Gateway 3DS announce upcoming support for 3DS Firmware 10.3


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47 Responses

  1. Jesse

    Cards enable piracy, homebrew doesn’t.

    • Franky

      Carts and homebrew enable a better user experience. Pirates may suck, but I doubt they truly effect game sales in a drastic way. I think that if a person pirates, they weren’t going to buy the game anywho.

      • Gary

        If you consider whose regions of this world does really pirate A LOT and whose games were actually promoted and sold in these regions, then you will notice that piracy is actually not a problem to the industry. Pokemon is among one of the best sellers series and it has been pirated to no ends. They still make money out of it and everyone is happy. Piracy isn’t the problem.

  2. arthanis

    I don’t know if I got this straight, but Smealum and cia work doesn’t have kernel, am I right? And if I got this straight, This gateway release will provide kernel access, which would allow us to dump our own roms, multirom menus, emunando and etc for 10.3 users. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Generic

      No. Smea, Derrek and Plutoo’s work is what provides everything (Userland, kernel, etc.). Gateway has done nothing to achieve those. All Gateway is doing is implementing the exploits that Smea (and friends) explained.

      • yuuki

        well we dont know who gateway really is, so maybe they have ties to them.

      • arthanis

        Maybe, but my point is that Smea seem actively deny us, the users, kernel access; so no rom dumping, no emunand, only userland homebrews. If gw is willing and able to give us that, this is a reason for people to buy it.

        • Generic

          You do realize that this kernerl exploit was released by Smea, Derrek and Plutoo, right? Smea may be against piracy, but he does support homebrew, which benefits from kernel access. Gateway isn’t giving you anything. They saw Smea et al. detail exactly how to exploit the system, and immediately following released a statement saying that they were working on 10.3 support (Which, of course they are. They had to do basically no work to obtain 10.3 support). Everything that comes from these exploits is because of Smea, Derrek and Plutoo. Gateway did nothing.

          • arthanis

            I’m not trying to give credit to GW, nor taking it from Smea. But as far as I little know, gateway would be the first to let us run kernel code on 10.3. Correct me if I’m wrong, ’cause I would love to get kernel on my 3DS, since I’m no latest and don’t have (nor will I buy) GW flashcart.

  3. Rawr

    “Enlighten me on the value that the flashcart adds here?” Well, being able to play .3DS roms is a huge plus, compared to installing a game in .CIA which can take a long while depending on how big the game is. 😛

  4. Jross

    The only reason I continue to use Gateway is .3ds support. If custom firmware supported launching .3ds files from the main menu I’d drop Gateway in a heartbeat.

  5. Mystic_Shadow

    I use it on my New3ds my old 3dses have rx tools. I mainly use it to have all my games on one card and at the time to install dev menu. I could have gotten a sky but idk gateway seemed better with the emu Nand support at the time and still is for my new 3ds plus the menu launcher they brought to it. Also I’m one of those guys that when a new update pops out I’m not rushing to update.

  6. Anonymous

    I still don’t buy it. Gateway seems like a horrible company to me. When they intentionally bricked 3DSs who used other flash carts with their code, that was not on. Plus I’m not exactly a fan of the community over there. On top of that, you dont really need Gateway anymore since SK3DS+ came out AND supports third party software now and works on ANY firmware so….yeah not buying it Gateway

  7. RPRezo

    What can you do with exploits? With Gateway 3DS I’ll be able to play roms. Probably even download a lot of games to my system without deleting previous ones (or opening my New 3DS up to change the tiny memory card included with it).

  8. Jackall4BDN

    AS of now, the only reason for a Gateway would indeed be the .3ds support. The kernel access thing itself wohnt count because the gateway-loader .3dsx aswell AS the asociated exploit will be cracked open for use with CFWs in a matter of weeks, anyways. I would say Gateway still got the cheatmenue, but that one seems fairly recreatable, too. Seeing Gateways sassy atempts to own a widely open market of a scene that is based in SHARING exploits feels more and more silly. I used to own a Gateway and later sold it to a friend. And i dont feel like i’d Miss it.
    Still hyped for a 10.3 exploit, the one part oft “their work” i dont feel stupid for giving crédit for…

    • Generic

      Except, in this case, the 10.3 exploit is not their work. So, you don’t have to give them credit for anything.

