Is piracy a prerequisite for a striving homebrew scene?


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  1. GigaGaia says:

    But it’s only at 1.76 for now, which is pretty useless, since almost no one is on this firmware. This is gonna be like the PS3 where devs give up on higher firmwares.

  2. cracker says:

    Let’s be honest: The majority of homebrew users want piracy too. Practically anyone running an emulator is engaging in it (yes even f0f) by not dumping their own game (and even this is a really gray area according to the DMCA). It seems piracy only becomes an issue when the downloaded software is being played on the system that it was released for.

  3. Adam Fox says:

    with any sort of native hack there will be piracy….the 3DS has CFW and its not hurting the sales all that much, people are still buying the system and the games. If the Vita got a CFW, it might actually sell more systems. The PS4 has almost 40 MILLION system sales. When the PS3 was hacked, alot of folks bought a second console. When the Xbox 360 got the JTAG and RGH hacks, people HAD to get a second system if they wanted to go online (or pay out the @$$ for stealth service)…..The number of people that actually mod their consoles is a low percentage based on system sales. Look at how many PS3s were sold vs how many are modded. It’s not that high. I know a bunch of people with a PS3 and only TWO of them have had CFW on it and BOTH of them ended up upgrading b/c they didn’t like having to deal with modded EBOOTs or having to wait on the CFW to be updated, etc….sometimes the hassle of dealing with CFW can be a headache for people and they’d just rather lose their hack to be able to go online and play games as they come out or not have to worry about patching the file.

  4. GGG says:

    TBH i don’t really care for homebrews (that other people made) or piracy as long as i can get my own codes run on my console. Now i’m back to square one because Sony shut down PSM, though i prefer native sandbox if it were available than PSM 🙁

  5. TehCupcakes says:

    I completely agree. It’s futile to try to stop it, because as soon as a native hack is released, somebody is going to try to get piracy going. It’s not going to matter whether there is Linux running or not; people want piracy and somebody will give it to them if it’s at all feasible.

    Of course… Having Linux is a great feature in addition, but as you said, it won’t draw in the masses and it won’t keep hackers contained to a little box. I personally would love to see SteamOS on PS4, and if it runs particularly well, it could be just enough to convince me to actually buy a PS4. I’m sure it’s a great system on its own, but I have an endless sea of Steam games that I haven’t played nearly enough, and it would be great to play them from the comfort of my couch. As it is now, Steam machines are just not economical. I’m considering Steam link, but there’s latency to consider, and I can’t justify the cost JUST for convenience sake. Now if I could get my Steam games bundled in with a console… THAT sounds like a great value to me!

  6. ryuga9 says:

    Everyone if not 99% of people wants piracy.It’s just the human nature that tend to like free stuff, Who doesn’t like free stuff?Btw I for one staying on lower firmware on PSV for custom themes as I like self customizing my devices lol

  7. Meh says:

    My friend, a point well made and I think one that many people would agree to.

    What the post (intentionally) leaves out is also the question if the system as-is is not severely broken as well. You don’t steal a loaf of bread from a person, unless you need it yourself OR the person seems to have enough bread so that you don’t actually assume it to be harmful. Especially if the person continues to gain bread, employs very few people and lets you pay high prices you start to wonder about the moral of stealing bread. — Leaving out the fact that copies are not theft (and esp. not piracy).

    Read it and tell me this serves the people:
    Should every law serve the majority of people and not a small class?

    But let’s get back to the point you made: The vita and the wiiu are troubling examples, since they have been a rotten eggs or dead systems ever since. Now the question is: Would copyright violations have revived the systems? I believe absolutely. We had rampant violations in the ’90 for the PSX. BUT the majority was still buying games. So every time somebody stole FF7 but said “FF7 is huge!” they created a buzz, others bought the game. I wouldn’t have bought 90% of the (***) games I downloaded anyway because let’s face it, most games suck.

