3DS: Gateway 3DS Beta 3.7 brings emuNAND 10.3 support to New 3DS


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  1. KDS says:

    but first, let me take a selfie/

  2. bwitzberger says:


  3. bwitzberger says:

    Ive Got Duel Boot WITHOUT Gateway’s BS …..Easy As Pie!!!

  4. spoonm says:

    I don’t think calling emuNAND a “fake firmware necessary because flashcards don’t work on the latest version” is accurate at all.

    You could do to sysNAND/the firmware installed on your 3DS’ internal memory anything you could do from within emuNAND. A better way to put it would be “emuNAND is a 3DS firmware located on a partition in your SD card [which you can use tools to modify, such as CIA installers, etc.][. Gateway can patch signature checks from the older firmware actually on your 3DS and then load emuNAND in order to get you on a more recent firmware version.]”.

  5. Horbz says:

    But Gateway was not the first. ReiNAND with 10.3 emuNAND support for the New3DS was out a little earlier. A few days I think. It runs perfectly on mine after downgrading from 10.3.
    No need for a Gateway card actually..

    • DESSY2724 says:

      But arent “free solution” CFWs installed to the sysnand´(some files here and there)? Gateway just clones the system and doesnt install anything to the sysnand and thats why gateway is the best CFW in general (most functions for the end user).

      • Terra says:

        I can’t speak for anything but CakesCFW and RXtools, but neither of them install anything to the sysnand. They utilize existing exploits to load the custom code from the SD card needed to launch into emunand. Removing or replacing your SD card makes your 3DS completely normal and untouched.

      • Generic says:

        Free CFW use emunand as well. All Gateway has over free solutions is better cheat support and the ability to play .3DS files (Rather than using an installable .cia)

      • Crzo says:

        You should inform yourself a little better next time, CFW don’t need to modify or install anything to the system at all.

        You can install emunand in the SD card and do everything from there too.

        That’s not a reason that makes gateway better in any way…

        • DESSY2724 says:

          BTW is there any way to became a NNID on 9.0 CFW (Gateway or others). Example, I cant use Pokebank 1.2…. it says it needs NNID

      • lpchaim says:

        No, they aren’t. Sysnand isn’t touched at all. If you’re thinking of menuhax, it only copies some files over to a folder in the SD card.
        As for Gateway having the most functions, that hardly holds true these days. Take a look at rxtools and NTR. Even ReinNAND, which is the most “basic” one, is mostly on par feature-wise AFAIK. It only lacks region-free for now.

      • NakedFaerie says:

        You got it wrong. Gateway DOES write to the sysnand. ALL the other ways dont.
        If you Use ninjhax to load homebrew launcher then rxtools to load emunand the sysnand is never touched.
        The very first thing Gateway does is write to sysnand.
        The other ways uses your SD card. You change your SD card and its a default system, all legit.

        • cracker says:

          What? GW doesn’t write to the sysNAND. I think you are thinking of the exploit installer that just fills invalid data into the DS profile and triggers the ROP loader in FW 4.x (MSET exploit). Everything used this trick before ninjhax, etc. came along and isn’t a permanent change to the sysNAND like you are thinking. Or you may be thinking of the MSET restore for post-4.x systems which is an optional install for those that don’t want to boot through other means. Either way, booting GW mode doesn’t alter the sysNAND.

    • NakedFaerie says:

      you DONT need a gateway card to use gateway. Just load it via homebrew launcher and you can create your emunand and backups games and saves. Only thing you need a gateway card for is to run games but if you have a sky3ds you can run them that way.
      Gateway is a huge risk. It has bricked many 3DS’s. i wont trust it. Using the gateway app and a sky3ds is the way to go.

  6. butts says:

    good news! Kinda new to the 3ds scene. Does this also mean 10.3 support soon from the seperate rxtools team?

  7. Charles Fasano says:

    They are Miss Tardy to the Party. Reinand already had 10.3 emuNand on N3DS.

  8. diego says:

    Thing is… Is really GW going to support native 10.3 or this is everything they are going to do?

    They just shut up about it, damn.

    • Deathscreton says:

      Technically, Gateways support up to 10.3 using a 3DSx file to boot into the launcher. From there, you can create an Emunand of 10.3 and use it. You don’t need 9.2 or lower anymore.

  9. Alpmaster says:

    Sky3ds is still king works on any firmware.

  10. Justin says:

    Why on Earth would any support this company after the malware they injected into their products to ruin devices?!

    • nokel says:

      well, if people were using your software without permission, you’d want revenge too, wouldn’t you? I agree it’s ***, but what do you expect if you’ve been warned before?

  11. NakedFaerie says:

    The N3DS takes a lot longer than a 3DS to set up. Took me 1 day to completely set up my 3DSXL but after 3 days my N3DSXL is still not finished. A lot of backing up to PC and copying files back and trying to find launchers that work then there is the stability of homebrew. Takes at least twice as long for the N3DS to even boot into homebrew menu. Sometimes menuhax works sometimes browserhax works sometimes neither want to work.
    While I’m writing this I’ve rebooted 4 times as menuhax keeps locking up, trying browserhax and hopefully I can boot the emunand I just updated to 10.3
    .Nope, locked up again….. All works fine on my 3DSXL but the N3DSXL keeps locking up. All correct files in correct locations just the stability of some homebrew is very low.

  12. andre says:

    Ok there is alot of BS in this topic. First of all its not a fake firmware its very real so real u can flash it to your real nand. Also gateway is going to support 10.3 natively soon just not in this update

  13. akian_aray says:

    > Confused?

    Not really, since i’m not trying that hard to defecate all over gateway and emunand support updates are most common updates for gateway.

    • wololo says:

      I recommend the same laxative I use, which will make it easier for you next time you spot a shady company when you see one

  14. Kaze says:

    I have RXTools on my N3DS. How can I update my Emunand to 10.3 without Gateway?

    Can anyone link me please? Thanks!

  15. 风君子 says:

    It’s Reinand, totally copy of Rein’s work

  16. NakedFaerie says:

    You DONT need a gateway card to use this. Just download it and use the homebrew launcher to load it up.

    It now works fine but is a pain to get into. On the O3DS you get to choose which loader you use, on the N3DS you dont have a choice, you have to use one that works and for me ReiNand is the only one that worked.
    On O3DS you can use rxTools, Cakes, and others. On N3DS I can only use ReiNand as its the only one thats been updated for 10.3 and its for N3DS only. Its actually pretty good, it boots up fast and I’ve had no problems with it so far. Just make sure you have the right files and the latest version v3 and you should be all good.

  17. RyoX says:

    whatever team gateway says is really confusing and they do play on words to sell their card Like Supported or support coming for new firmware when in actual fact they are talking about emunand.

  18. Smoker1 says:

    Are there others out there having problems with RetroArch not working? Using the Latest Gateway, using the CIA Installers, but for some reason, when you run a Core, the Frame Counter goes up, but you can not do anything but Exit the App. Only the much Earlier Builds work like the 8 November Build
    N3DS 9.2 FW and EmuNAND
    Latest GW
    Using the CIA Installers
    Tried keeping the RetroArch.cfg File and also deleting it.
    Odd thing though: I have some from the Older Build Installed and one of the Newer Builds. Older Builds work, newer do not even though they use the same CFG File