3DS: BrowserHax, IronHax and MenuHax released for latest Firmware 10.3.0


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45 Responses

  1. Jesse

    First, and what exactly do we need to download before Nintendo patches them?

  2. wewantps4hack

    We want ps4 jailbreak, so please do it. Wololo, are there any chances for ps4 jailbreak in next ccc talks or not?

    • N

      Go troll somewhere else.

    • Mud

      We are all still waiting for the files and information on the PS4 jailbreak.

      Wololo only post the information and does not do the hacking him self.

      In short wololo will post about it when he get some information on it….!

  3. Anatil

    Hmm, anyone else have random freezes using hans and taking screenshots in their games some of the time?

  4. Reverso

    The old-ironfall-downloader still works?

  5. WilliM

    Just successfully installed the browser exploit, gained access to the old eshop via the homebrew menu, downloaded iron fall and successfully installed the ironfall exploited save game, runs like a treat on the latest firmware confirmed working =)

  6. Thomas Wade

    Ironhax was updated for 10.3 back when 10.3 came out.

    • Crzo

      No you tw@, this means people in 10.3 can download the old version of Ironfall and install Ironhax from scratch right now.

      • Thomas Wade

        No need for the abuse. I was just stating that it was updated for 10.3 back when 10.3 came out. The title of the article stated that it’s just been updated, whereas it should have stated that an exploitable version is available again.

        • Katie

          Just saying, the title of the article says it’s been released for 10.3, and the first sentence of the article states that browserhax and menuhax had been updated to support 10.3

  7. Kaiju-nt

    Wait, is this just for old 3DS or the New 3DS also?

  8. Nehb10

    I dont have ironfall can i use browser hax? right now I launch homebrew using ninjhax only, is there a guide on how to install browser hax?

  9. BoBabo

    Is this purely for homebrew or would this allow us to use a custom firmware? Don’t have my 3DS yet but it should be here in a few weeks from a friend.

  10. stigmate

    hello I run on firmware 4.5 in 10.3 emunand with rxtools without linker.ce new hack t give it more opportunity than this? will there another advantage of it afterwards? cfw? etc? .or should I stay there as I am now? thank you beforehand

  11. R0ME0

    If anyone wants a quick guide.
    After launching browserhax and getting to the homebrew menu-
    Old3DS – Go to MenuHax Installer, Install, reboot holding L, Go to Old Eshop, download Ironfall, Create savefile, reboot holding L again to get back to the homebrew menu, Ironhax Installer, select the slot. Now you have ironhax & menuhax 😀

    New3DS – You can follow the same instructions, or install ironhax first, Old3ds hangs at old eshop if its launched from Browserhax, this doesnt seem to be the case with new3ds.

    Either way you want both IronHax and MenuHax installed, Both of these are included with the homebrew starter kit. Enjoy!

  12. Ali

    After putting the latest starter kit on the root of your sd card and using browserhax, it would be a good idea to install menuhax from the homebrew channel, it allows a user to boot into the homebrew channel at boot by holding the “L” buttonm eliminating the need for browserhax.

  13. Doodoobrown

    So is this good for cfw? If that is the case I will download. If this doesn’t allow us to steal games, then what’s the point?

    • R0ME0

      This could possibly maybe lead to that. Better to have the exploits installed in any case.

    • thedicemaster

      custom themes
      pirated themes
      romhacks for games you own
      screenshot support for most games
      region-free game launcher
      save backup
      and possibly a stepping stone for a future cfw

      so plenty of uses without piracy.

    • R0ME0

      If a custom firmware DOES come out, it’ll be better to have ironhax installed if you dont already. The browserhax will be gone by the next patch. Plus its relatively simple to install and you dont even have to buy a game.

    • Katie

      then don’t download, this is purely homebrew, no cfw >.>

  14. Xrosblader

    So I have both Ironhax and Menuhax running on my outdated firmware.
    Should I update the firmware first then redo the hacks or install new hack versions then update my firmware?

    • Katie

      doesn’t matter, you can do either, just use browserhax in the newer firmware to reinstall the others if you decide to update first

  15. Randy

    Can someone help me out here? I’m on 10.3.0-28 firmware on New3ds and still have the original version of Ironfall on my system. I pick the ironhax save, the screen turns black and it says “The homebrew robpin is ready” then takes me back to the home menu and gives me the Error has occurred thing. I try browserhax through the qr code, my screen turns yellow and I get the same error has occurred message. Anyone have a clue what’s going on?

  16. Randy

    Nevermind, I’m just dumb haha. Kept going to wrong browerhax site

  17. Sleetui

    Could we just update to the latest FM w/ the old Ironhax already installed? But just update Ironhax using the updated starterkit?

    • Katie

      You can update the firmware first if you want to, just use browserhax to reinstall the new ironhax through homebrew

  18. jim

    Does menuhax manager, themehax installer, and CHMM2 work for the most current fw? I keep getting error messages.

  19. TheZixGamer

    Yeah! Just installed oothax through the new exploit on

  20. Orbo

    I’ve been trying to use the browserhack but my 3DS just errors out to the home menu every time. Help?

  21. J

    I installed browserhax and then pressed start to exit it. How do I access browserhax after restarting my 3ds?