Linux on PS4: Fail0verflow publish their fork of the linux Kernel (WIP)


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  1. Akis


  2. Brenza

    The only dots I can connect are those on the 3+ years old puzzles but I’m looking forward to this.
    Linux on the PS4 is very interesting and piracy aside I cannot think to all the stuff it’ll bring to the new-gen console 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. .

    Can’t wait!

  4. Aneesh

    Honestly doesn’t mean anything to me unless it plays backup games.

    • Anonymous

      People like you are the reason exploits are becoming more closed group. <3~

      • Ricky D

        No, they’re becoming closed group because the people that have the exploits are snot nosed selfish brats who only want attention but don’t actually want to be a part of the community

        • Nickolas

          It’s been a while since I last posted here. While I still follow the community, today I last found a reason to comment. You are completely wrong about your way of thinking. Let me give you an example. You as a hacker manage to find an exploit on Console A. Company S that produces Console A releases an update which patches the exploit, Patch 1.1. Now on 1.1 you have to find a whole new exploit in order to investigate it’s security. That kind of exploitation is A LOT of trial an error. Now suppose you find the exploit on 1.0 and locate one more exploit on the same version. You release the first, it get’s patched (remember, 1.1). Now you can freely investigate the new version because it is very unlikely that both of your exploits are patched (remember, you did not release the second one). Now suppose Company S produces Console B. While being a completely different system, it is possible that there is some shared logic between the two. With a little bit of work you manage to get your unreleased exploit to work on Console B, giving you an advantage once again. And that is just one reason why exploits are not released. Another very simple one is that they may not be suitable for every day use. (Unstable, based on certain events that cannot be controlled or even require a lot of steps). I hope you can see clearly now why some work is kept secret and respect security investigators a little bit more. Have a nice day 🙂

          • Meh

            I can see that you have not followed the scene. The exploit is already fixed. There is no such reason 😉 Otherwise we would concur. We are not that stupid. Stability is also not a factor i believe. Trust me he is fully right.

          • Ricky D

            Yeah? *** you.

  5. dksl

    Finally, I can use my ps4 like I want. Thank you fail0verflow and wololo. <3

  6. El Cagon

    Very nice stuff when can we play that kick *** Pokemon iso?

  7. Fadi5555

    Nice news.
    Well can vita run linux like ps4?
    I’m really want from dev at least to port dolphin emu or pcsx2 on it to make it come to a life again.

    • klomeister

      on vita? lol, are you mad?

    • xPreatorianx

      If you are saying you want a dolphin emu or pcsx2 emu port on Vita, good luck with that. Sorry but it just doesn’t have the power. heck you need a rather nice PC to still run PCSX2 at full speed. (I’m talking 4GB of ram, 4-8 core processor @ a good 3.2ghz per core, and ATLEAST a 560 GTI. How do I know? Because I have a system that meets those specs and I can run PCSX2 at full speed. My prior system was slower and couldn’t run some intensive PS2 games at full speed/no glitches. And the PS Vita is basically a cross between a PS2/PS3 in terms of performance. And it’s arm where as PS4 is x86.

      • Fimo

        That’s not true.
        The really interesting part of the emulators on PS4 with LINUX will be the code optimization because we will all have the same hardware.
        Optimizing the LINUX’s drivers + emulators will be real chalenges ! 🙂

  8. EthanC

    What about the super slim PS3 any hope/scope?

  9. Ivan

    1% cares about Linux on game console . 99% waiting for exploits to play backup games .

  10. B16poppa

    I would love something like this done to the Vita TV. Sony doesn’t care about it, so to run a form of Linux off the little quad core Arm 9 box would be nice. It would save me looking at with a heavy heart, thinking, it could of been so much better!!

  11. Wilfredo

    Wololo don’t listen to these idiots wanting backups, I believe Linux on ps4 is very cool

  12. BoBabo

    I normally thank people for their work and promote it here and there to some friends who are interested in this sort of stuff.

    However I am gradually seeing more and more groups just starting to take offense to some things and start drama and not release anything.
    Each scene seems to sometimes just have it’s own hacker-soap opera, but I’m sure that eventually someone will have a pair to release.
    One day we will have our homebrew, Linux and such will all be possible. Possibly even a CFW for the ps4, just all takes time.

    Thank you to those who release their work and put so much effort into it, and for dealing with the crappy people that pop up time to time.

    • Agreed

      Sadly it seems though that the top of the console scene has long been a bit tainted by this immature fame behavior (fail0verflow isn’t new and neither is their fame-hungry diva *** – even when they released stuff). The handheld scene seems a bit different though. I think Linux would be amazing, but this bring your own exploit approach is an absolute fail.

      • BoBabo

        I agree, handhelds are certainly coming along quite well to be honest. The whole bring your own exploit thing, is like, “We’re hosting a pie eating contest! However, you have to bake all of the pies yourself in order to enter.”

  13. lmao

    “Don’t hold your breath, but this might happen sooner than most think.”

    or never. haha

  14. Like a rock

    This is good devs that need to know things they didnt know can use this to implement on current work for cfw thanks wolowleeyo!

  15. JohnF

    My hope is that one day I can BUY and run legit games AND explore Linux. How does that hurt Sony?

  16. Pacco

    What I don’t get is, while hackinformer seems to provide news on actually useable things (as small as they may be) like an elf loader, wololo seem to favor these news that serve very little purpose. Shame 🙁

    • wololo

      I’m an individual blogging on my free time about the stuff that excites me. Bottom line is, I have enough time to write 1 article per day at the most. I pick the piece of news that seems the most exciting to me. Hackinformer are technically a company and have enough staff that they can write 3 to 4 articles a day. I can’t. so it’s interesting that you think they are “small”. They are definitely bigger (in terms of staff) than this site. There are guest bloggers here on too, but you might have noticed that most of them have been MIA recently. People have other priorities 🙂

      Interesting that you mention the elf loader too, it’s not more useful than the PS4 Linux codebase, unless you have an exploit. If you happen to have an exploit, both could be useful for you, so I do not understand your point.

      • Pacco

        Small was meant as a measure or importance of the elf loader, being at least _public_ code execution (for the first time – running in the webkit process). I agree that that’s not much (why I called it small) but it seems to be more to me then a non-runnable Linux 🙂 Such a news could be quite small. While it’s your choice, I don’t see it as such a high complexity as you make it to be. It would be maybe 4 times as long as your comment?

        • wololo

          I intend to talk about it, haven’t found the time yet. Sorry for jumping the gun here, it’s a sensitive issue on my end.

          • Pacco

            Sorry, from me too. Like others I am a bit annoyed by fail0verflow and CTurt and vent it in the wrong direction. You do a great job and after reading your thoughts on it and your tweet I get it 😉 Again, if you can, small news would work I guess 🙂 Just to lift the spirit of people who actually openly provide something for a change and to encourage that … (though the guy seems quite happy just coding on github without attention).

          • wololo

            You’re totally right. psxdev is doing a great job and isn’t getting the attention he deserves, I am in part responsible for that.

  17. sh21ab

    3d drivers for ps4

  18. RobMx

    Wololo Hi, congratulations for the information on their website, I’m anxious for Linux release no ps4 mainly to play arcade games like Super Street fither, marvel vs capcom and other … again congratulations. I will always be watching.