Wii U: Browserhax released for 5.5.0


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23 Responses

  1. speedy

    Keep it coming

  2. Row

    Naww sweet now just need loadline support while waiting for a better game launcher

  3. Sammer

    If I understand it correctly, just Apache won’t cut it, as the Hack uses a PHP script, so you need at least also PHP along with your Apache installation. It’s not too hard to setup though, and there a also bundles such as WAMPServer available for easy installation.

  4. jamie

    I am lost. I have 5.5.0 and have blocked updates. What do I need to do to run backups?

  5. Kierewiet

    As I understand this isn’t a kernel exlpoit. So Loadiine on 5.5.0 is not possible with this Exploit.

  6. nebu_187

    All console scenes are doing fine it seems.
    Andere now a user friendly rejuvenate would be the Cherry on top

  7. nebu_187

    All console scenes are doing fine it seems.
    And now a user friendly rejuvenate would be the Cherry on top

  8. Anon

    Git? Seriously? Count the days it’s up, because repo is going down really quick.

  9. Firestorm

    Interesting… I wonder if the PS4 is also vulnerable to the stagefright exploit as both the Wii U and PS4 use webkit and both were vulnerable to the previous webkit exploit that was patched in fw 2.00 on the PS4.

  10. karas

    hope for a tutorial soon cause i don’t understand how to host on my own server the script…what it means?

    • Ricky D

      It doesn’t mean anything for the average end user. Wait on something useful to be released for mass consumption

  11. Scratchyball5

    Be happy we have these exploits charlie.

  12. Alexis

    Still waiting for this ‘fake’ iosu exploit. There are nothing but rumors. I think iosu exploit isnt real. Hycem didnt posted any proof of a working one and all others are useless for us 5.5.0 users.

    • Holesinhappyness

      Alexis this 5.5.0 maybe the same exploit but…no reason to cRiticize. Pluto, Derek, and smea spoke of the wiiU at their 3ds explanation, and yellows8 is responsible for menuhax as well as browserhax. He is a reputable Nintendo hacker so don’t diss what you don’t know. Give it some time!

  13. Paul

    So…once you have the php file on a web server (assuming I got that all setup correctly) – Then what…I browse to the server and put in the php file name and sysversion=5.5.0 blah – Is that enough to setup homebrew? That doesn’t seem like a complete package…I assume there are other steps that need to be taken to install the homebrew channel and other stuff no?


  14. Paul

    Based on the Blog Post, I’ve downloaded the PHP file and put it on my server for everyone’s convenience:

    http://thec0de.com/wiiuhaxx.php?sysver={your version like 5.5.0}

    (Example: http://thec0de.com/wiiuhaxx.php?sysver=5.5.0)

    I haven’t tested this on my WiiU yet…but you folks are welcome to try it. E-Mail me with feedback (not support) greekhacker@hotmail.com

    • Paul

      Can’t do jack with this yet – devs need to do their magic first it seems. It’s a userland exploit for those wondering…which is kinda useless at the moment unfortunately as far as running loadiine and what not..

  15. Charles Fasano

    According to the repo it works on 5.5.1 as they misread some code.

  16. colking

    what does this release allow you to do exactly?

  17. xstationbr

    This is only to see “Hello world” message, this is not usefull to us endusers.