PS4 Game sharing with 3 people (including you)


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  1. Gaston

    Attention, after some time Sony will delete the “ghost-account” (the one deactivated on the website) and you will loose “that”
    licence. You loose game (and the Money)

    • Striker

      If you dont log into that account its safe . I have a 3yo content with this method and nothing did happen

      • BoBabo

        I’ve done this with my friends, and it does happen to get lost typically after 2 or so weeks.

      • DenZNK

        Yes, its true. Lots of chances that deactivared account will be blocked (2.5v+ firmware functional). Only offline playing guaranteed deactivated account safety. Some users blocks ports on their routers and it helps, but from time to time your ps4 start lagging and you needs to restart it.
        Warning! If you try to log in deactivated accout it will be blocked instantly.

    • Ricky D

      You don’t lose any money. They’re not going to delete your account

    • TrippyWits

      Me and my bro’s did this but without the website we used are PlayStations we didnt even know you can do this

  2. Striker

    This is an old method , it does work on PS3 too

  3. Gaston

    Well, for me it´s all ok. People do whatever they want with their Money.

    I just feel the need to say that this method is not 100% safe. About 2/3 months ago, Sony has deleted thousands of accounts/licenses like that (you could buy a lot of them at ebay, for example…)…

    The sharing with 2 accounts works fine, but the one that is “dangerous” is the “ghost account”.

    • Adso

      How can a ghost account be deactivated if it’s always signed off? They have a way to detect it even though you never signed in again after you had downloaded the game?

  4. rherh

    And people wonder why Nintendo are so backwards for their account system and only allowing one hardware console to access digital games at a time.

    • lmao

      what? justifying nintendo action now lol.
      they know a few people would abuse this and they’re not really losing money afterall second user can’t play online without PS+ subscription anyway

  5. Mike

    It works for a while but typically it will get locked after time . I do this alot sometimes it works for a few months other times I’ve had it last a week

  6. Zero

    Something to note, should the PSN be off/under maintenance, the secondary PS4 user, YOU, will not be able to play your game.
    also, as you stated, since you can only deactivate every 6months, you should download as many games, that you want to play ofc, before doing the online deactivation.

  7. SmurfyD

    Odd when I posted this same tutorial for ps3 1 year ago my post was seen as semi illegal and wasn’t even considered for the contest though was kept on the site.

  8. Schwff

    Dont forget that, if the psn goes down, u cant play with digital games or with any other game which has a dlc on the secondary ps4. ( for example bloodborne )

  9. Bart

    Wow thanks a lot for this post, this has been really helpfull to me and my friends, just a bit afraid sony will patch it now.

  10. DlearMan

    The other downside of doing this is you’ll remote play your friends PS4

    • drd7of14

      Primary account doesn’t mean remote play always defaults to that PS4. You just register your VITA(or phone/PC) with your PS4 via the settings. After that you’re good. It doesn’t need to auto-login like the PS3 needed to with PSP/VITA/Xperia Devices, etc.

  11. umut64

    You can also call sony to deactivate all your systems, if you already done this and can’t wait 6 months. Me and my friend have done this(gameshare) but after a month his ps4 gave up so he got a new one, but the broken one was still as primairy activated so he couldn’t deactivate his ps4 from pc. If you have some good reason then you can let sony to deactivate all your systems if they belive you xd.

  12. John

    A N U S

  13. Jamx

    Well, if only Sony is “kind” enough to allow us to activate 3 PS4s, which is the same as PS3 and PSV, that would be good. Or better yet, allow 5 devices in one account just like the old times.

  14. Steve

    guys this thing is no longer working i had done this myself with my best friend and after the latest firmware updates sony changed the mechanism about how the system checks the activation. So if you use the deactivate all function at any time if the ps4 connects into the internet the console deactivates from this account, the only way to do this is to not connect into the internet.

  15. PeAcE

    Similar method I figured awhile ago on PS3 when limited to 2 and testing like this via site and a 3rd but they caught on to it and stopped working, although doesn’t look like on PS4 yet. lol I think will though and this will be short lived public. Sony could of at least let 2 be shared without one having to sign in on PS4 to play but I guess $$$

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  19. afehst

    So after deactivating from the sony entertainment website, the playstation (which was set als primary) will deactivate itself? Even if you dont login into the account?

  20. slashmegaman

    I tried and did achieve success.
    But the 1 of the ps4’s deactivated(it was nice for a week or so though ^_^)

  21. Ricky702

    Does this still work and when you launch a game on the first friends PS4 do you launch it through the account with the content or through a different account?

  22. ufuk

    I have a other option for you guys…
    I bought Rainbow six Siege with the account of my friend from my own PS4, 2 Weeks later he want share with a other friend and i give him his primary acc back but Rainbow is still working we can play 3 guys at the same time… i cant try it with other friends but wait for it… i hope that works for all and say me pls how it works…

  23. amin

    hi sir,
    the first one is owner and its me ok, then the second make my account primary, then i select deactivate all, then the third one make my account primary….. now my question, after six month i will have a chance to make a deactivate all feature again, but if i made a deactivate all feature again does the second and the third one will have problem?

    • marsh


    • Adso

      Actually it will create problems for both, unless they never connect to the Internet again. The moment you hit the function “Deactivate all” those 2 won’t be able to play anymore. In fact the second one would not be able to play from the moment you Deactivate All the first time. Formerly it was enuough for them to never log in to the PSN with that account but they changed it some updates ago (a year ago probably). Now the only way to make it work is for 2nd and 3rd to never connect to the Internet at all.

  24. Gastón

    Is this method still working for PS4 with the new Firmeware? Thanks

    • anthony

      no thy fixed it with a may 2017 update i think to stop kids from sharing with there freinds it killed my new ps 4 when i took it to my daughters house (diffrent IP address diffrent state) when my girlfreind turned on PS4 number 2 at home it seen i was on 2 systems at same time and the deactivated on is trash now unless it gets whipped and activated as some one ells ,maybe. i can still use the other one with sharring thow it was set as activated

  25. Ragnarok01

    This method doesnt work anymore, last time i tried it took one week before the content was locked and asked to be verified by logging in again

  26. Tariq

    I have a question
    The account which I would share with my friend is subscribed PS Plus if I share account with him will I be able to play online with other accounts in my PS4 ??

  27. Cayne

    Is this still possible to share with a 3rd person?

  28. Deatrix Manno

    So, being 2018, is there any way to share a game with more than one friend? What if the ps4’s are all in the same house, i don’t want to buy the same game 4 times for the kiddoes, i remember on the ps3 we could share games, map packs, etc without any Activate/Deactivate BS..
    We already have to pay to play online, we don’t have third party controllers like the ps3 did, No New Fight Night game 😛 and now game sharing is messed up?? How much money does Sony need? More consoles would sell if it was more “Community” friendly and we could share openly, then hitting that 100mil consoles sold milestone would be a breeze..

    -Your Friendly Neighborhood Vagabond..

  29. apostolos

    can i ask something? If i share my digital games with a friend of mine can also an other friend of mine to share his games with me at the same time???