How to fix PS4 Disc Auto-Eject Issues. Tips & Tricks


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  1. Haruka says:

    Just FYI: The 9th point is in the replies of original post.

    • Haruka says:

      and it’s in this page now, great job woolly!

      P.S. It seems that none of my comments got automatically approved so far…

  2. musashiro says:

    please include the last post in my thread.. thats the permanent fix.. it disables the eject button itself!!

  3. JollyRoger says:

    Or buy digital, I can’t think of one instance where my PS4 ejected my digital copies

  4. kurokei says:

    In the 4th point, isn’t suppose to to tight clockwise instead of counter clockwise as seen in the pic? That said, nice tutorial, good job.

    • musashiro says:

      the image i used in the tutorial is not down so wololo substituted another pic… in my case, i cant tighten the screw no matter which direction i go….

  5. Rolenzo says:

    Excellent tutorial! This is a problem that plagues me with both ps4s i own.

  6. o.O says:

    I’ve had a day 1 unit and never had this problem, not even once. Didn’t even know there was this issue o.O

  7. reiyu says:

    wait, wololo is filipino? :O

  8. MyLegGuy says:

    I got my ps4 the Christmas it came out, and I’ve never had any auto ejecting problems with it. Lucky me! 🙂

  9. cndymn says:

    I fixed it by using a HDMI surge protector (ESD) like this one:

    I had this problem all the time researched possible solutions, btw all of them are mentioned in this tutorial, and finaly expericed that the eject issue also came up when the hdmi cable only touches the connector. My Display and my PS4 are connected to 2 seperate sockets and this surge protector solved it for me.

  10. Sh4d0w927 says:

    I was not aware this was an issue. I have the original white ps4 from the destiny bundle, as well as a 20th ann. one, haven’t run into the issue with either. Neither are standing vertically. Hopefully I won’t ever run into this problem but at least this is out there should it ever happen. Thanks for the info!

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  12. Reggie says:

    Can someone tell me the specific screw driver that you need for that particular screw

  13. bobo1704 says:

    I had this problem when I first bought it about 1,5 year ago… I tried all these ways (except the last one) and I finally fixed it by sending it back to SONY and they sent me a new one!

  14. Mike says:

    Great workaround! I would like to see those last images for your PS4 Disc Issue: the ultimate fix. Hit me up! Ps4 enthu southside member here

  15. Wrong problem is due to unlevel table top put mfing card board under table and you fix it or its unlevel inside that ps4 so then you have to guess to relevel the inside DONT fing cut shiiiiiit off VOID warranty i work on these for a living or try to and this write is quackery

  1. December 18, 2015

    […] As soluções são dispostas em uma lista e sugerem que o problema é de hardware (especificamente o sensor do botão, que é de toque). Para conferir os tutoriais e vídeos, acesse o blog do Wololo. […]