PS Vita hack: Developer 173210 to release ePSP exploit for Christmas


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16 Responses

  1. Rikku

    Not fun anymore

  2. Rolenzo

    protip: The best way to stay turned is to ensure you have a computer chair that spins

  3. Rain

    Cool I suppose. Still holding out hope for that native firmware…

  4. bob

    Any chance that it can be delayed? i ask because i remember somewhere that said that hackers are going to ddos xbox and playstation AGAIN on Christmas, and it would suck if it is released and sony pulled it before anyone could download.

    • Zeke

      Yeah what’s up with DDOS attacking console servers round Xmas anyway? Just to upset all the boys and girls who got a shiny new Xbone/PS4 and can’t register it and connect to PSN? Seems very mean-spirited and grinchy…

  5. macsmister

    Why release another exploit now? Why not wait until the new firmware comes out? I just don’t get it.

    • TehCupcakes

      Probably because it’s available on EU, whereas the current exploitable game is not. Still, I agree with you, but I’m fortunate enough to use a NA account.

  6. DeadPool

    This might not be the right place, but… i had the ape escape exploit for 3.50 then i upgraded to 3.51 but it got rid of my exploit save. My question is can i still use that as an exploit? i never deleted it. if not, is it possible to install VHBL and ARK through the email app hack? if no to both, is this the only way to get a current psp exploit game if i only have a vita and a computer? no ps3 to transfer

    • Loot

      With the email hack, basically anything is possible since you can write directly to the memory card. So to answer your question – yes with the email hack this is possible.

  7. Darksahdow

    Hey, I think this is out! Released an hour ago on twitter

  8. mellama

    thanks… I guess

  9. ryanrudolf

    metal gear solid portable ops / plus

  10. Anonymous

    Nobody cares…..

  11. Sky Koay

    my ps vita is version 3.55 update to 3.60 for hack