina says:

    woot woot!!! El Cagon has no cojones!!!

  7. cracker says:

    And C&D in 5..4..3..

  8. Uniqueason says:

    The MIB will come after you bruh lloll

  9. El Cagon says:

    Yup you guys are all correct 🙂

  10. Franky says:

    Not that it’s a big deal, but is hackinformer in a different time zone? They had this news up almost 24 hours before wololo. It’s good for both sites to report on this wonderful news either way.

    So the only work that needs to be done now is to make development tools for the Wii U and we’ll have native Homebrew/backups that can be ran from the Wii U homechannel thanks to these keys or are keys unique to a console?

  11. steven says:

    has anyone got their wii u 5.5.1 to play backed up games on external hdd yet?

    • Zeke says:

      Yep, I can play all the Wii and GameCube backups I want from a USB HDD. 😀

      Seriously though, I wonder what will become of the full IOSU exploit for 5.5.1 now that Hykem has stepped out of the scene.