    The problem goes further though: PSX games where cheap to produce. Today everything has to be an AAA title and has large investments and must have hugh return (to satisfy shareholders) – it has become an industry. Or they try to sell me an overpriced re-skinned generic mobile game. So now, me copying a multi-million dollar title is considered an impact because they calculated me in as a consumer and do not produce enough variety. And still 90% of the games suck, because all that 3D doesn’t make the gameplay good. And neither does all that book like story. Don’t get me wrong, I like it. But an AAA title needs to mix them all right. And that is as hard today as it was then. So pushing all that money into one title or a multitude of *** (handy games) is not gonna yield money from me. I am not buying either if the mix isn’t there. Terranigma to this day beats o-so-many current games. Zelda 3 beats wind waker by a mile (what a stupidly boring snooze-fest). And it costed a fraction of it. What does the industry do: They reprint it (and *** up it’s item system) instead of creating more like it. It’s allways the same: cheap ***, AAA, reprints the industry has become old. They create new metro-faggy FF, and reprint 7 … but where is a new exiting title that carries the same atmosphere of 6 and 7?

    Second hand is equally a thorn in the copyright industries side. And they would love to prohibit you from doing it, for example through digital games. So what remains? We can’t resell digital content anymore (licenses seemingly only work against us – not give us rights), so now we _have to_ copy if we are unwilling to pay the price asked. So yes, some games will get money others will not, solely because I disagree with the common practices of the industry. And they get worse every year, and my moral conflict gets smaller every year.

    But lets get back to Linux: First problem fail0verflow will not stick to the development. They are not maintainers. So others need to do it. But they haven’t actually shared their knowledge of the system. So anybody else will have a hard time picking it up. People don’t want that. IF they provided a very stable Linux, maybe. But their system will require a multitude of improvements and maintenance (essentially a solid development team).

    Second problem is that linux is a nice ability but yes it’s not the sole ability people want – not even me – and I am a developer. They try to sell themselves of as clean, but I bet they copy movies, just like anybody else. This moral high-ground tries to sell an unhealthy (unstable) picture of us (humans). “Oh no I never steal”. The FIRST thing I would do: Implement a dual boot OR port the .so to linux so that I can play games or isos under my new pinux system. I don’t wanna lose one capability for another. I wanna copy – to test – to play stuff for some hours but not invest serious time or money – for any reason I want. But I am not a “uh now I can buy digital games via steam on my now liberated system” kind of faker. Even that will not be liked by sony, no only because of the price differences, but because the console is calculated to be sold at a certain price to earn sony X amount of money through games. They will not like you misusing the system for other things then being a consumer.

    All that aside: Their whole mentality is absolutely mute for the same reasons socialism failed: You can not indoctrinate people into your views if they don’t want to. Give them the best set-up linux and like me they are gonna use it and even dev for it – but not solely and exclusively because you wish it to be.

    You can only block them entirely to the best of your abilities, at which point your argument kicks in: Does it make sense for the sake of “piracy”? The answer is no: I do not own a WiiU or a Vita because I felt they would not provide me with a solid amount of good games. With copying in place, I may grab a WiiU, may buy some games but will rip most of the ones I get. You can decide what’s better for Nintendo or the industry. The vita is dead to me because it offers next to nothing – as much as I value yifan. The 3DS has all of it. It does extremely well. It keeps Nintendo alive through the farce we call WiiU. Even those who rip all their games, still at least pay Nintendo. When did I buy it? When gateway came along. Did I buy games? Not many – but in all fairness there aren’t that many in my opinion. Did I rip some? Yup, but then again, I did only play the super Mario game for a short time. And I wouldn’t have bought it otherwise. And most of the others where just horribly bad 😉 The only one I felt bad about not buying (but it was only digital and I don’t use the shop) was Ace Attorney. Again, sell it digitally only: Loose me as customer – win me as copier.

    You decide my man 😉

    • Zeke says:

      Hmmm, I was with you until the last few lines. You say you don’t have a WiiU or Vita because of a lack of games you’d like, say you have a 3DS but then say that doesn’t have that many games you like either? Even with piracy?

