Wii U: where is the IOSU 5.5 exploit?


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24 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the write-up! When you mentioned “drama” in the comment section of another article I got a bit worried. Good to hear everything’s alright.

  2. att

    The key on pastebin looks very fake (invalid characters for hexa)

    • wololo

      Dang you’re right, I didn’t check, the pastebin is an obvious fake. I will remove that link from the article. The screenshot from plutoo, however, has been confirmed legit, just to be clear.

  3. Rawr

    Well, at least it’s still being worked on.

  4. Thrawn

    Well, hykem, take your time, its not like the wii u is brimming with life. Better wait for Star fox and Zelda Twilight princess.
    Also you got nothing to loose. Better keep your attack vector in stock. Might be useful when ninty closes the gates on the wii u.

  5. Adam Fox

    I hate to be a naysayer or anything ,but these delays just kinda scream “Fake” to me. It was supposed to be for Christmas, and then Jan, then he quits b/c someone else was doing it, then he is back in and saying “before Feb” which could be as late as Jan 31st….even if someone else is doing one, doesn’t mean that someone else should quit. I think the more exploits that are available, the better. Look at the PS3….if GeoHotz was the only one released and everyone else that was working on PS3 quit, how long do you think it would have taken before we had a back-up loader….if ever? If I recall correctly, GeoHotz firmware was for homebrew only, not for back-up games. If he released his, and then everyone else quit, Sony could patch the firmware and then no one would have a back-up loader b/c the exploit got patched

    • MadJ

      Usually that would be the case, I agree. Luckily this guy is very well known and reliable. I think we’ll see something from him soon.

  6. Rúben

    I Believe in you Hykem.
    Go for it!!

    Have fun hacking

  7. romain337


    Just got a WiiU for chrismas and I spent time on Xenoblade Chronicle X ! It would be perfect to have an access to a new devkit and a homebrew channel. This will make my Wii U the perfect box for anything 🙂 Like the Wii was at the time.

    I don’t care about loadiine because the most interresting in this story is what will be done with the tri-core cpu, the gx2, and the 2nd screen on the gamepad 🙂 I would love to see all those things. Homebrew in HD for all!

  8. deltok

    Smealum y plutoo are PURE *** ….

  9. azoreseuropa

    That’s great but Wii U doesn’t have many great games.. Only a few that I liked. Its useless, really. I will play a few games on Wii U emulator in the near future when Cemu become greatly improvement in few years later. 🙂

  10. Hurry the fuck up

    Hurr the *** up Hykem, we’ve waited long enough. Release your *** code so we can play backups.

  11. lala

    he got paid. thats it

  12. jamie

    I am lost. I have 5.5.0 and have blocked updates. What is the best.method to run backups?

  13. Synn

    Any update on this yet?

  14. Synn

    Any update on this yet? On ig this will work on 5.5.1

  15. MySelf

    January has gone.. (sadly)

  16. Me888

    any news?

  17. Me888

    Is it just a matter of time to play Wii U backups?


      If you want to play backups there is already other options. You should be looking at the other doors this thing will open up.

  18. D-Jay

    And the February, too….

  19. steven

    I’m on 5.5.1 accidentally with new wii u, please I hope to be able to play backup games off external hdd! thanks to those working on this!!!