PS4 hack: Cturt showcases the FileSystem root and processes in RAM


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  1. gunblade

    Cool. Thnks.

  2. gunblade

    Better get the emulaters ready.

  3. Girl Gamer

    First cute!

  4. Alex

    HAX0r! this seems promising!

  5. Whatever.

    Seeing as most homebrew devs switched to mobile so they could make money… I don’t think this is that big of a deal.

    • Tony

      The only reason anyone would want to hack a ps4 is soley for piracy or modding games, i see no other reasons since theres nothing else a ps4 can do that a pc can’t

      • sigh

        You do know theres real ppl out there that have only tiny weak netbooks for college/work ect and have only a ps4 for gaming….we get it, pc can do everything…geez

      • Franky

        Well, the PS4 is also powerful enough to possibly emulate Dolphin and being x86, I imagine porting current PC emulators won’t be too difficult. The Original Xbox was the best thing ever when hacked, being able to be a media center(could do things at 720P as well if you did the right hardware mods) and a beast emulation machine.

        • Thrawn

          The old xbox was even capable of 1080i with the component cable. But only the ntsc version out of the box and the pal version with bios mod or modchip and custom dashboard.

          Only on a sidenote, there were even Xboxes modded with a Pentium 3 instead a Celeron.

      • Brockolli

        Even if Cturt doesn’t share it with the world, I reckon some underground groups will eventually enable piracy on PS4.

      • xeno

        durr durr durr muh pr-piracy……….there are things called homebrew , emus etc , and fyi not everyone can afford a pc or upgrade it after 2 years or so , troll pls go

    • azoreseuropa

      Whatever. 🙂

  6. BaSs

    Dope. Deff interesting… seen this on Twitter, curious what steps where taken to get access to the RAM? 😕

  7. sadiq

    So it mean once it’s hacked .we can play pirate games.Right . One thing else how they will produce homebrrw consoles to the world wide .

  8. Rob

    I saw this: “MonoCompiler.elf”, so this means that the PS4 in way would be compatible with PSM Apps made with PSM Mobile SDK?

  9. Joao paulo

    This is not yet an official jailbreak that runs manger backup and homebrew? Thanks

  10. hacker's fan

    good job , guys , keep up the good work .

  11. skrs

    no geohot this time ?

  12. Jpsk8

    As I use the exploit kernel guys? I have a mac seems that the terminal is anybody here can post a tutorial? Thanks

    • nope

      Sure. First take a sledge hammer. Second smash your Mac over and over with it until it’s unrecognizable. Third go buy a real computer.

      Nothing is known about this exploit besides the teaser snip-its released by Cturts. Don’t expect anything close to a tutorial about anything for a while to come. Important first steps have been made but it’s still going to be a while until anything useful to us, the clueless end users, is released.

      • pdc

        You computer advice was brilliant!!!

      • Zeke

        I like how tongue-in-cheek this post is, also the second paragraph is a good primer for people who don’t know how to interpret this blog post, but there’s plenty you can do on a Mac. In fact, for low level driver access it can be way easier than a PC running Windows. Lot of people I know who do pro web development and coding use Macs running OS X and aren’t scared of terminal. And if you want Windows, Bootcamp it! 😉

        It’s gonna be a while to wait and see what becomes of this hack but it’s very promising indeed. Would love to see some real PS2 emulation here rather than having to pay Sony to do so with a limited library of games, unlike the Xbox One where you can pop a working disc in. I might actually start using it again if this were possible. Or being able to run a fully fledged Linux such as Debian… yeah, things are early days but very exciting if you own a PS4, plan to, and care even a little about homebrew.

        • nope

          I know, Mac’s are pretty good computers, the only issue is they’re made by a horrible company. I am a little biased when it comes to that, but I’d still take linux over MacOS any day. They are very simplistic though, perfect for certain people.

  13. essentially all good things come to those who wait.I am surprise that the ps4 exploit was found far easier than the ps3,The ps3 is still not completely hacked 100% imho.
    We need pc,s to hack consoles or some form of a pc;D…does this settle the pc vs game condom .

    I love homebrew and been doing it since 1980.I love electronics but i see sony trying to throw a geohot action…..good luck turds(sony)…..preparing for battle.
    public class HelloWorld {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    System.out.println(“Hello, World”);

  14. Xtremegamer

    A good Media player would be nice yes.

    VLC equivalent.

  15. jpsk8

    Am I crazy to see the time to play games with backup manager, homebrews, etc. Cturt could immediately release the jailbreak crowd, so be holding it for too long?

  16. kal

    Cturt no longer on this! interesting….. I hope others can learn from his work and take it on maybe ?

  17. Jpsk8

    When it will be that we will have a Ps4 jailbreak?