  8. Anonymous says:

    When I first read Enigma85’s comment, part of me was dreading that someone would chastise them for taking what seems like a pro-piracy stance, as many seem to do. It’s refreshing to see you actually embrace it!

  9. BoBabo says:

    I for one still say, there is no point in fearing piracy on consoles and must still make the example of PC gaming. In fact, even if someone brought up an exploit for users to use Linux, do they actually not realize that people can pirate on their PCs at any moment, and people could pirate PC games rather than ps4 games if they were to release such a thing? Or did they not think about that.. Piracy is an option some people choose to take, and when the option is there not everyone will take it.

  10. Meh says:

    You can remove (edit) the mid-section rant as you seem fit (for clarity). Because it actually detours to much from your point. There is just so that plays into the point of copyright violations … (but it’s better if it’s a dense comment I guess – should anybody read it <3). Back to development 🙂

  11. BoBabo says:


    By “Piracy is an option some people choose to take, and when the option is there not everyone will take it.” and fearing piracy, I also meant to reference it as in people should not be afraid of releasing their exploits if piracy is the reason behind it.

  12. Enigma85 says:

    Wow! I made it into an article! I’m blushing a little….

  13. Enigma85 says:

    Wow! I made it into an article! I’m blushing a little…. I really love the idea of Linux on PS4, but it is a niche project and OS. If we wanted an awesome Linux machine it can be done easier and about the same price as a PS4. When I join a scene I’m in it for the native code and unique home brews that show up. Thats what makes it unique. Running Linux on basically a PC isn’t that special, IMO. But still is love to see home few and Linux running on my PS4.

    • Zeke says:

      Someone else said the possibility of a dual boot for Linux/up to date PS4 FW would be nice, I agree. But if it’s anything like the Vita scene as soon as that newest firmware gets flashed all the exploits for the other side will be closed off. I remember the original Xbox rev 1.0 had a custom switcher available because of the extra EEPROM space so you could switch between versions, I doubt it’d be anywhere near that easy with the PS4.

  14. DragerX says:

    Well isn’t that notion not quite different from the idea of piracy sustaining the successfulness of a console. Excluding home consoles like the PS4 that are already pretty much guaranteed to obtain a large user base, piracy leads to greater adoption of a console which in leads to licensed developers seeing a large customer base in face value. This leads to better and more games released for the system and a greater adoption of the actual console due to larger game library. This is the same cycle that is echoed from piracy and homebrew development. IMO what companies should do to create a successful device is to allow for the device to be hackable (not market they do this obviously), however, make many limitations that hinder people from making a full blown CFW. The PS Vita died to the ePSP exploits because it singlehandedly bred a sense of complacency within what could have been an amazing scene. This opinion is my own and is thus, entirely subjective and prone to misconceptions.

  15. Jefphar says:

    I guess piracy is one of the spirit in PSP Hacking same will be true for the Vita and the PS4

  16. Aces says:

    Piracy is pretty easy on PC.
    Steam and Gog still do pretty well

    • Franky says:

      Devs can even make development costs back rather quickly on steam too. The industry treats both its workers and consumers like *** in the console markets, cause… why not? Everyone wants to see the world burn just once. Right?

  17. Krazy says:

    Let’s face it. Yes, I pirated WII games. Played every game I could get hands on. I learned about games that for some reason I never heard of (Like no more heroes 2). I bought all of the good WII games, and ended up finding most of my solace between the legit games, and the homebrew browser which was basically my best friend. I tried every indie game (good or not).

    • nope says:

      In my opinion there is nothing wrong with this form of “piracy”. I myself am guilty of it because hardly an games ever have demo’s. You download a game, try it, decide if you like it, then buy if you like it. From a legal standpoint it’s the very definition of piracy but I myself don’t see anything wrong with it. You’re using it as a demo, then you support the dev’s.

      Welcome to the 10% of users who do not take advantage of piracy.

