PS4 Filesystem Root dump released, confirmed to be from a Devkit unit on a beta firmware


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  1. animalovich says:

    so its like everybody is accusing everybody to release something which is not his own !!!!!

  2. mido says:

    oh the drama

  3. xXx says:

    gift from SKFU ??
    file: adm\adm\orbis_startup.elf
    string: c:\Users\SKFU\documents\visual studio 2010\Projects\ORBIS_Project1\ORBIS_Project1 main.cpp

    • Kira_Slith says:

      Must be how it was dumped, the real orbis_startup.elf is still there, It’s been renamed “orbis_startup.elf.bak”, which means Zecoxao is leaking SKFU’s work. SHAME!!!!

  4. musashiro says:

    it seems like every one of them is seeking attention/fame with these kinds of tweets… sigh…

    • Meh! says:

      Yea, all of these … people … are rubbing themselves silly on their leaked ‘to each other’ ***. And then quirle over who did it. Who cares. From now on, I am gonna credit the leakers to high heaven! Release it, or don’t bother me with your tweets and videos. And if you release code, *** write more blog posts. This in-crowd-bullish*t is so annoying. I think they compensate for their youth … :/

  5. lolzoar says:

    That Gregory Rasputin guy is such a piece of trash… I mean, I knew he was an attention seeking scumbag before but this is too much, increasing people’s hopes during Christmas…

    • animalovich says:

      sorry but i dont agree , i have seen Rasputin talk since the TB and the dongle war in the ps3 and he was against such thing, what i mean the PS4 needs to evolve with everyone contributing into it , and some one like Rasputin the scene wants his experience , just like each one of the devs . but what ever happen still a good start for the PS4 and am happy with it . Highhopes

      • Ricky D says:

        Are you kidding? What experience? The guy is just an obnoxious mouthpiece. He has no idea what he’s talking about and has zero clue on how any of the consoles actually work. In no way, shape, or form is he involved in any of the scenes except to run his gator. He contributes absolutely nothing of value.

  6. Zeke says:

    It’s like some folks are going “hey look, now there’s some interest in dumping the PS4 root let’s all now release what we have even if it’s old and of no use to the scene going forward!”

    • Kira_Slith says:

      No use my butt, someone smart can make a hackstation PC from this! maybe even run Retail games if things haven’t changed too much!

      • Zeke says:

        Good chance any FreeBSD/webkit/misc. Sony firmware holes have long since been patched if that’s an 0.8.x pre-release firmware root dump.

        • Kira_Slith says:

          If you can build your own PS4, you can usea a cheap BD Emulator drive (China sells those). You have unencrypted, root OS access, which means homebrew on your PS4.
          No need to break the original console if you can build your own machine to be just as or more capable and still play PS4 Games.

        • Kira_Slith says:

          If you can build your own PS4, you can use a cheap BD Emulator drive (Amazon sells those). You have unencrypted, root OS access, which means homebrew on your PS4.
          No need to break the original console if you can build your own machine to be just as or more capable and still play PS4 Games.

          • Zeke says:

            And how would doing this get around games that do firmware checks and require newer versions just to run? PSN access, how would you spoof that? You’re talking about building a PS4 from the ground up when all the info that’s been leaked suggests even top hackers are just beginning to understand the hardware and how to run unsigned code on it. It’s akin not to running before you can walk, but trying to fly a jumbo jet before you can crawl…

  7. Jpsk8 says:

    Is there any chance to come one Ps4 jailbreak these days?

  8. Jpsk8 says:

    I’m with many hopes that there will come a Ps4 jailbreak 🙂

  9. Kira_Slith says:

    Well, Stick a pole up my ***, fry me and call it raptor on a stick. It’s the real deal! and I was right, it came from a Q&A Machine! but at the same time I was wrong to call it fake. But I’m so happy I was wrong I don’t care! With a some work, one could probably build a Hackintosh-style (HackStation?) PC from these files and probably run PS4 games from it! Someone who knows FreeBSD get on it!
    (everyone who doesn’t know FreeBSD should seriously grab this stuff quick before Sony pulls it!)

    • lolidunno says:

      I merged the PS4 files with FreeBSD’s files, but couldn’t get GRUB installed. Maybe if I got it installed correctly, it would work… But I really doubt it.

  10. Santa Clauz says:

    Seems like everyone has hacked the PS4 these days. Lol Good for everyone because there must be jailbreak out there sonewhere and Sony will be just just as confussed as all of us. Tgey wont know who to treaten. Bring on the new year and CFW. Ho ho ho

  11. Fimo says:

    What a mess today !
    – Cturt has stopped everything, he gave some instructions without his own offsets (FW <= 1.76)
    – We have a very old Filesystem Root dump that shows some calling to "hammer time" = Aeolia exploit ? (beta FW 0.8)

    But what about the majory of us who are on FW 2.xx or worse 3.xx ?

    • Zeke says:

      That’s kinda my thinking, it’s all more along the lines of “purely academic interest” than stuff that end users can exploit. There are most likely holes even right up to the current firmware but not the same holes that would exist on 0.8.2 or webkit on 1.76. Without more evidence the hackers/devs aren’t going to know for sure, and by extension people like us interested in the scene.

  12. Jpsk8 says:

    Ps4 a jailbreak would be great !!!!!!!

  13. Jpsk8 says:

    Still, in my opinion I prefer a Ps4 jailbreak ……

  14. lollypop says:

    nice LOBE dich hackerz
    btw. i only wanted a
    zeroday ps4 doom alpha savegame hacker exploit
    so i finally can whitlist doom alpha singleplayer
    since alpha or beta servers are a hoax i guess ?

  15. lollypop says:

    and a ps4.proxy.server.gui + ps4.updateblocker.storespoof AIO plz lol

  16. HAXCKODE says:


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