PS Vita 3.55 ePSP hack: 173210 releases VHBL for Metal gear Solid Portable ops Exploit, JP only


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16 Responses

  1. MagnaM says:

    as we can see he said the mpo not the mpo+ so i still have the hope

  2. paris says:

    If i wanted to buy a good game, I would have bought it myself. You should apologise for this not tell us at least its a good game. Its true that your doing a non profitable job and thanks fot that. But it doesn’t give you the right to post unverified hacks and then tell us it cant be made. Spending on games that i wasn’t even planning to buy is frustrating.

    • wololo says:

      Hey man, don’t blame the messenger. We give you the information as soon as we get it to give everyone a good chance at grabbing the hack, but ultimately the choice is yours. Our articles and guesses regarding the Vita scene and releases are right 99% of the time, we have a great track record.
      It totally sucks, I agree with you, but I won’t apologize for trusting the word of a hacker who has made dozens of releases for the scene in the past. This mistake’s on 173210, not on me. And he does all of this for free, so at the end of the day you can’t really blame anyone. It just sucks and that’s it.

      • Thomas says:

        It is not so easy…
        I prefer donate 10 to 173210 or to quikrazor (thanks again for Mimana)
        But i hate donate to Sony, when many games cost 50-70 and discount christmas is 5 or 10 eur.
        173210 has wrong!
        To apologize… you must know how to recognize one’s mistakes

      • No real vita hacks says:

        This site has never released one real ps vita hack, and I’ve been checking for years….just stop wasting peoples time with thia bull.

  3. Thomas says:

    WHAT???? Only for Japan MPO+ game?!
    Are we kidding?
    He can not do so! He must check before speaking/writing something!
    Merry Christmas Sony… thanked Mr. 173210
    I am very angry with myself and Mr. 173210 has totally lost my faith!

  4. Cornholio says:

    Man, all these christmas gift hacks that were starting to look promising really fizzled out for the most part, didnt they

  5. stigmate says:

    just to say a support 173 210 Developed and wololo, it happens to deceive …. err is human without them there would be no EPSP hack! bear with the stage vita and thank you for all the work performed until a present

  6. Terralune says:

    This is a very disappointing news. I not only bought MGS PO but recommended a close friend to do the same, saying him how and 173210 developer are reliable. Now I feel he won’t trust me… No one is to blame because it’s a work for the vitalovers’ community, however it would be nice to check the information next time.

  7. Geren says:

    If therre will be bubbles release for the EU version of MPO+ what will the bubbles do? Run emulators or something else?

  8. hrosales says:

    Don’t blame 173210, did you realize that he must buy the game to test it?, if you donate him money to buy and test the game on the us store, then, blame him, if you don’t, please don´t bother asking everything for free on the scene, sometimes we have mistakes, just wait for the next hack and take it easy.

  9. Dalton230 says:

    I will try to donate 10 bucks for this guy. Those who are interested joining donate also hahaha.. Hope he can buy more games or something… Anyways. Its sucks! It should be my first time want to atleast taste the experience of homebrew in PSvita but people like to deceived. What to do?

  10. Zeke says:

    Ah. So still no EU region game hacks for 3.55 then. It happens. Other exploit games will appear. 173210 gets it right most of the time from the little I know, I think it’s a little unfair to lay into the guy. He doesn’t owe us all anything, you know…

  11. littlewater says:

    Does it really work? I just put unzipped files which dragged from github release, into PSV, it just a game save file… Am I making some mistake there ?

    And found it lost H.bin file… Anyone succeeded ?

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