  18. Thomas Wade says:

    I myself hate Piracy, unless it’s for games that can’t be legally obtained through proper methids (i.e not having them release in your region), but I do love having homebrew access, because it makes it so that you can play your old games on new devices. I also like how the 3DS has HANS, which enables Rom hacks, but only for games that you already own. I think that if more exploits were used for homebrews, rather than to enable piracy, we would start to lose the stigma around installing homebrew launchers on our consoles.

  19. Mu says:

    I don´t understand point of “homebrew” anymore, with the explosion of indie scene. I mean if you are talking about homebrew as new software/game that is indie. If you talk about emulators that is basicly piracy. Vita had that Android thingy for developers of small games, and nowadays I think that Sony is ready to publish any *** for Vita as official release 🙂

  20. fresno says:

    What is the use of this hack if it can not be used plainefull.?

    I am glad that somebody can find a hack, bat doing it and crying out loud “I CAN DO IT” and not letting the community using it, then all this work is worthless.
    You’re better off staying home and do your homework for school.

    Your hack is good for you, not for the community, so, my advice is to keep it for yourself and play with it as long as you want.


    In French now:
    Si t’est assez con de faire un hack et ne pas le partager avec les autre, alors se n’est même pas la peine d’en parler. Garde ton travail pour toi et reste égoïste aussi longtemps que tes neurones te permet.
    Mon conseil est, “reste dans ta cage et arrête de narguer les autres”. Ton travail est inutil.


  21. Arc Futahito says:

    Linux on PS4 is pretty much useless. Why would you waste money on an underpowered black box you can’t modify to run an OS you can stick in pretty much everywhere, including your microwave and calculator? Just buy an actual PC, install Linux (even though I’m on elementary, Ubuntu is a good place to start) and have fun.
    And before people start saying that Linux is for nerds or something like that – it was ten years ago but not now. I mean, look at this thing

    • Quade321 says:

      I absolutely love Elementary don’t get me wrong. But how do you use it? It has been so buggy for me ever since they officially launched Freya. Freya-beta2 worked better than Freya official. 🙁 I really hope they get it working better so I can go back to it with confidence and open arms. Right now I just Hackintosh all my stuff, because I can’t find a distro of Linux I really enjoy using.

    • flashmozzg says:

      You’ve ALREADY wasted “money on an underpowered black box you can’t modify”. If you can also get middle-end gaming PC from it that’d be pretty cool.

  22. Elwood says:

    The article is about the PS4, I know, but since the Vita has also been mentioned, I’ll write something about that, too. It is pointless to await piracy on the Vita, the scene devs will not do it, I think that they believe it would do more harm than good. And maybe they are right? Right now the Vita is far from dead, we have about 200 new games to be released in 2016 (western releases): . I’d say that 10-20% of theses are quality releases. Myself I’m just about to update to 3.55 and forget the whole Rejuvenate thing.

    • Anon says:

      ^ Denial: The Thread
      When everything worth playing on the Vita in English was released in 2012-2014, there’s not much more to say about it. Like, you can count on one hand games released in 2015 that made it into Top 30. Although Japan does get good games, that much is true. I don’t want to think how few of them will go west, let alone uncensored with full Japanese audio.

      That aside, piracy does make homebrew scene more lively, but why didn’t you go one step further and look at the install base? THAT is what makes or breaks piracy and homebrew scenes in the first place, not the piracy itself.
      PS4 doesn’t need piracy that much (as much as Vita does) because it sold over 35 million units AND runs the most widespread CPU architecture (x86), which makes porting over existing PC code relatively easy. The only real problem is the lack of hardware support, namely GPU driver which is essential for games. That is what the popularity of Linux on PS4 depends on.

  23. MX says:

    I didn’t join the Rejuvenate competition because I’m still getting it to run. On top of learning to make my own homebrews. I’m having to scower youtube for Unity tutorials.

    I’m happy that you all attempted to jump start developers, but what did you expect since Sony shut down PSM Development center? No one was using it.(Or knew about it, like me, a late to the party vita owner). I hope you guys don’t decide to shut down PSM+ because of a small vita scene.

