PS4: How to get your hands on a PS4 with a 1.76 firmware or lower

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  1. Clintopsy says:

    no one has tried Newegg? I got a 1.71 from ebay, but looking to get a 2nd for my sister.

  2. Slytherin says:

    Any wall to tell if a TLOU bundle is 1.76 or later without opening it and checking? Is there a model number or manufacturing date on the box? And anyone know if they’re mostly 1.76 or mostly over?

  3. Slytherin says:

    Should have added – Anyone know the manufacture date for a known good 1.76 TLOU bundle?

    • Ant says:

      I’m trying to figure this out as well since one of the shops her where i live has one in stock but they don’t want to let me open it to check the FW

  4. Jelazuss says:

    Excuse the noobness guys, how can I know which sku code equals to a certain 13 digits ps4 EAN code? I mean, is it possible to tell if a console is “cuh-10xx…” from the EAN code?

  5. LHairstonX says:

    I bought a PS4 on 1.52 FW on amazon. Since I was looking for a knack bundle and couldn;t find it I decided to import one from japan from amazon. XD
    it got here today It only cost me $375. The prices are different now but will be better than waiting a month from now

    • WATCHDOG says:

      tell me which one you picked, a used one ? don’t you risk if the gauy updates it ? how would i garantee that it’s a 1.76 or below ?

      • LHairstonX says:

        I bought it brand new from mazuri samurai. But I don’t see anymore systems from him

  6. zoolander says:

    I got the black friday bundle with LBW2 and Lego Batman from amazon, like 380 and 1.7 FW

    • Ant says:

      Can anyone else confirm this?? I’m in the verge of buying that lego batman black Friday bundle that was released on November 27 2014

      • Red-EyeX32 says:

        I’m getting mine tomorrow, I’ll let you know

        • xHARDHeMPuS says:

          Hello bro, where can I buy a PS4 v1.76 and that the vendor be reliable? send me Link Please

          • Anthony Dickinson says:

            It’s not that difficult to get one on amazon or ebay. But now a lot are onto it they bang prices up as they know thiers a demand for it. It’s mainly the older bundles listed above. You may fall lucky and get one a fair price who knows. Got to make sure it’s new tho. Good luck because they’re getting more rare.

      • Red-EyeX32 says:

        I can confirm that Little Big Planet 3 and Lego Batman 3 Black Friday Bundle is indeed on 1.70 firmware!

  7. Ashraf Izlan says:

    I want buy the CUH-1100A model as it was released on September 2014 which is a month after 1.76 fw came out. Do you think the fw will be on 1.76 ?

  8. Shiggitay says:

    To be honest, why is it so important for you guys to have a JB-able console at this stage? There’s not that much that can be done even if you can get Linux installed. I’d say sure get the console but don’t expect great things to happen right away.

  9. Anthony says:

    I have as from yesterday got my hands on a new watchdogs bundle from amazon. 20/07/2016. I fell a bit look as their was 2 of and one was going at over 400. I payed 320 like. Not sure if it’s worth saying as roumar says 3.50 has been worked on. I found this out after I got the other ps4. At the moment it is classed as roumar. Anyways back to what I was going to say. Best way find one of the ps4 at 1.76 or below is find out model numbers or even Google the packages listed with known firmware. And make sure you put new and double check it is new before you buy. Some people have upped the price as they know. Just for reference their is one on ebay. All modded and done. Used condition 750 quid. I think way over priced but if you want a look or even buy theirs one thier. Do research.

  10. AlterEgo says:

    After a lot of search, I got mine from this guy

    Sealed new unit (without warranty applicable in my country) with FW 1.54

    You have to find a China parcel shipping agent to deliver to you.

  11. Anthony says:

    I know where their is at least 7 ps4 running 1.76. Last time he had 10 of and may still have. 270 new

  12. jason says:

    currently have 4 units with 1.76…

  13. S.Adem says:

    Is there anyone here who wants to get rid of his ps3? ?
    I don’t own any console so if there is a kind person who can give me one I would be so grateful to him (of course if he doesn’t need it anymore).

    • Anthony says:

      Try ebay loads on thier search ps3 jailbreak or ps3 cfw. Ps3 rebug. A few things u can type depending if u want jailbreak ps3

  14. Sam says:

    Does anyone know if any of the 12XX consoles came with 1.76 or lower? I know the consoles were released a few firmwares later but in the past Nintendo has released new console bundles but with older firmware so just hoping Sony have done the same 🙂

  15. chris says:

    i have a PS4 that has not been turned on and is guranteed under 1.76 firmware

    was purchased day1 consold for 421$ and doesnt even have like 10 hours of up-time
    which was maybe half just sitting in dashboard and other half playing black ops single player

    how much is this worth? located in miami, florida contact me also have a PS3 BLACK OPS 1 bundle both consoles have all packaing and are mint like new!

  16. Jj says:

    Quick question. The PlayStation 4 doesn’t have flash memory. Couldn’t you just put in a new hard drive and have it start at whatever firmware you want.

  17. Magfreak says:

    Anyone wanna get rid of his/her console.. Kindly please give it to me. I never own one before

  18. meysam25 says:

    how do we can run ps4 game on this frimore

  19. Marius says:

    I have two for sale on 1.76, i can ship within europe. Contact me at they are not new but in good condition

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