  9. ChrisHighwind

    Considering that Gateways are designed to brick your console if it sees you using a competitor’s device, it’s very likely you’ll have to buy another flashcard for 10.3 support.

  10. Teeb

    For me, I find it easier to just take the micro sd out of the card than open up my n3ds to put a cia game on there, then install it, taking up 2x the space (installed and the cia), plus I can easily uninstall a game at any time just by deleting it off the card. That’s just my outlook on it, iunno.

  11. ColonelPanic

    I know I’m excited for the Gateway update because, back when 4.5 was the minimum firmware, they released a tool to downgrade to it from any firmware, and it didn’t require the card. So something tells me that that may be the case again, but for 9.2 this time.

  12. SlothOG

    Devs need to make a plugin to allow 3ds iso to be used on smellyums cfw thats it just like multiman or webman

  13. Manuel Eduardo Koegler

    Thanks but no thank you.
    What gateway is doing here is once again tailcoating of the hard work of others and claiming it as their own like they did in the past.
    That combined with their other malpractices make it so I’ll never support them. I’ll take the slight inconvenience of installing cias in that case.

  14. Noob

    So would it be worth it to update to 10.3 right now? I have a 9.0 N3DS XL and i actually just ordered gateway last week, it’s still in transit to me.

    • Rowan

      No don’t update it could be November before support comes

    • Crzo

      You really are a noob… Dude you are already in an exploitable firmware (9.0)…

      There is no point in updating to use an unreleased exploit when you can already use and existing one!!!

      • Alpmaster

        Be careful with that statement i had a new 3ds 9.0 and gateway would show a blank screen. I never got it to work.

        • Crzo

          That’s because the New 3DS doesn’t work just like a regular 3DS…

          You have to use Cubic Ninja or access to the homebrew launcher at least to be able to use Gateway in the N3DS.

          You can’t just go to go.gateway and expect it to boot.

  15. Rowan

    Give me a firmware that allows cheats, play any 3ds game and cold boot I’m in, till then, gateway it is

    • Dylin

      The first is a no for now.
      The 2nd and third request can be achieved with RXTools with homemenuhax (themehax) if you’re on firmware 9.2

  16. Franky

    In my experience Gateway is of course more reliable and it has its own storage plus it launches clean unaltered 3DS ROMS plus plus it has emunand boot. Emunand allows me to get the headers from my own carts I ripped the roms from and still play online without, hopefully, Nintendo the big angry giant catching wind of it.

    I’m paying for my stuff big brother(Nintendo)! Please don’t beat me!!!

    • Crzo

      Well rxTools can still use emunand and can still play cia games online without worrying about getting banned…

      I don’t see how this are things that make Gateway a plus when others can do it.

      • Franky

        I thought rxTools couldn’t boot emunand? I may have read old news and mistook it for something recent. Plus I have had a Gateway way before emunand on rxTools was a thing though so my bad on not checking before hand if it still really doesn’t support emunand.

        There’s still booting directly from .3ds files and dedicated storage.

        • Dylin

          RxTools can boot EmuNAND and install games/DLC in CIA format.
          Alot of stuff has happened in this past year alone.

        • Bitbitbom

          How does the rxTools work at the current date? The project was to be merged with PastaCFW by the “Pasta team”, right? I’m unsure what cfw to use on my old 3ds with the 4.5 base firmware.

  17. Crzo

    Wololo is missing the big elephant in the picture.

    Lots of people are happy because this means the exploit really is coming!!!, even if Gateway release it first we can decrypt the launcher and learn how to implement the code easier and faster in CFW’s.

    Also I have seen lots of noobs in gbatemp that order a 3DS and a flashcart without even knowing if it’s going to work or not and end up having a useless $60 flashcart.

    I seen others get a 9.2 system a flashcart and then get all mad because they didn’t inform themselves beforehand about the options available (specially the free CFW).

    Other people that tried to update emunand, messed up and ended up with a 10.3 sysnand…

    There is a lot celebrate about a 10.3 exploit coming, this doesn’t mean everyone at gbatemp is running to get a Gateway cart.

  18. Bonelick

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  19. Ashton

    emunand, nuff said.

  20. Mrpoet