    Well, I’m just spit balling here. If you have money for competitions. Maybe hire a guy to make some entry level tutorials for making homebrews. Get new users familiar with the UI. Something Sony didn’t do much when they had Unity.

  24. Peeburning says:

    Ok we need the piracy to embrace the scene it needs to be done and not for just getting free games but more for interests. You look at ps3hax etc is all dedicated to making a strong community that doesnt advertise selling illegal games but making apps to run on the ps3 freely.

  25. Pacco says:

    NO it is not, because both topics are actually surface symptoms of the same movement (which paints all “I hate piracy” people that much more ridicules).

    See what is home-brew: It is a community, tinkering for free to achieve entertainment (and knowledge) together. Some provide, other consume, sometimes roles reverse. But what is actually created? Primarily emulators and games, sometimes other useful software. This is done, so that people can express themselves, be admired, work together and have fun. Essentially it is a free sharing community of virtual (copy-able) goods.

    Copyright violations are in the same spirit, in fact emulators would (not really) work without them. People openly share what they got with others, because they don’t buy into the “poor industry” act or because they simply don’t care either way. Maybe they are even against the ideas which are reflected and enshrined by the law (nobody has ever proven we need it – did they?). Either way, sharing with people in need is more important to them.

    So saying: I am for home-brew but against copyright violations seems to be a common phenomenon of brainwashing by the industry rather then a person who has actually applied their own thoughts to the subject matter. Otherwise they would be able to provide solid arguments and evidence to their point (which coincidentally you don’t necessarily need to if you are against it – because there really never was an experiment to that end – but seemingly we try to do all the time). The whole discussion of ‘wrong’ is ill-founded and implanted into our minds … The people who want free games on a small scale have no reason to want to pay for them on a large scale. The people who open and freely share, have no reason to not do so with any other content (other than punishment).

    That aside, of course there also is a sub-industry at work. But that industry wouldn’t exist without the growing disagreement with current copyright laws.

  26. Salar says:

    Well , i guess Pirated games will bring majorty of players to that scene too , like my self , i didint owned a PSP back in 2 years ago , then i just decided to buy one , because i watched online that how the games are , and u can run Win95 on it , and i looked at it as an all in one device , so i decided to finally buy one , and i was happy about it , and at the end i bought the games that i really loved for psp , i will do the same for vita too , yeah why not having an option to play the games u think u might like , and dosent have a demo or region locked or something , just simply download it , and yeah if u liked it , just buy it , like i did with PC and PSP , so basically yes i think the lack of not being able to play pirated games on Vita , killed the scene and all , and really sony did pretty good out there on security , as u can see that PS4 is now going very well and hot , and the vita just died , and i think the main reason for it was sony , lack of improvment , AAA games , useless port for PSV 1000 😀 not being able to play directly on TV , and other , i guess the user wanted to see improvement , not getting an awsome device that couldnt do half as the old one. so i guess its same for every scene
    i hope vita wont stay like this…

  27. Quade321 says:

    I just miss how things used to be. Back when it was absolutely awesome that you could run SNES9x on your PSP. Now you can run it on any old smart phone. And Linux on the PS4? I guess that’d be pretty cool if the packages were all compatible and stuff since it is x86 after all. But even so, there’s just not much reason to do that. The only console I’d really like to hack (MAYBE) is the 3DS, because of the mod loader smealum made. That’s the only attractive feature of it to me. If I were to get into development, sure I’d love hacking consoles and having access to them, even for virtually no reason. I have played with the PSP a little. But right now programming isn’t my main focus in life, and I don’t know enough to make something I’d be proud of, or even enjoy using. I feel like my post is a bit of a bummer. I still love console hacks and I think they’re awesome and amazing and the developers are geniuses. But at the same time, it’s fading for a reason. 🙁

    • Zeke says:

      I’d still take Snes9x on PSP over any SNES emulator on a smartphone because playing games made for controllers on a touchscreen is horrible, and carrying around a DS3/DS4 controller which is bigger than your smartphone to play games with it is just crazy. Also, emulation can be hard on the batteries so if you over-indulge you lose your games system and your phone too. Not ideal. Dedicated handhelds are still best when it comes to games, IMO.

