Wii U Hack: Hykem’s IOSU exploit on 5.5.0 slightly delayed


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24 Responses

  1. makak1984 says:

    First 😉 XD

  2. Ricky D says:

    That’s cool. He should take his time and enjoy his holidays.

  3. Thrawn says:

    Thx for all your work and care for the wii U.
    I think it would be better to release that exploit after the 4th January, when all the sale stuff is gone and done.

    Merry Christmas and merry holidays to all. 8)

  4. jeg says:

    take your time man no rush i got plentty stuff keep me busy nohows. kind reminder everyone disable internet on wii u,in case nintendo gets hair up there sleeve from possibly knowing this news. 🙂 happy holidays gonna be glorius new years

  5. ELX says:

    I’m just wondering if this hack would let me change the Wii U region =[ I’m stuck with JP Wii U T_T

  6. Urcent says:

    All I want to know of it will be able to play back up WII U GAMES and not just wii iso. Of so I’ll donate 100$

  7. Manuel Eduardo Koegler says:

    Nintendont at 1080p with wii u gamepad support would be a godsend.
    I chose the perfect moment to get a wii u.

  8. troll says:

    this sound so good! I would be happy just being able to play backups! Merry Christmas

  9. Mud says:

    I can wait, the hack is worthless with out software loaders for homebrews anyway.

    Do we know if this requires Smash Brothers Wii U or any other title to load the hack?

    I might have to ask for a last minute Christmas gift. Lol

  10. Madfalcon says:

    This better not enable piracy. Those cheap pieces of *** can buy the damn game instead, games aren’t even expensive.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Madfalcon,
      Somehow, i share your point of view.
      Nevertheless, i am not a hardcore gamer. I’ve used to play since i’m (maybe) 10 (late 80’s). By the way, it’s more than a game in the game but to play isos, backups and so on pirate bunch of stuff. I can not explian that….That’s why i’m waiting for the IOSU exploit to be reaveled soon….
      (Late) Merry Xmas to you and all your family.

  11. Franky says:

    Got me 5.5.0 Wii U, now to play the waiting game.

  12. DrG says:

    Hi Wololo team,
    i do apply for becoming one of those guest bloggers. Actually, i’m a french 42-years old physician, playing all day long and fancying hacking this or that.
    Feel free to ask me what seem relevant and forgive my bad english (or excuse my french!!!).

  13. Bob says:

    I just got a WiiU for chrismas so I learned alot how the hacking work and if there already homebrews.

    Well, it seem we can only play iso (the feature I don’t care), and I tested Xenoblade Chronicle Online (the game I buyed), 1st online mission with real ppl was quick (less that 10 secondes) because a level 16 character was killing all the monsters in one shot. I wonder if it was a cheater (seem possible as tools already exist to hack the game…)

    Well… Call Of Duty and Counter Strike gamers already make me sick and disgust me of online playing. Now, I this is clear that online playing just sucks. Pleople sucks.

  14. Franky says:

    Doesn’t the Wii U support HDDs better than the Wii? As in it actually has official support for HDDs where the Wii needed specific HDDs?

  15. nebu_187 says:

    Common Hykem common!!! :p i cant wait for this im shitting myself lol

  16. Voodoobear says:

    Thank you for your work!
    I bought a Wii U yesterday… can this work with the 5.5.1 E firmware?
    Could we launch Wii games? And Wii U games?
    Will you make a Tuto?

    Keep up with the good work o/

  17. steven says:

    I got wii u yesterday, as soon I went on wifi it went straight to updating 5.5.1 without me knowing I thought it was updating a game lol. hope hykem can help us 5.5.1 users get our wii u games working on backup hdd! I love my wii doing this now want the wii u to do it, have saved our disks this way. keep up great work all people working on this!