PS4 Filesystem Root Dump teased by PlaystationHax, contains weird linux artifacts?


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14 Responses

  1. Jopsk8 says:

    I still prefer 500,000 times the Ps4 jailbreak it:)

  2. Anhtuan Le says:

    Seems like the scene always waits for ofw to hit 3.xx to ensure that the console survives until a kernel exploit hack is presented to the masses. Exciting times! Now I just hope that once the scene gets a good understanding of the PS4’s internal workings, the kernel exploits can generate cfw for consoles > 1.76 ofw.

  3. animalovich says:

    merry Christmas 😀 , this is how you enjoy ur xmas

  4. saam says:

    This would be the best thing ever. If we can run linux on ps4, that would be sick, plsss do it

  5. Lucif3r says:

    This is more or less useless as far as breaking the retail PS4 goes. It has almost nothing in common. Plus its missing most of the remotely interesting files. The only fun thing was the (partial?)copy of MSDOS 😛

    So pretty much: Move along – nothing to see here.

  6. Zecoxao says:

    test 1 2 3 test (mic)

  7. Xmasmery says:

    Ok good to know a few months from now we will get a cfw thanks devs!

  8. Stanislav says:

    Good luck only good luck,cooming soon Jail PS4!!

  9. Kira_Slith says:

    Based on what I know of Sony’s development process (from PS2 and PS3 leaks), the only way this is real is if it came from a PS4 Q&A Unit. PS4 Devkits likely boot straight into the GameOS with a debug daemon accessible over network, just like PS3 Test & QA Units do, so there is no need for GRUB boot unless they’ve made a drastic change to their development workflow. Long story short, it’s probably just a stock FreeBSD install dumped and modified to mimic CTurt’s filesystem dump.

  10. Tail870 says:

    MS-DOS!!.. xDD

  11. rajaman says:

    i Got this dump
    all elf files are encrypted of course
    from grub part, file system should be 2 msdos partitions and ufs
    try to boot it on vmware and got a nice kernel panic!

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