  28. Asuri says:

    I’ll be honest here. I would totally use it for “piracy” many of the games I want to play are Japansese ones that’ll never get a US release so I use emulators. I either buy the JP game then pirate the English patch or just pirate the English patch.
    That said I’d still use it for mainly tweaks and themes like I do with my IOS jailbreak, but I’d also use it for piracy.

    • Lucif3r says:

      I dont think english patches count as piracy, unless its a patch youre SUPPOSED to pay for. But I’ve never seen a fan-made english patch charging you money.
      However, applying that patch to a game(e.g. replacing files with modified files) is something some publishers/devs frown upon. But most dont really care, or even get happy seeing the dedication of the fans, and it might spur them to try and localize their future games.

  29. Hissatsu says:

    Well, personally, I have bought any console for the sole purpose of piracy (not ashamed to say it).

    To me it makes no diffrence on which FW the hack is on, as long as I can play any game I wish. Strictly OFFLINE, aka co-op.

    So IF/WHEN PS4 (and at some point Xbox One) gets to this stage be it on FW 1.76 only, is the day I get my self a PS4 (and it will stay on that FW till it dies), or I will have to upgrade because of games.

    My PS3 is still on FW 3.41 using the Minimus AVR USB board to jailbreak it. Havent had a problem since the day I got it.

    @Forever offline.


    • ishygdaft says:

      It should be safe for you to upgrade the cfw to avoid all those firmware version lockouts like with the psp. I soft modded mine when 3.55 came out and every now and again, update it. I have it on 4.46 because the ps2 emulator works alright. Plus mild psp emulation.

  30. animalovich says:

    agree with wololo 🙂 ,

    with all respect but a console is built for games , and games only accept it or not, as 95% of PS4 owners bought the console to play GAMES only , once a hacker start to hack the console people will start to ask if they could play games for free 🙂

    hacking = piracy = Free = enjoyment = happy people =hot scene alive

    simple is that

  31. eXtreme says:

    I have a 1.76 ps4, the exploits can come 🙂

  32. Lucif3r says:

    So much hypocrisy… Want to avoid piracy, so they focus on Linux… Yeah, because its totally impossible to pirate games on Linux, eh? Oh wait, no it isnt! Not to mention the fact they showcase a pirated, and a hacked one at that, GBA Game running in an emulator. And No, the GBA is not old enough to fall under ‘fair use’, and especially not the pokemon franchise.
    If they were so much against piracy as they pretend to be, they wouldve at least used a NES emulator with a game thats NOT an ongoing franchise. Most NES games that are not an ongoing franchisee have fallen under fair use and/or abandonware, and is not counted as ‘piracy’ if you copy the cart and run it through an emulator.

    By trying to eliminate the possibility of pirating games, one will also limit the homebrew potential. Rejuvenate is a close enough example… Sure, we cant pirate Vita games through Reju, but what is the price we pay? Yeah, homebrew is limited to 444Mhz at best, which severely cripples the kind of homebrews one can make.(and yes, I am well aware as to why we only have the limited PSM exploit, so dont start an argument)
    And the PS3 can be used as another example.. Sure, CFW enables piracy, but it also opens the door for some really nice homebrew – such as Fan Controllers(which Im sure have saved quite a lot of PS3’s from YLOD, and many eardrums). I cant imagine living without fan controller and webMAN, thats reason enough to hack the PS3 imo.

  33. Fimo says:

    We are all different.
    Purchased games or not, I like trainers, I like to finish the games, have all the weapons, play in god modes etc… so YES I support piracy ! 🙂

  34. TomatoSauce says:

    What a load of nonsense…
    You know where a Linux community is thriving? The PC scene. I have seriously no idea why someone interested in Linux development would seek out a PS4. Sure, it is a neat gimmick for a one-off, but I don’t think anyone would seriously commit to it. Especially considering the limiting factors of it being on a damn PS4.

