Upcoming Wii U hack for firmware 5.5.0 announced for Christmas


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40 Responses

  1. Franky

    This is great news! I might be getting one anywho! 😀

    inf4 piracy demands. Patients is key to getting your backup loaders, but paying money does allow for more games ya’know.

  2. christmash4k35

    Didn’t the Sega Dreamcast Utopia Boot Disc to allow you to play c0pied games and imports come out around Christmas 2000? Or was it 1999 right after the consoles release. It had a spinning reindeer for the graphic and snow falling 😉

  3. OuahOuah

    Ok, and after the IOSU access ? Loadline or other game launcher ?

    • TehCupcakes

      At the moment, the main limitations behind loadiine are because it is spoofing the vulnerable app. (Either Smash Bros 4 or Mii Maker). Thus, the Wii U places certain limits and expects the ISO to perform the way that official game does.

      Theoretically, full IOSU access means that we can send the correct information to the Wii U about the game being run; in other words, near 100% backup compatibility. (Among other things). Hykem stated that whatever he is planning on releasing does not specifically require kernel access, but it does seem that there is a working kernel exploit on 5.5.0. (It just needs lots of work before its releasable.) What the existing kernel exploit doesn’t allow, IOSU will. Assuming Hykem’s IOSU exploit really gives complete control over it (he never directly said that it does), then consider the Wii U fully cracked and wait for the goodies to flood in. 🙂

      • Ken Arromdee

        There’s one thing I don’t understand: information about the existing 5.3.2 exploits on gbatemp describes the “official kernel exploit”. It doesn’t sound like this gives full access. Does this refer to something else than the kernel exploit mentioned here?

  4. Noice

    Thanks for the info! Any reliable ways of preventing futue wii u auto updates for the moment? Im guessing blocking through our routers? But just wanna be certain

  5. Graham

    Looking forward to this one, was on 5.4 when loadiine came out for 5.3.2, so just updated to 5.5 and be done with it. Although the missus MAY have got me a wii u game for Xmas.. :/

  6. W-W-WWAT


  7. Michiri

    Planning to get a WiiU soon, what is the current latest firmware?

  8. PipeBomb

    Happy mappy

  9. Cypherous

    Any idea on if this is going to require any games to run or is this another webkit exploit?

    Just gotta prepare to have to buy software if the need arises 😛

  10. jlo138

    So what exactly is this going to mean? Also will this have any affect on the vWii Soft Mods?

  11. NakedFaerie

    ??? I hacked my WiiU when i got it when it first came out and its still playing Wii backuos now. So why is this needed?
    Im guessing maybe the exploit was patched so it cant be patched anymore?
    I got my WiiU about 3 months after launch ans its been through many firmwares and its still playing backups so nothing has been patched. I still have the homebrew channel working and all the homebrew thats been installed over the years.

  12. Roberth

    My U has auto updated to 5.5.0 and is not connected to the internet. All the internet spots requier a password so how ??

  13. TheZixGamer

    time to buy a wii u 😀

  14. Firion

    Nice just thinking about getting one too. I heard earlier fws might eventually have emunand though so I’ll still spring for one of those unless we get more details on this

  15. DrG

    Hi dudes from Everywhere. I pray my best everyday since the first time i heard about this promess of a better world…..Hurry up, Hykem….It Will be a great present for my kids for Xmas….Whatever, enjoy Eve, enjoy ‘tout court’….

  16. Anunnymous

    Christmas is on the 25th…

  17. Rocco

    Exploit delayed….so we must wait!

  18. Chris

    Please dont gave us the Hykem’s exploit on Wii U 5.5.0 until 2018 Christmas we all here want wait until then. We dont need the exploit until 2018 thanks. Please make us wait a long time and make us pay for it. Thanks and have a wonderful day.