Wii U emulator – Cemu 1.3.0 Wii U emulator for Windows released, Cemu 1.3.1 in progress


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20 Responses

  1. nebu_187

    I worked with all sorts of emulators trough the years.
    Honestly, ive given up on them. I only like sandboxed emulators like the psp in vita or wii & gamecube in a wiiu because its native.
    all the rest is *** and enoys the *** out of me, no emulator is flawless and all a pain in the *** to configure.
    fidling and making stuff work is just not satisfying anymore if the endresult still isnt perfect.
    Just my opnion 🙂

    • Alaster

      What are you talking about?! GBA-M, Dolphin and DeSmuMe work *amazingly* well ~almost perfect~ with minimum configuration required, especially the GBA ones! They also allow you to exceed the original machine’s capabilities adding support for higher resolutions, filters and (even greater) anti-aliasing. Even PCSX2 and Project64 have come a huge way and work so well at most games that honestly, they deserve a new view on them. There are people that *actually* work on emulators, as in coding and talking with users and co-operating and debugging and so on, you know. Even if you have literally worked on emulators I find your post immensely offensive toward the work of all these people and totally misleading. Just because you have an opinion doesnt mean you get to post whatever you like. Otherwise: facts 🙂

    • ddeerr

      Jokes on you. Emulators this days are much better than the native official counterparts. Mednafen is actually more faithful to the ps1, than the ps3/vita/psp emulator for said console. Do not blame the emulator for being ***.

  2. Selisho

    Got around 18-30 FPS in Mario Kart 8 using an i5-6600K and GTX 560SE, its playable,however all other games are only flickering blackscreen or crash. The screenshot of Pikmin 3 makes me really happy hope the games is ”soon playable” I nearly bought a wii u only for this game

    • wurst

      and now you are just pirating them instead…

      • Selisho

        No normally I play at a friends consol, is this piracy I dont think so ? But it never actualy catched me to buy an Wii U myself and i think “playable soon” means more like 30-40FPS, not really Playable or fun at all (Even for the next years). Its more about trying, technical possibilities and maybe it will catch me and I buy a Wii U. Therefor i dont think that an Emulators (+ in this early status) can actualy replace a consol, I mean Nintendo consols are Family/Multiplayer consols so ist wouldn make sense to think that this emulator could replace the actual consol and think of the gamepads etc….

        • Frankmesiter

          It’s piracy because instead of purchasing the game with a license to play it on a Wii U Console, you are downloading the game instead. Nintendo loses out on not only a software sale, but a hardware sale too since you are using a emulator to replace the console.

          If that’s not piracy, I’m not sure what is.

          • Bob

            It doesn’t matter if its piracy because you can’t prove that he would have eventually bought a console and the game, meaning they aren’t missing out on any hardware or software sales.

          • ElfenTaiga

            If he wants to pirate just let the man pirate. You’re not going to change anything. Pirates gonna pirate.

        • bronhinho

          stop trying to justify piracy. just accept that you’re a scumbag and move on, nothing wrong with that.

          • Joel

            Who cares? Why do people always need to police what others are doing. Stop acting like a white knight everyone has pirated something in their life (music, movies, games, computer software etc) get off our high horse and realize you’re a “scumbag” like the rest of us.

          • GetOverYourself

            Yeah because I’m sure you don’t pirate anything including movies, music, etc… huh Peter Pan? Anyone who crys about piracy is a hypocritical idiot and nobody cares about your opinion. Stop commenting on articles about emulators trying to spread your pathetic agenda.

          • dante

            no one needs to justify piracy, cause everyone pirates something whether it is a series, movie, music, games whatever you did or still pirate something. So every single one who tries to make as if they are so holy and not pirating something can just keep their righteous opinion to themselves.
            I pirate a lot of pc games, series and movies, but I also buy a heck of a lot of them. My psvita digital collection stands at 90+ titles, my wiiu at 45+ and my ps4 games at almost 40+ ( and I dont even own a ps4 yet).
            I own pc games on steam and GOG, but I only buy games I really think is worth my money.

            Now go watch your pirated series or movie or listen to your pirated song and leave the other pirates to do as they please

      • Arnaldo

        who cares?

  3. littlewater

    Great! :p but I’d like to post here the release date should be 2016 not 2015 😀

  4. Emulator-Chan

    >19-20 fps
    >A much smoother experience

    Okay, lmao.

    • :P

      he said “smoother” not “smoother” meaning its improved over the last version…..its by no means smooth gameplay…just smoother that what it was

    • :P

      he said “smoother” not “smooth” meaning its improved over the last version…..its by no means smooth gameplay…just smoother that what it was

    • ddeerr

      Works for the ps4 titles.

  5. Mud

    Wii U emulator – Zelda Wind Maker running on Cemu 1.3.0 (screenshot by Miguel Gomez)

    Lol anyone else catch the error.?

    Wind Maker