CyanogenPSP – An Alternative Custom GUI for the PSP [Final Release]


Not much to say, but I'm a guy who's interested in modding/hacking portable consoles/devices.

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  1. Rain

    Looks great will download. Do PSX games run with sound?

    • Rain

      Oh now I get to say it for once. First!!!

    • Predator0808

      Exactly, what about PSX sound emulation? Is it perfect like on TN-X or with glitches, just like TV-V?

      • Joel16

        Sorry, but this was never meant to be used on a vita eCFW. I only disabled the kernel modules during boot up to allow it run on the vita. That’s about it. I don’t own a vita so I really can’t say how it’ll work.

        • Zeke

          Joel is absolutely correct of course, it wasn’t designed to run on the Vita and he’s been very clear about that, but the specific Vita version does run, I did test it for a few minutes yesterday. It can blue screen TN-V11 repeatably…

          1. Run CyanogenPSP
          2. Unlock
          3. Settings -> Wifi
          4. Wait for No WiFi configuration found message
          5. Press [] to bring up power menu
          6. Press O to go back
          7. WiFi again

          In most cases TN-V crashes with breakpoint exception 0x09D922CC (DEADBEEF), then go to Vita error C1-2858-3. Sometimes it goes straight to the error without the blue screen. Other times you can repeat steps 5-7, eventually it’ll go.

          Still, if you leave the WiFi part alone it’s a nice XMB replacement in ePSP mode!

  2. Sleetui

    Nice job on your project! Looks astounding! 😀

  3. Kye

    Nice work I’ll defiantly try it out

  4. Smegface

    You guys seem to be getting the wrong end of the stick. It’s a PSP xmb replacer. So essentially just a modernized ui for your PSP (not talking it down, Joel. This project is great). What I mean is that it’s not a hack like tnv, ark or anything of that sort. So this has absolutely nothing to do with psx sound emulation.

  5. Dmaskell92

    This has nothing to do with TN-V, TN-X, or Ps Vita at all. Will this run on TN-V? Yes. Will you get anything that TN-V doesn’t already offer? No. This just replaces the XMB to give a “better” aesthetic look.

  6. Stephen

    Just letting you know that the icon page “Deviant” in DeviantArt is misspelled.

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