    Let’s face it, piracy is the most appealing aspect of a jailbroken console. And I don’t just mean “yay, free gamez guys”, but being able to dump all your discs to a harddrive, being able to edit your savefiles, cheat in your games, and to some extent mod your games, translate great japanese games that never made it to the west or create undubs for ones that did, but in a pathetic state.

  35. DayVeeBoi says:

    I gotta say that I am pumped about Linux and possibly Steam on a PS4. People keep making comments here about it not being an efficient use of money/hardware to put linux on a ps4. I am of the total opposite view. I use Linux as my main system (when its not OSX) and I could use something more powerful than my Raspberry Pi on my tv. So as long as dual booting the XMB and Linux isnt a hassle, that puts a ton of value into a PS4 that puts it just into the realm of a feasible purchase for me. I dont want to pay $400 for a gaming console thats limited to what Sony says while I have a perfectly good PS3 that does almost the same ***, and I have been thinking about getting one of those SteamBoxes (or whatever its called i.e. AlienWare Alpha) but theyre all a few hundred bucks more than a PS4 so I am back to that same dollar/value/openness paradigm. PS4 with Linux AND a possibility of SteamOS puts the PS4 at its current price right into the Dollar/Value/Open sweet spot (for me anyways) and I think soon as there is a public release I willl grab one of these 1.76 fw bundles while theyre still common and not get raped trying to buy one later.

  36. troll says:

    Yes, it is.

  37. CaptainJack says:

    I’m all for flashing custom firmware.. And all the goodness it brings, not just piracy.. Been that way since dark_alex in 2006 and will remain that way for me.. Bring it on devs..

    The main topic is correct in the fact that piracy is what lures in the mass of people.. Small percentage of people care for anything else.

    I remember when dark_alex hacked the psp it was amazing as I was actually using homebrew, emulators and such.. The community was massive if any of you remember.. Stuff that could not be done on any cellphone at the time. Nowadays everyone is running final burn alpha and such at full speed 60fps on a mediocre phone or shield tv box.

    So really,.. at the end of the day piracy is all that’s left for the majority % of people. And is essential for getting said majority of people interested..


  38. noname says:

    People wanT FULL Access to the console not for Piracy,but also for REPAIR\PREVENTION purpose.
    So i want to ask at wololo or failoverflow
    SET the FAN speed of the console like we can do with the RGH hacks on XBOX360
    Retrieve the CPUKEY of the DVD Drive like we can do with the RGH hacks on XBOX360 for change the DVD Drive when the Motherboard is *** up like we can do with RGH hacks on XBOX360
    And things like this..
    Why put “LIMITS” to LINUX ONLY,when we can have FULL ACCESS to the console and do all we want
    It’s not about piracy,is about i OWN something and i want FULL access to it,i not want a “FAKE HALF ACCESS” for run an OS.

    IF Yes so I AGREE with FAILOVERFLOW,IF Not i Disagree coz mean LINUX not give to us FULL ACCESS and not UNLOCLK what we can do with the console.

  39. Xilence says:

    Wow. Great read!

  40. Franky says:

    For people like me, I feel like I’m putting forth a one time $400 rental fee. Having complete control over a device may allow for this evil, this necessary evil, but it also gives people who payed for the device an actual since of ownership, the same feeling I have for my gaming PC I’m typing this message with that I built myself and continued to upgrade over the years. I can’t say my mindset towards these companies will ever change when it comes to feeling bad over their software being stolen. A download on a site illegally distributing a game =/= stealing a physical copy. Plus there’s never a way of telling if someone was going to buy it in the first place. It may still be illegal, but backup loaders also let you try a game out if there’s no demo present.

    The frustration people feel towards people pirating a game isn’t worth it, but I understand if these amazing devs don’t want their butts sued the of course don’t bother until you feel like it and until the respective company no longer supports the device.

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